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  1. I was wondering if my dell r710 server can support this cpu: https://ebay.us/5OuHA5. i currently have Intel® Xeon® CPU L5630 @ 2.13GHz the motherboard is 07THW3 Version A00. (that what unraid says).
  2. I want to run about 3 vm maybe windows or Linux. I have a Dell r710 server. I was originally using vnc but it was unreliable. Graphics card I found that might work but was wondering if they do: https://www.ebay.com/itm/124083078658 https://www.ebay.com/itm/172708345789 And any recommendations that are cheap.
  3. Ok i will try that and I try to switch it with another drive and it doing the same thing so I think their something with the wire or slots or their dirt in the slot
  4. i have moved it but still has issues
  5. well the thing is it a dell r710 server so it only has slots not cables
  6. one of my 8tb drives is acting up. i tried to add it to my array as a disk drive and it was replacing a 2tb drive that was going to be in a new computer build and was going to buy a new drive at some point as a parity so that all data will be protected. when i put the drive in as a replacement drive. it accepted it. but after a few mins of recovering the drive it got disabled. the email i got said it was in a error state/ or read error. so, i just restarted the array and added the 2tb drive back and it's right now rebuilding to the parity drive. i have tried to see if smart can see any error a
  7. i just realized i could just move the 4tb drive down as a disk drive and leave one in the party 8tb drive and bring the other 8tb one over also as a parity drive. right?
  8. well i wanted to add the 2 8tb drives (the one in that i circled in the picture) to be added(can not add disk 3). I thought it equal 12tb. so, your saying if i want to add the 8tb drive as a disk drive i would have to upgrade the 4tb drive to a 8tb drive?
  9. tower-diagnostics-20191228-1128.zip here you go
  10. i tried that and i waited for it to finish. but when i try to add the other 8tb drive as a disk it still saying the same thing: Disk in parity slot is not biggest.
  11. i got two new 8tb wd drives. one drive was going to be added as a party drive and the other as a disk drive. but when i try to add them it says the disk in the party slot is not the biggest. the layout that i had was one 4tb wd drive as the party drive and 2 2tb Toshiba drive as the disk drive = 4tb. that work without issues and one 1 1tb wd drive as the catch drive. i am using a dell r710 server with 6 3.5 drive slot. i also had some udma crc error but i think i fix it. it was one of the new drives.