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  1. The X8 is not supported. The fans aren't controllable with IPMI commands. They may be able to be controlled through the Autofan plugin using the Windbond chip.
  2. Just not a fan of giant static builds. It's probably bigger than python with all the depends included. Especially since it wasn't built for slackware specifically either. Just feel this belongs in a docker or plugin with the correct slackware dependency packages.
  3. There is a official docker for telegraf. https://hub.docker.com/_/telegraf There are slackbuilds but no one has it built. Not sure what depends it would require either or the database portion. The official docker page explains how to monitor the host system by mounting /proc.
  4. Sorry I'm not familiar with the Intel implementation of IPMI. It could be you don't have PWM fans. It may be the fans aren't even controlled by IPMI. They may be controlled by the bios. If that's the case there's another plugin for that
  5. Reclone was never added since there's a plugin and docker. Ffmpeg requires dozens of other packages which is outside the scope of this plugin. This plugin is for adding mostly stand alone packages.
  6. This plugin wasn't set up to differentiate between different build numbers for the same package version. That's the last number at the end of the package name. E.g. The 2 in utempter-1.1.6-x86_64-2.txz. Preclear uses an older build. Run this if on 6.7 otherwise change to your unraid version upgradepkg /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/packages/6.7/utempter-1.1.6-x86_64-2.txz
  7. It's probably a plugin that installs a different version. I think preclear uses utempter.
  8. I added utf8proc. You'll have to install that too. Also update irssi and perl