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  1. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    Is your Default network bridge not set to bro.1? That is what the variable $BRNAME is.
  2. dmacias

    [Plugin] NUT v2 - Network UPS Tools

    Where are you reading the 59% from during power test? Maybe check the nut details page and show what it says after the power has been off a few minutes. It could be a problem with the nut driver and what the the ups is reporting. It might not be reporting the battery level right. I always just use a fixed time of 5 or 10 minutes.
  3. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    I decided to use a python virtual environment and load everything into one package. Created multiple packages based on unraid version/libvirt version. I also add a Virtual BMC service to the VM settings page. I'll add more Virtual BMC settings to the WebGUI when I have time. E.g. vm's and port settings. Also I wondering if you knew where Virtual BMC stored the vm/ports settings, so they can be restored on boot. Edit: Nm I figured out where the settings are stored. They are in the user home directory. So /root/.vbmc
  4. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    Along with setuptools and subprocess32 it needs pbr, six, enum34, pycparser, cffi, asn1crypto, idna, ipaddress, cryptography, pyghmi, PyYAML, pyperclip, contextlib2, pyparsing, wcwidth, cmd2, stevedore, PrettyTable, unicodecsv, cliff, pyzmq. As a rule none of my plugins need to download anything on server boot. There have been too many problems in the past with servers hanging or not working due to connectivity issues at boot. I would just prefer everything be there on the flash drive already. I could install subprocess32 and setuptools and package everything else into one package (which I don't necessarily like) or just create 21 different ones.
  5. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    I have similar hardware (usg pro and usw 24). The only thing I can think of is if you have some traffic blocked or if enabled, an ISP rule that blocks magic packets. Also you need to be on the same subnet as the unraid server. The script works by listening to all packets on udp port 7, udp port 9 or ether proto 0x0842 and matching mac in the magic packet to mac for virtual machine.
  6. dmacias

    [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    No problem. Glad it worked for you
  7. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    Maybe describe your network environment and equipment a bit. Something may be blocking the wol packets also what motherboard and network card. You may need to enable wol in your bios.
  8. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    I worked on this a bit. It'll take a bit more time to figure out which other packages will be needed to just run it. Most likely it will require all the packages from the requirements.txt but some of those also require other packages too. On my dev system pip installed 20+ packages but all those may not be needed to run it.
  9. dmacias

    Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    It's client side browser. The server has won't affect it. Different browsers or different computers will have different settings saved.
  10. dmacias

    Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    A) has always been part of this. It defaults to auto sort by date latest first. With tablesorter your settings will be saved per browser. So if you change the sort of sort filter it will be saved. Also the tabs have a 3 position toggle which can be seen by the down/up/off carrot when you click on the table header. B) That's a good idea. I'll look into it
  11. dmacias

    [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    Also the bmc reset button will cold boot the bmc
  12. dmacias

    [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    You need to set the lower thresholds for the fans with the sensor editor. The bmc will keep kicking them up to full speed. Set them to 200 or 300 rpms
  13. dmacias

    [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    I updated the plugin to support your boards fan names. Give it a try and let me know. edit: The fan control settings page displays CPU_FAN and SYS_FAN but the fan control log will still show FAN1234 for CPU_FAN and FANA for SYS_FAN.
  14. dmacias

    Wake on Lan for Virtual Machines for 6.1+

    Ok thanks. I didn't see the port option on the github page. So I did know how it would control different vm's.