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  1. @Tibbe Even though most of the monitoring was deprecated by Nvidia for your card, the dashboard should be showing a few metrics for you. Temperature, fan usage, power state and maybe memory usage. It will never show GPU or Encoder/Decoder utilization, so I don't know how useful the plugin will be. But something is happening where my code isn't receiving valid XML or it can't find the main element it wants. Can I see your config file?
  2. I have reviewed your PR. Please check that out when you have the chance. The work looks fine, just need a couple things changed and the PR re-opened to the dev branch. There are ways to determine what is calling the ffmpeg process. I do that for deepstack because nvidia-smi only shows python3 is running. I dig out the PID info, check some of the extended information and make a positive match that way. Might be doable with whatever third application you wanted to add as well. As for your stats not showing up for your AMD card the GPUID setting in your config file needs to reflect the BUS ID of the AMD device. Yours is still showing the UUID for your Nvidia card which will cause it to fail. Probably a bug on my part but this is likely caused by you switching back and forth.
  3. Some kind of error when the actual statistics collection process is triggered which is returning no data or an empty array most likely. Please read the first post of this thread and include the result of the troubleshooting step that involves running the PHP script from the CLI. I'm not going to copy paste it for everyone that chooses not to read it. Hint: It is Step 2.
  4. Hey folks. I just upgraded my UnRAID server to use a new SuperMicro board and am trying to get the IPMI tools working properly. It identifies the SuperMicro IPMI branding and can read all of the sensors without issue. But I'm having an issue with actually changing anything in the config. Any change on any tab I make is ignored even after clicking Apply, then Done. When I go back to the IPMI settings page it is all set to the defaults again. I tried searching in this thread but didn't see anything about a config not being saved. When looking at the Firefox console, I'm seeing a DOMException whenever I browse to the IPMI settings page. The function that is throwing the exception is this one: function decData() { $('#PASSWORD').val(atob($('#PASSWORD').val())); } Not sure if that is the reason things are not working for me, but it's the only error I see when attempting to make changes/save the config. I had previously been using AutoFan and System Temp plugins from Dynamix, but I removed them just in case they were causing issues. They are pretty much worthless now anyways since everything is handled via IPMI on this board. Specs: UnRAID 6.9.2 Pro Xeon Silver 4110 SuperMicro X11SPL-F Motherboard BIOS Version: 3.4 (Latest) BMC Firmware Version: 1.73.05 (Latest) EDIT: It seems that even though I had the Network Connections set to No, it was still trying to autofill my UnRAID user/pass in the BMC connection and submitting it whenever I clicked apply for unrelated settings. After disabling autofill for the UnRAID site in Firefox I was able to make changes.
  5. Beyond the multiple vendor support that was somewhat recently implemented (added Intel and AMD) this is probably the most requested feature. I think I know what needs to be done to address this after talking with some other community devs but it will take time to implement. I'm limited in what I can test because I have a single GPU setup with no onboard graphics because I'm using Xeon. Makes it difficult to start poking around with it too. Trust me, it's on the horizon just no ETA yet.
  6. I'm pretty sure it was just an issue with the settings not getting saved. Maybe. I didn't point you to the correct location for the real plugin config the first time so it is hard to say.
  7. lol, I know. I had you put in a debug on Line 287 of the lib/Nvidia.php file that is probably still there causing the script to exit. You can either reinstall the plugin or make that line blank again.
  8. Is it updating the cfg file? Without that being updated it won't work. Check your boot plugin config file, I just realized you might be looking at the default.cfg which is my fault. more /boot/config/plugins/gpustat/gpustat.cfg
  9. I might have a defaults problem somewhere in the Settings page. But it should be working now after you applied it?
  10. I mean, you probably could. But I'm really not sure what could be wrong with the settings creation. Make sure everything looks like this then click Apply at the bottom of the page. If the Apply button is greyed out and you can't click it then it won't work. You have to change something to get it to switch. EDIT: Greyed out -- Changes detected --
  11. Are VENDOR and GPUID set in your cfg file now?
  12. You should select the Vendor and GPU on the GPUStat settings page and click Apply at the bottom to fill those out and then it should work.
