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  1. What planet do you live on? No benefits that I can think of, other than the brain exercise in trying to figure out what the hell actually happened 10 years ago... (and we're way past "make up s...x");
  2. I don't know about you, but my wife does this all the time (usually in anger) and expects me to remember everything...
  3. PSA: It is currently impossible to pin the App "CSSource" (once pinned, it will display CSGo in the pinned apps section). This will take some thought on how to solve due to how this particular template and possibly 1 or two others are handled (without losing the user's currently pinned apps)
  4. That's a question for the sonarr forums.
  5. 60 Gig is insane for the size of a docker.img Vast majority of users only require 20Gig Max (assuming that everything is configured correctly), But either way, the docker.img is getting write errors. Because the system is in the process of shutting down, its hard to tell exactly where its being stored, (whether on the cache or disk3), but either way your initial trouble shooting is to disable the docker service, delete the image file, re-enable the service, then hit Apps, Previous Apps, and check off everything you had installed.
  6. Try checking for updates. Does today's change fix this?
  7. Post diagnostics your screen shot shows that the docker.img is read only, not that the log is full Sent via telekinesis
  8. Add it outside the array by using the Unassigned Devices plugin
  9. The MCE is happening very early in the boot process when the OS is initializing the CPUs. Nothing to worry about, (affects some combinations of hardware). Just ignore it.
  10. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/#comment-564314
  11. Happens intermittently, especially if the filename is obfuscated
  12. Any new errors? Is the file seeding and can't be moved because its in use? Sent via telekinesis
  13. Sure. So long as the host path matches exactly on /data between the two apps