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  1. I can confirm that if I pull the two .page files from my branch where I committed the change and dump them back to my UnRAID, everything works properly again. If I pull the two .page files from your pkg file and use those, everything fails. EDIT: When I download and open the .page files from your master branch (which is merged with my changes) in Notepad++ and enable View -> Show Symbol -> Show End of Line all I see is LF endings which is good. If I download the latest PKG file from your master branch, extract, and open the same .page files all line endings show as CRLF.
  2. When I look at the files from git (comparing with what comes out of your pkg file), it is saying there are CRLF line endings in them. In my source tree (local branch) where I made the changes I only have LF endings and by default PhpStorm doesn't commit anything with CRLF. In fact, it warns you if you attempt to do that. CRLF line endings will cause all of the .page rendering to fail. When I updated my plugin after you pushed, it all stopped working. Didn't even show up as a page in Settings anymore. I'd make sure whatever machine you're using to run the mkpkg script and doing the gi
  3. Opened the PR for the fix. Tested on my own install to verify it was working and not getting any errors in developer console. All you should have to do is merge, run mkpkg, commit and push.
  4. @Fma965 https://github.com/CyanLabs/corsairpsu-unraid/blob/224941e4e1f056decc07d1e422eb7c75c0019ae0/src/corsairpsu/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/corsairpsu/status.page#L97 That line is your problem. You're looking for $update in PHP to be true but in 6.9.0 and up that variable is either not set (NULL) or set to false from the UnRAID code. What I did for my plugin is allowed to the user to decide if they want it to automatically refresh while the dashboard is open or not and then checked that variable since I knew it would always be there. But there are reasons (like log spam fro
  5. I need the info from the troubleshooting section in the first post of this thread. The first picture is helpful but it really depends on what you’re getting from the main PHP routine. That’s the one where you run gpustatus.php manually in the console. My guess is it’s reaching an error.
  6. The 6.8.3 to 6.9.0 stable update removes the custom kernel driver. My plugin checks if you have the Nvidia or Intel GPU top utilities or driver on boot and uninstalls if you do not. You need to install the Nvidia driver or Intel GPU Top tool from @ich777 and re-install the plugin.
  7. You need to re-install the plugin. It removes itself on startup if it doesn't detect the presence of the Nvidia driver or the Intel GPU top plugin. The 6.8.3 -> 6.9.0 upgrade removes the custom kernel driver in favor of @ich777's Nvidia driver plugin. But my plugin didn't see that installed on first boot and uninstalled.
  8. Yeah that shows me what I needed to see. I will push a fix for it tonight or tomorrow morning and then issue a plug-in update. Thanks for your help and patience. You can uninstall/reinstall to set everything back to normal.
  9. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. You need to replace Nvidia.php in lib with that file. You can just move the current Nvidia.php to Nvidia.php.old and then move the new file from gist as Nvidia.php into lib. Then just run gpustatus.php like normal from the gpustat directory. My bad.
  10. It needs to be in the same directory as gpustatus.php but you put it in lib.
  11. You've removed a curly brace that you shouldn't have. Just copy the entire contents of this gist and paste it into a separate file in the same directory as gpustatus.php. You can name it gpustatus-test.php and run it then send me the result. Make sure PCI RX TX is still enabled when you run it.
  12. @jamerperson At this point I need something else to determine what is wrong. nvidia-smi is returning N/A which means your card doesn't support PCI RX TX utilization reporting. So you can't use it, but it shouldn't be erroring like this. Disabling that metric in the settings should fix your plugin display issues. If you can I need you to do something for me to figure out what's happening. In the console: cd /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat/lib/ nano -c ./Nvidia.php Scroll down to Line 254 (nano -c will show you the line numbers as you go). It will look like this:
  13. I'm not sure I'm looking at it properly. Try disabling the PCI RX/TX utilization in the settings and see what happens with the dashboard panel. If it starts displaying, cool. You don't really need it anyways because your card doesn't show anything for it. If it doesn't work, send me the nvidia-smi -q -x -i 0 results again.
  14. Something weird is going on with your setup. It's escaping "N/A" so that it shows up as "N\/A" which I don't check for. I'm only looking for "N/A" without the backslash. It also looks like it is inserting char codes for degrees Celsius, which won't be displayed properly once it starts working. Do you have some kind of special locale settings on your UnRAID install?
  15. Your problem has to be different from @jamerperson's. Your PCI RX and TX util's are coming up as N/A which I specifically check for and ignore. Send me the result of: cd /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat/ php ./gpustatus.php from the UnRAID console