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Community Answers

  1. You can try setting the appdata path for sonarr to instead of /mnt/user/appdata to directly reference /mnt/cache/appdata (if appdata sits on a pool named "cache")
  2. You had a notification happen, and there wasn't enough memory for it, so the kernel killed off part of the system for your VM. Whether you noticed any issue or not (or if it introduced stability issues) is hard to say How much memory are you allocating to the VMs?
  3. Delete log.cfg from /shares on the flash drive and you'd be good to go
  4. What is the network mode of the containers? (Specifically MineOS) This is a very common scenario. Not quite sure what exactly you're changing, but if you're changing the WebUI entry (eg: http://[IP]:[PORT:8443]) you basically never need to touch the entry ever. You want to change the Port for the webUI. Change the host port from 8443 to whatever you want. Now, if MineOS is in Host networking instead of bridge, then any and all port mappings are ignored by design from docker themselves and you will have the conflict. It needs to be in bridge to change the host ports being used.
  5. Have you tried setting the gateway instead of being the router to be the IP of the Mac? Shared internet is (nowadays) a real oddity in setting up any home network. Also, any change if you use DHCP on the server?
  6. I thought you meant change the setting itself. Just change the text. FWIW, 6.12 does say Use Pool. It's the auxiliary text that refers to cache and not pool
  7. Can you reboot and then post a new set of diagnostics. Yours is basically nothing but your ssh connections to the server
  8. You need to contact support with a copy & paste (no screenshots) of what appears within Tools - Registration
  9. Updates to FCP. Presumably updates to Unbalance. Possibly others and incorporating backwards compatibility. For something only a dev sees when there's no actual change in the function of the setting. Just change the text...
  10. You're getting an error / warning because you've pinned docker containers to cores isolated from the OS, which means that say jellyfin will actually only run on core 2 instead of all of the ones you've pinned it to. If you're trying to do docker pinning, then you don't want any of the cores isolated from the OS. Generally you only use isolation to have a VM have exclusive access to those cores and nothing else, including containers. You have to remember that docker is part of the OS and if you isolate cores from the OS then the containers have no access to them. You technically can do it, but because the OS doesn't have access the container effectively only runs on the lowest numbered core you've pinned it to and nothing else.
  11. Have you run a memtest from the boot menu? Many segfaults, your docker.img is corrupt, and bad memory would explain it all
  12. Is appdata / docker image on the array or in a cache pool?
  13. Look for a docker container that's continually restarting. Uptime should tell you. Best to switch to the replacement and if it still happens, then post in the relevant support thread