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  1. According to a previous set of diags posted in October, mover tuning is installed. You've got to remember that with this fork of the plugin, the "Move Now" button still follows the rules you've set in it's configuration (this differs from the original plugin where Move Now always moved everything) I believe that the author of the fork has added a Move Now button (or something similiar) to the plugin's settings page which moves everything regardless of the settings.
  2. There's some comments in the support thread about not having it cache "user" but rather switching exclusively to disks instead.
  3. As an FYI, users with this container installed will have FCP issue a warning. Since you've got this container running with the explicit purpose to run xmrig, this warning is quite safe to ignore.
  4. No If you always use GUI mode, then set it as the default via Main, Boot Device, (click on Flash), syslinux configuration
  5. If the share settings for appdata is set to use cache: only or prefer then it really doesn't make any difference
  6. Fixed Also on today's update, a new warning will be issued under 2 circumstances: The string xmrig is found in your go file, or a process named xmrig is running. If it's found in your go file, then most likely your entire system has been compromised and a hacker has edited your go file to automatically install xmrig on every boot If it's a process, two scenarios exist You're purposely running it. In which case this warning is safe to ignore You've possibly installed a compromised container via a random dockerHub search that
  7. What's the problem you're having?
  8. Now supports Azure / Gray themes
  9. Never meant to imply to it was a bug, as I know it's not as per my first response.
  10. Updated it to use a monospaced font. Makes sense.
  11. As an aside, CA looks for hard-coded paths (to pools or disk shares) and automatically adjusts the templates to suit the user's system (so that it doesn't cause issues like this)