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Community Answers

  1. Jul 6 23:12:49 Axiom mcelog: failed to prefill DIMM database from DMI data Primarily an informational warning, and safe to ignore. A BIOS update might help though.
  2. Your data is safe, so long as nothing physical happened to the drives. Have you rechecked the boot order in the BIOS yet? Can you manually do the Boot Override (using F12) and then select the flash drive and get the system to boot? Does it at least show the Unraid Boot Menu?
  3. You should be doing the isolation via Tools - System Devices.
  4. Yeah, and I saw the same thing once and had been meaning (and kept forgetting) to bring it to @ich777's attention.
  5. Errors imply an issue with the flash drive. Replace if it continues
  6. Make a change to the ACS settings in VM Settings, apply, then revert the setting back to what it was. Reboot. With luck, the reboot message should be permanently gone. Otherwise, post your diagnostics
  7. So long as there is a template (ie: if you can click on the icon within the docker tab and there's an "Edit" option), Apps, Previous Apps will show it.
  8. Does it actually start? Or does it return an server execution error?
  9. Delete your cookies in the browser, (and also make sure your plugins are up to date)
  10. Does this have anything to do with the backup plugin not (currently) honoring the startup order?
  11. The problem here is that the container already exists with that name https://forums.unraid.net/topic/125618-docker-port-mapping-broken/#comment-1145250 Without trying to actually break the system via some weirdness, my suggestion is to delete the container (and any orphans - Advanced View) and then reinstall via Previous Apps
  12. Sonarr, Radarr You need to look in the Queue / logs to see why they didn't get imported. That's not going to be permission related. Not entirely unexpected, as obfuscated downloads won't always import. It's the price you pay for not paying the price of the media you're downloading