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  1. Hmm, the regex to capture AMD devices matches on that output, which means it should be sending it to inventory. I'd have to do some debug tests to figure out why it isn't making it to the combined inventory used to display the choices in the Settings page.
  2. Run lspci | grep VGA and paste the result.
  3. Sorry for the delay, for some reason I stopped getting notifications of posts for the thread. Are you still having this issue? My guess is your GPU isn't being caught be the regex for inventory. Should be a simple fix if we can narrow it down to that.
  4. I commend their effort, but I wouldn't accept a PR if they opened it in its current state. Plainly put, there's a big difference between doing it right and what they did. 1) They triplicated the page content that is embedded into the dashboard. Not sure why considering they could have just looped the GPUStatus page for each GPU present. 2) They did not address the single largest issue, which is having individual settings for each card. Instead, all cards have to use the same settings. So if you had two NVIDIA cards that had different metrics available, you'd be stuck with a bunch of N/As on one or both of them. Would probably work fine for an Intel iGPU and NVIDIA dGPU user, but inevitably someone would ask why they can't select individual settings and I'm not about to tempt them with a less than half working product. The reason this is so difficult is because the config file needs to change completely to support multiple GPUs along with the Settings page to correctly populate it. Then you have to consider the upgrade path for everyone to move from a single GPU config to a multi GPU config without 5K forum posts asking why it is broken.
  5. Did your issue get resolved?
  6. @srfsean Not sure if this is resolved for you in some update of the NVIDIA drivers, but I can't fix what isn't given to my plugin from the nvidia-smi output: <power_draw>N/A</power_draw> Because nvidia-smi is reporting N/A for your power draw there's nothing I can do. My plugin accepts the values from nvidia-smi as ground truth. This happens a lot with NVIDIA driver releases. They seem to regress or deprecate a lot from release to release. Perhaps it was a mistake and they already fixed it in a newer release?
  7. @rm414 I haven't seen output like that before. Unfortunately, my plugin only takes what radeontop outputs at face value, so the issue is outside of this plugin's control. You would probably need to seek help in the RadeonTop support thread or otherwise.
  8. Correct. The card is no longer visible to the nvidia-smi utility so the plugin cannot retrieve data from it.
  9. There is nothing in my plugin that would or could prevent UnRAID from booting. If you didn't choose a vendor, at worst the dashboard page would render a blank widget.
  10. Having trouble understanding your first sentence. Is this the first time you are using the plugin? Have you at least once clicked 'Apply' at the bottom of the settings page? Show me the contents of your config file: more /boot/config/plugins/gpustat/gpustat.cfg
  11. If you just changed cards, you need to change a setting with the new card selected and actually click Apply. I'm betting your config still has the GUID from the previous card you had installed.
  12. At this point, it might be beneficial if we could set up a screen share session. Otherwise it is going to be a PITA to send you all the debugging changes to find the root of the problem.
  13. If you can, open an issue on GitHub and I'll push some kind of fix in the next release.
  14. Okay so your iGPU is not being inventoried at all. Can you do an: lspci | grep VGA and paste the result? I looked at the output in your diagnostics file but want to make sure. Beyond that we will have to do more debugging to discover the root cause.
  15. I guess it isn't detecting your iGPU when the settings page is running the inventory code. I looked at the lspci dump in the diagnostics and I pulled the line out that should be returned and tested it against the inventory regex for Intel and it matches with no issue. So I'm at a loss without more troubleshooting. Easiest way, would be to edit the /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat/gpustatus.php file to force a data dump for review. Run it line by line. cd /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat sed -i.bak '44 c\$gpustat_inventory = true;' gpustatus.php sed -i '52 c\var_dump($gpustat_data);' gpustatus.php php gpustatus.php <data that we need to see> ### Revert cp gpustatus.php.bak gpustatus.php rm gpustatus.php.bak