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  1. As of about 10 minutes ago, any activity stream including unread now return no results.
  2. Added another function for plugin authors to utilize (currently available if CA version 2020.01.18+ is installed, but will soon issue a PR for it to be included in the base OS) Currently, any notifications that the server must be rebooted are not consistent when switching back and forth between pages (with the exception of notices because the OS was updated, any notification gets lost when leaving the page - including some built-in pages within unRaid). With this function, a plugin author can easily throw up a Reboot is necessary message and have that survive from page to page in the GUI until the user actually reboots. if (typeof addRebootNotice === "function") { addRebootNotice(); } will toss up a banner warning on all GUI pages "A reboot is required for the changes to take effect" You can also customize the message if (typeof addRebootNotice === "function") { addRebootNotice("Disable Security Mitigations: A Reboot Is Required For Changes To Take Effect"); } For complete backwards compatibility with previous versions of CA / unRaid, change the code to be something akin to this: if (typeof addRebootNotice === "function") { addRebootNotice("Disable Security Mitigations: A Reboot Is Required For Changes To Take Effect"); } else { if (typeof addBannerWarning === "function") { addBannerWarning("A Reboot Is Required For Changes To Take Effect"); } } The fallback of addBannerWarning will however only display on the current page within the GUI
  3. There has been a lot of changes with UD lately that may have been the problem.
  4. You'd have to post the script as a start
  5. Not quite sure how to word this, but I don't buy that... The USB backup is a very simple rsync from /boot to the destination. Only reason why nothing would be in the backup of the USB is that at the time of the backup, there was nothing in that folder on the flash drive.
  6. /mnt/disks/SanDisk_Ultra/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user/
  7. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but if the theme engine is disabled, shouldn't the custom colors that were set by loading a theme also no longer be applied to one of the built-in dynamix themes? I had to clear the settings in order to completely revert to a stock skin
  8. Yeah, this ^^^ Your script never finished executing, so it tied up the boot process
  9. While in safe mode, set the array to not autostart (Settings - Disk Settings) Then reboot From the plugins page, you uninstall them one at a time with a reboot in between I'd start with NerdPack, followed by user scripts, followed by Preclear and then dealers choice after that.
  10. No. He meant select Safe Mode from unRaid boot menu and then try starting the array after it's booted up without any plugins installed (safe mode)
  11. You were trying to restore your backup of your appdata and I was helping you with that. Now, because you hit backup now instead of attempting to restore after everything got set up right you may have trashed any backups you already had. Try seeing if there's a backup set available under restore.