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  1. If you're happy with staying version locked forever, cool. But if you want help fixing the issue I will need a lot more detail starting with everything I outline in the troubleshooting section of the first post of this thread.
  2. That is bizarre to say the least. I need to set up a screen share session with you to diagnose further as there really shouldn't be a disparity between running it from web and CLI.
  3. @Wookiee of the Year What is the result of the following command on your system? lspci | grep VGA
  4. Hmm, I was under the impression that it hasn't worked yet. When did it start working for you?
  5. Can you expand the error property in those responses and share?
  6. It 'spamming' is correct and configurable as to how often the javascript runs the collector to refresh the widget if it's too often for your liking, but there's really no other way to do it. If you click on any one of those requests and look at the actual response, does it reflect the same data as manually running the gpustatus.php script from the CLI (from the troubleshooting steps)?
  7. When watching the Network tab of the Developer console and sitting on the Dashboard, do you see repeated calls to gpustatus.php? To me it looks like your dashboard isn't even attempting the Javascript-based calls to populate the data.
  8. If you look at the Dashboard page and open the Developer console of your browser are you getting any errors? Anything coming up in the UnRAID system log when accessing that page? Your diagnostics upload from before didn't show anything but I just want to be sure. Near as I can tell with all the information you gave me there really shouldn't be an issue.
  9. The only thing I'm missing is number 2 from that same list in the first post. I need to see what is getting spit out when the data collection actually runs.
  10. I see the issue, dumb mistake on my part. Will push a new release shortly that should fix the problem. EDIT: Released, sorry!
  11. @Joker169 @Slycooper I just edited the support requirements in the first post of this thread. Of particular interest to me in both of your cases is your gpustat.cfg file. Look at Item 4 in the list for more info. Send it to me when you have the chance and I can review. Thanks.
  12. @sersh @Ulrar @Marlat When running intel_gpu_top manually as a test is there a closing curly brace at the end? Look at @sersh's output before. I'm not seeing a closing curly brace which is not valid JSON. Let me know if that is the case.
  13. Hmm, the regex to capture AMD devices matches on that output, which means it should be sending it to inventory. I'd have to do some debug tests to figure out why it isn't making it to the combined inventory used to display the choices in the Settings page.
  14. Run lspci | grep VGA and paste the result.
  15. Sorry for the delay, for some reason I stopped getting notifications of posts for the thread. Are you still having this issue? My guess is your GPU isn't being caught be the regex for inventory. Should be a simple fix if we can narrow it down to that.