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  1. in the docs of the original nsfminer i found this so i think it must be started with --api-bind 3333 May this be possible with this container?
  2. in the latest release v1.3.13 of nsf they added premetheus /metric support of the api. Is it possible to use this on this container?
  3. quick feedback: i had problems to get this docker to run with my Radeon RX 570. I got the "no amd gpu found" error. I also could not install "radeon top". After hours of trying i found the problem. Long time ago i added "nomodeset" to my boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append rcu_nocbs=0-15 initrd=/bzroot nomodeset After deleting nomodeset i could install Radeon top and got PM running. The difference between a VM and the docker is massive. On the VM i got only 6-9MH/s, now i hav
  4. Thanks. I could manage to mount the cache and did a backup. Unraid can mount the cache, but only read only If i try to btrfs check --repair /dev/sdb1 i still get "Csum didn't match" errors. i found some websites that i should use but i dont have the option. Any Ideas?
  5. Today i wanted to clear two drives and copyed some GB to another drive, with the goal to remove them from the array. In this process my logs filled up with a lot of errors. Apr 27 17:56:52 serva4 kernel: BTRFS error (device loop3): parent transid verify failed on 11629772800 wanted 894093 found 894091 │ │Apr 27 17:56:52 serva4 kernel: message repeated 3 times: [ BTRFS error (device loop3): parent transid verify failed on 1162977
  6. i finally managed to update my zabbix server to the latest 5.2. Is this release zabbix_agent2 for 5.2?
  7. Zabbix provides a lot of specific Dell poweredge templates. But you also can use normal linux templates with smart support.
  8. Im using a "APC AP9630 NMC UPS Network Management Card 2" on my old "Smart-UPS 750" without problems. ATM im using this "SNMP Zabbix Template" for zabbix (for better alerting). For showing in grafana im using the apcud/telegraf/influx solution
  9. This plugin breaks the layout. I can't arrange the dashboard widget, the sort order randomly changes. The widget is sometimes shown twice, but the corsair widget disappears. Did you change the html classes while adapting from the Corsair PSU Plugin, because i use this also. tnxs greetz Stefan
  10. @falconexe I asked the grafana image plugin developer to implement the use of dashboard variables, like image url. He released a pre-release version of the plugin, which runs fine. Now it's much easier to set the Image Path (and width/height if needed) once and reuse it everywhere its needed. Download image plugin pre-release 2.3.0
  11. thanks for this tip! this got me crasy!
  12. Just for testing, create a new dashboard with a table panel, select the unraid json api as source and paste $.['docker']['details']['containers'][?(@.status== 'started')].name into the field as shown in the screen. Do you get docker information?
  13. - have you installed the unraid api docker? - do you get information from the api on url http://unraidIP:3005/api/getServers - Have you installed and created the JSON API data source? On save, got you a green "Success" Message?
  14. @falconexe don't know if you are aware of, but in the developer branch of the unraid API, @ElectricBrainUK made a nice change, that you can easily access the docker/vm images without to be logged in. i also made a feature request, to get a default icon if a docker/vm don't have one, to not break the layout in grafana. Hope to get this fixed soon. I'm very happy so see, that my API idea get spread out and helped others! ❤️