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Community Answers

  1. Nov 21 16:43:47 plexserver sshd[20945]: Connection from port 52849 on port 22 rdomain "" Nov 21 16:43:47 plexserver sshd[20945]: Invalid user admin from port 52849 There're all from your local network. What is that IP address?
  2. Try clearing out the credentials in Credential Manager within Windows. Windows has some not-so-helpful features with regards to network sharing. Most notably that it always remembers the last credentials that accessed something and only a single user can ever use network shares at a time.
  3. Are those the correct diagnostics? They're from Nov 13th
  4. No issues. Sab is however pretty much inconsistent all the time due to it being in written in Python instead of C like NZBGet
  5. https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Changing_The_Flash_Device Any issues, https://unraid.net/contact with a copy and paste (no screenshots) of what appears within Tools - Registration
  6. There doesn't appear to be any obvious corruption on that file. Did you try hitting "rescan" within FCP?
  7. Sorry. Dolby Vision. I equate the two in my head. But DV is what your issue actually is. (If you play the video on your PC say with MPC-HC you'll see that the videos all have a purple tint to them if your monitor doesn't support DV (which it most likely doesn't)) Plex seems to not particularly care anymore about managing to properly render DV videos on non DV equipment, and there's a long list of complaints on their forum regarding this, especially because about a year ago it did work. Usually (I suppose), DV would be identified in the filename of whatever media you're pirating so it may be possible to tell Radarr to skip those releases and try another one, but the real issue here is Plex and you'd be best talking on the forum and join the chorus there regarding this.
  8. There's no correct answer to that. It boils down to what port do you want to use to access it. The WebUI will figure it all out.
  9. To run two instances of any given app, from Apps (Settings) enable allow install of second instance. Then from Installed Apps, under actions a new option will appear saying "Install Second Instance" On the template, everything will be adjusted accordingly but you will still need to change the port mappings appropriately to not conflict.
  10. The existing instance will continue to run and another instance will also be created. No checks are done on the scheduled runs. To avoid this, you would have to put in appropriate controls into the script to check for this situation.
  11. Don't download HDR movies unless you have an HDR 4K TV
  12. You really should upgrade to 6.11.x But, you'd need to show a screenshot of your settings
  13. Your cache drive has been remounted as Read-Only due to corruption / IO errors Best to wait for @JorgeB to advise