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  1. Squid

    [support] macesters's Docker Repository

    https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-566095 Although, as an aside, a new Cloudfare DDNS app was added to the Apps tab a couple of days ago.
  2. Posting the diagnostics is your best start.
  3. Squid

    Web interface horribly slow after enabling SSL

    Diagnostics might show the reason. Re-enable and bounce around the UI then post them up.
  4. Squid

    Manually run mover script for Cache Drive

    Enable Mover Logging in Settings, Scheduler, attempt a move again, then post your diagnostics
  5. If your command line was something like mv /mnt/cache/blahblahblah /mnt/user/blahblah Then it will do the copy / delete process. Specifying /mnt/user for both source and destination should just rename it to the new folder
  6. Squid

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Should be pointed out that users who are upgrading to v6.7.0-rc1 and have dynamix system stats installed must upgrade that stats plugin. It will spam your log and very quickly fill it otherwise
  7. You would put in what ever path UD mounted the disk at. Can't 100% remember if you can just navigate to it via the folder browser drop down.
  8. Try installing Fix Common Problems, toss it into troubleshooting mode and do what it says. May or may not show anything, but if you're lucky it may catch the error in time.
  9. Squid

    Having trouble updating Unraid

    Just rename it to basic.key.old and see what happens. Doubt it'll help, but it can't hurt Reboots will be necessary
  10. Squid

    Having trouble updating Unraid

    Another option. How many .key files are in the /config folder of the flash drive?
  11. Squid

    Having trouble updating Unraid

    Then the way that I see it is that you still have to deal direct with limetech. Sure you can post your diagnostics (doesn't hurt), but seems to me that if when you revert 6.0.1 works perfectly, that the blacklist list has been updated to include your GUID sometime after 6.0.1, and only they can see why and rectify it if need be.
  12. Squid

    Having trouble updating Unraid

    Personally, I wouldn't consider running 6.0.1 (which was released June 25, 2015) as being "fairly new" Blacklists happen for a few reasons The GUID of the flash drive you are using winds up being non-unique You've transferred the registration of the flash drive to another flash drive You purchased the flash drive from someone else running unRaid, and they've transferred the registration to another flash drive. (IE: they sold it to you, and then screwed you) Either way, there is no recourse other than to talk to Limetech support directly, as there is nothing the forum users can do to help you.
  13. The complete zip. But, had the error appeared when you posted the syslog? If not, then wait until it does
  14. Does it also show up in diagnostics? Post them.