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  1. I dont think so, it seems to be working fine with mine.
  2. interesting...Mine seemed to update fine, but i have been using the dev branch for a while, so that could be why Release 4.0
  3. I would confirm that your Docker is connecting through the VPN . the point of the local_network variable is to allow your local network access to the VPN subnet.... Personally i use Check my VPN IP ....
  4. I have a script I run to add other IP's / subnets when i use a VPN to connect, or change IP's etc... Otherwise I dont get access to the webgui...Maybe you need something similar? I havent tried / tested giving this docker its own IP #!/bin/bash echo adding LAN_NETWORK docker exec Transmission_VPN /bin/sh -c "/sbin/ip r a via dev eth0" echo Netowrk added exit
  5. That would be a question for hexparrot....I created the unraid docker template, not the github repo!! I have in the past updated java from within the docker with no issue....
  6. you can give each docker its own IP address if you want, I'm not sure on trying to route your traffic through one connection....i've never tried, or had the need to do it..... Switch your network to custom and specify an ip in the template:
  7. I would post your issue here
  8. This thread isnt for binhex's docker, its for haugene/transmission-openvpn, the variable PIA_OPENVPN_CONFIG_BUNDLE: was added to this template a while back when the change was made to PIA to automatically download whichever configs you selected!! Glad it worked for you though!!
  9. Does it become responsive once the delete is competed? If not, i would post a support request on Haugene's Issues page
  10. I have this issue now and again with PIA, I run the following script every ~15 minutes to look for the error and restart the containeer #!/bin/bash #Check for error in Transmission log and restarts docker if found #change /Search_String/ to suit the required error echo checking for Transmission_vpn Fatal Error docker logs --tail 50 Transmission_VPN 2>&1 | awk '/fatal_error/ {print | "docker restart Transmission_VPN"}'
  11. Your definitely not the assholes here....
  12. THIS post explains the current functionality of the Docker templates / OS design. HERE as well
  13. Added CUSTOM option to OPENVPN_PROVIDER for you.
  14. 1) You can edit and modify the VPN providers list all you want. The template is set up with PIA servers per the OP 2) I'm not sure why it resets all the fields, I dont have that issue, as its my template and the changes I make are typically for my own use.... I will have to look into that. I created the template, but am by no means an expert at it!! 3) Read this post, remove the template URL and that should stop the issue HERE