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  1. @strike Yeah, I only use binhex containers. Would you mind if I PM'd you?
  2. Yeah, you guys are correct. the description wasn't changed and it was totally screwing with me!
  3. Aha! Thanks! I was being confused because under the field I have the /mnt/user/Downloads defined it says "/data". Thank you everyone for all of your help! GREATLY APPRECIATED! Sorry to be such a rookie! I'm trying, I really am! Googling and some of the docker settings confuse me, the fields are very descriptive. Hehehe @strike Yeah, I understand how the mapping works, I was just confused because it seems like every docker image, the directory your mapping to is just "labeled" as /data instead of in deluge that /data should really say /downloads, that's why I was so lost.
  4. Yeah, I noticed what was wrong with your post after setting it, I fixed it right after. I'm still confused as to where this /downloads directory is being set.
  5. Well... I switched it to /downloads from your first response, and it's downloading stuff now without any errors so far, where is this directory defined? I have been trying to fix this on my own for a week now and it's driving me insane. I'm so confused, and I think I have gotten more confused googling! LOL I have switched it to be /downloads/incomplete /downloads/complete. Seems to be working fine now...
  6. I have not changed this since making the post. I can't find where the "/downloads" is actually being called to be mounted. Also, I have tried using /data/incomplete, /data/complete, with the same Permission denied issue.
  7. Can't find anything in the Apps tab for anything to do with docker permissions, I have New Permissions in the Tools tab, I ran new permissions on the Downloads folder, but not sure if this is completing what you're suggesting, it had no effect. Just noticed you had made an edit. Trying something now. Not sure how to make sure I have a docker safe version of new permissions but it's running, so let's hope! LOL.
  8. Ahh! Right. Sorry, I'm a total noob to all of this stuff. So I did delete the correct perms.txt and restarted the docker with the same result. I'm still stuck with deluge telling me "Status: Permission denied: /data/incomplete/" This location should be correct, I have the /data in the settings of the docket mapped to /mnt/user/Downloads/ and inside of there is my incomplete, complete, and unzipped_torrents directories. So, using /data/incomplete should be the correct pathing?
  9. I'm not finding a /config/perms.txt. I can see a perms.txt inside of the delugevpn container, but deleting that and restarting didn't fix the issue. I'm not finding a config directory anywhere.
  10. Thank you. I will try this when I get home this afternoon.
  11. OUCH! I didn't even notice!! Thank you!
  12. Thank you... I'm not real sure why I didn't notice that at first. Here is the Run and the Log. Sorry, I'm unsure on how to make this smaller!
  13. Hello all, pretty new here and new to all of this Docker stuff. Have an issue at the moment. I changed some drives around, and then ended up having to recreate my docker containers. Now, the deluge docker is saying that Permission is denied on the directories it's supposed to be using, but it's using the same directory links and such that it was using before I had to re-do my dockers. It's not making sense to me, and I'm unsure how to go about fixing it or getting help, so I wanted to post here and see if anyone would be able to help. I have used spaceinvaderone's videos, googled, can't find a working fix. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to get some help!