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  1. Locations of the server files would be dependent on the folder mapping you have added to your docker, For me personally, My Server files are lcoations in /mnt/cache/appdata/minecraft/servers If you have mapped your docker different then myself, they would be located based on your mapping
  2. Are you asking about Minecraft, or minecraftPE? neither of these are stock with unraid, they are all Docker containers you add
  3. you could try changing this: #GLOBAL_APPLY_PERMISSIONS=true looking through the usersetup.sh on git, this is where the permsissions are set: echo "Enforcing ownership on transmission config directories" chown -R ${RUN_AS}:${RUN_AS} \ /config \ ${TRANSMISSION_HOME} echo "Applying permissions to transmission config directories" chmod -R go=rX,u=rwX \ /config \ ${TRANSMISSION_HOME} if [ "$GLOBAL_APPLY_PERMISSIONS" = true ] ; then echo "Setting owner for transmission paths to ${PUID}:${PGID}" chown -R ${RUN_AS}:${RUN_AS} \ ${TRANSMISSION_DOWNLOAD_DIR} \ ${TRANSMISSION_INCOMPLETE_DIR} \ ${TRANSMISSION_WATCH_DIR} echo "Setting permission for files (644) and directories (755)" chmod -R go=rX,u=rwX \ ${TRANSMISSION_DOWNLOAD_DIR} \ ${TRANSMISSION_INCOMPLETE_DIR} \ ${TRANSMISSION_WATCH_DIR} fi
  4. CHanges to setting.json are not persistant, if you want them to be persistant you have to add them to your Docker template. using "TRANSMISSION_SETTING_TO_BE_PERSISTANT". theres some good information HERE on how / what to change.
  5. I have only created the template for this Docker, That being said, looking through my folders & permisisons etc. Mine are all set to nobody:users and I have no issues with Sonarr / radar managing all my files. I do have the watch directory, PUID etc. all specified in my Docker template. you could also check your transmission settings:
  6. Last time i dealt with pureVPN their config files were outdated and had to switch to a different provider, as PureVPN needed to update their certificates. They kept saying they were going to, but after 6-8months they still hadnt, I'm not sure if that could potentially still be an issue, it was over a year ago now. can you post your docker template settings, maybe something in there is incorrect
  7. I was talking more about this: I've had similar issues to you when these permissions werent correct
  8. what is the user/group on the folder /mnt/cache/appdata/minecraft?
  9. also, need a little more info, Docker settings, or run command
  10. Need a little more info, docker settings or run command
  11. I eventually gave up trying to block youtube ad's w/ pihole....
  12. change the repository to the following and the issue shoulg go away: hexparrot/mineos
  13. I'll update to 6.8 tonight and see if i have the same issue