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Community Answers

  1. Post your diagnostics and the docker run command for nzbget
  2. Is Plex set to scan automatically when changes are detected? I've also got Plex scanning a couple of times a day on a schedule because I expect that at some point it's going to miss changes.
  3. Not that I use the plugin, but what happens if you try and manually execute the scripts? /mnt/user/appdata/script-mover-before/script.sh As it's either the wrong line endings or it's not executable
  4. The notify script was never designed for what you want to do. Investigate using the sendmail command or your own custom script using php's mail command etc...
  5. That's the log window, and since it was opened, you installed an update (or removed and reinstalled) the container and the original reference no longer exists. Perfectly normal. Reopen it
  6. Try uninstalling the enhanced log plugin. If it fixes it post in its support thread
  7. Post your diagnostics. You can get them from the command prompt
  8. -m "This is the message" A log file however may be pretty long to do this, and would no doubt include CRs, quotes etc that you would have to properly escape.
  9. The automatic updating of templates has been in the OS since 6.0 beta, and is not a defect. The point of it is that if an update comes down that requires new ports, variables etc that they get added in to the template with the update. (I've always had mixed feelings about it, and it would only have happened during a container update which never happens without user input one way or another. The reason why you're seeing the FCP warning is because you've created a template that uses the same repository as something already within CA rather than installing and editing the existing template. Nothing wrong with that. FCP introduced that test because 80% of the maintainers either never filled out the URL or filled it out wrong. For the last few years, CA has automatically filled it out for everything present and ignores whatever the author chooses to put in there, and FCP by it's own nature is supposed to tell you about configuration mistakes etc and that test falls into it. FCP never actually changes anything... (But this test it does offer to change it because it was always a pain to have the user enter in the correct value) The "workaround" is actually a by design thing. false signals to both the update system to not update the template, and signals to FCP to not generate any warning about wrong URLs and gives the user the option to avoid behaviour if they choose.
  10. More likely its the RAM, but you are correct could also be the motherboard. (Assuming of course that the memory is on the motherboard's QVL list or (not that I trust it as much) the motherboard is on the memory's QVL)
  11. Plex (unless you've changed it) runs as Network type Host. You simply forward 32400 to 32400 (Server's IP address) If you've changed Plex to run as BR0, (don't know why you would), then you can assign it a specific IP address in the 192 range If you've changed Plex to run as bridge (really don't know why you would) then yes the internal IP of 172.xx would change, but the net result is the same you still forward to the server's IP and the docker system takes care of the rest. If you still have problems, then post the applicable xml file from /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user/my-plex.xml on the flash drive here
  12. It shows up if you have Windows set to display system protected files, and tends to be created in every folder when you browse into it (stores display options etc). Only a couple hundred bytes in size but once you take into consideration the smallest possible file size of 4K it fits nicely into what you're seeing.
  13. Squid

    slow smb

    If you've made changes to the use cache setting use Dec 8, then they won't take effect until a stop / start of the array (known issue on RC2)