  13. Well that's annoying, working exactly how it is supposed to work. Can you share the contents of your gpustat.cfg file from the /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat directory?
  14. I should have been more decisive. Sorry. Run this one and send the result: php -r "var_dump(@simplexml_load_string(shell_exec('nvidia-smi -q -x -g GPU-23265d6c-1de2-5786-b964-e20b2a209ad6 2>&1')));"
  15. Okay, so the simplexml_load_string is definitely failing because that's the only time it should return False. Try this (I substituted your UUID so the below should work for your install): php -r "var_dump(shell_exec('nvidia-smi -q -x -g GPU-23265d6c-1de2-5786-b964-e20b2a209ad6 2>&1'));" If it looks like normal XML, try this: php -r "var_dump(@simplexml_load_string(shell_exec('nvidia-smi -q -x -g GPU-23265d6c-1de2-5786-b964-e20b2a209ad6 2>&1')));" If that dumps a SimpleXMLElement, I'm not sure what is wrong as that is basically what the plugin does. If it doesn't, try the commands again but remove the 2>&1 at the end of the shell_exec commands to show stderr. Then bundle the outputs up in a file and paste here for troubleshooting purposes.
  16. I'm not seeing anything that would cause this to happen. A 302 error will occur when the data retrieved from the nvidia-smi call is not an instance of valid XML or it is empty XML. If it wasn't valid XML+, you'd probably be getting a stack error when I try to use @simplexml_load_string on it to turn it into a SimpleXMLElement. When you have the chance, nano the Nvidia.php file: nano -c +287 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/gpustat/lib/Nvidia.php This should take you directly to line 287 in that file which should be a blank line. Change that line to read: var_dump($data); exit; Save it and exit nano, then re-run the gpustatus.php file like you did for the troubleshooting steps in the first post (great reading skills btw) and send me the result.
  17. Did you go to the Settings page and set something non-default? Usually the Vendor is set to Change Me on install and had to be set to NVIDIA unless you have an old config file present. EDIT: I see that it is throwing a 302 error. Let me look through the full Nvidia-smi output and see if I can identify the problem.
  18. @ich777 how much do I owe you for being my front line support engineer lol
  19. The first figure is usually dynamic based on the power state. To reduce power consumption, the card uses Gen 1 when idle and ramps up to the maximum as determined by the power state. The value in the parentheses is the maximum of your card or your PCI express bus capabilities and is static. My maximum, for example, displays as Generation 2 because I'm using an older motherboard/chipset even though the Quadro P4000 I'm using can use 3.0.
  20. Deepstack and DisqueTV app detection released. Emby detection has been removed due to false positives. Until we define a method to uniquely determine ffmpeg is being launched by Emby it will remain disabled.
  21. Maybe in some cases on Windows there are separate driver packages, but for Linux they are not separate. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/171392/en-us If you click Supported Products you'll see pretty much everything is supported by the one Linux driver package.
  22. Just to check, the parent PID wasn't the same as the PID in nvidia-smi right? I may have something wrong in my thinking here. Ugh, makes it so much harder when I can't test this stuff on my own. I'll see if I can run a deepstack instance and get it to spawn these processes. I'm guessing you need a camera to do it?
  23. @gowg We might have to do something different with this one. Using the same PID from nvidia-smi get the parent PID: ps -o ppid= -p <insert_nvidia-smi_pid> Then take that pid and feed it into the previous command I sent you instead of the PID from nvidia-smi and paste me the result. I'm hoping that the parent thread that spawns these python3 processes has obvious language involving deepstack.
  24. Not necessarily. If the full command invocation contains keywords that tie the process to deepstack I can add that as a detection with recent code changes. When deepstack is using the GPU, get the PID from nvidia-smi and then run: echo $(ps -fp <insert_pid_from_nvidia-smi> -o command) And paste me the full result.