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  1. Took care of it, permissions are back to root:root. Thanks @dmacias! Interesting you were still able to use your ssh keys, that’s what identified the issue for me. I was receiving an error saying my keys were ignored due to bad permissions on /etc.
  2. Based on your info, I dug into /etc/rc.d and see that rc.ipmicfg, rc.ipmiseld and rc.ipmitail have group 1000 permissions. So it was IPMI support plugin that changed the permissions. I’ll crown it back to root and see what happens.
  3. I agree - no idea how the ownership of /etc was changed. I created the admin account when I was first setting-up Unraid awhile ago but never used it - ended up using a different account. I just deleted the admin account and chown'd /etc root:root - I'll be curious to see if anything changes after a reboot. Thanks for the troubleshooting help
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Should /etc be owned by root:root? I didn't do anything, knowingly, to change it to admin:1000.
  5. I just finished setting up ssh keys on unraid but when I attempted to log back in, I receive an error saying the authorized keys were ignored due to bad permissions on /etc. I do see /etc is owned by the admin:1000 account I have set up while the rest of the root folders are owned by root:root. Within /etc, the only directory owned by admin:1000 is rc.d. Should I chown root:root /etc or will that cause problems? I have no idea why /etc is owned by admin:1000 Thanks
  6. I have a SUA2200RM2U connected via the RJ45 > USB cable. I have the same issues reported above with all stats showing except for nominal power and UPS load. From what I've read in this topic, nominal power is a set value based on the capacity of the UPS. So for my SUA2200RM2U, this value should be 1980 Watts. Is there a way we can manually specify this value somewhere or would that require a fundamental change in how APCUPSD works since it expects this value to be reported by the UPS?