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  1. Reclone was never added since there's a plugin and docker. Ffmpeg requires dozens of other packages which is outside the scope of this plugin. This plugin is for adding mostly stand alone packages.
  2. This plugin wasn't set up to differentiate between different build numbers for the same package version. That's the last number at the end of the package name. E.g. The 2 in utempter-1.1.6-x86_64-2.txz. Preclear uses an older build. Run this if on 6.7 otherwise change to your unraid version upgradepkg /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/packages/6.7/utempter-1.1.6-x86_64-2.txz
  3. It's probably a plugin that installs a different version. I think preclear uses utempter.
  4. I added utf8proc. You'll have to install that too. Also update irssi and perl
  5. First this plugin is not meant for running on a main server all the time. It was meant for compiling packages. I use it on a virtual machine of unraid to compile packages for NerdPack. The plugin itself should not need updating frequently. I update the packages themselves on github and that's reflected in the plugin. It's not DevPack plugin itself that's the problem, it's whatever packages they might have had installed. And since they didn't say what packages they had selected or what version of unraid they were coming from, I have no idea. I should make it not install any package if unraid is updated . But you really should unselect all packages before upgrading unraid. The core included unraid packages that are present in DevPack are all stripped of their install scripts and binaries and included only headers. I just updated all the included unraid packages to reflect 6.7.2. I haven't looked at updating any of the compiler packages. I just used it with everything installed to compile borgbackup. So it worked for me on 6.7.2.
  6. I think this was fixed if you removed msgpack and reinstalled it. But anyway I updated borg to 1.1.10 and remove the msgpack package since "borgbackup 1.1.10 bug fix release (now bundling msgpack)" You may want to remove msgpack first then update but it shouldn't matter.
  7. I'm not sure that's available for slackware. At least I wasn't able to find anything. I can still add figlet and lolcat if you want.
  8. I did add this back in on 5/14. Just posting in case you missed it.
  9. I removed it for now until a non gtk packaged is found if even possible. That would require a desktop and a ton more packages.