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  1. Squid


    Then I'm not understanding what the problem is. If you don't have them installed, then there's nothing to remove
  2. Squid


    What are you looking to remove them from? Being installed or from previous apps? The former just click on the icon and say remove. The latter click in the x in previous apps section.
  3. From the command prompt enter in diagnostics And then upload the resulting file stored on the flash drive here
  4. The extra / duplicated fields are for backwards compatibility with Unraid 6.0 / 6.1. So long as you understand XML formatting and certain character encoding, there is nothing wrong with doing it the manual way. (But you'd be quite surprised at the number of times manual edits introduce syntax errors) But, you might want to append your instructions to state (for your own use) that the URL you put into <TemplateURL> is always overwritten by CA. Upwards of 75% of the authors fill it out incorrectly, so CA always overwrites it with the correct value. (And adds th
  5. Flash backup does work, but I don't know why you're seeing it like that. All of my systems show it correctly so my first thought is some sort of corruption somewhere along the line on the array. The flash backup is ultimately being deprecated, as it predates the GUI's own flash backup system (non-automated), and something else which is soon(tm)
  6. The entry in the XML is TemplateURL If you install via Apps, it's already filled out appropriately. If you're not then you have to manually edit the xml and add the entry with the appropriate URL to the raw file (not a blob)
  7. That's somewhat selectable from the template author. Vast majority of the authors have the templates set to update, but others don't because it causes some issues at times. Not all elements in the template get updated, but new ports, descriptions etc do.
  8. try again after rebooting. If it still doesn't work, post another set of diags
  9. Post your diagnostics. There's something else going on.
  10. Assuming you're talking about the dashboard, this is fixed on the next release of the OS.
  11. No development on anything is happening for at least 5 weeks do to real life constraints. ETA, can't give a solid answer at this point GitHub https://github.com/Squidly271/ca.backup2
  12. ^^^ This is the default file. Everything else you've already appended.
  13. Yeah, it would've offered it up because the paths on the two containers weren't identical, but one was still in use so it couldn't actually delete it.
  14. Annoyance, but won't absolutely kill me. Previously, on the Unread stream you could click the name of the thread and it would take you to the first unread post in the thread. Now it takes you to the OP. To get to the first unread you have to either click the little clock or the orange ball next to the thread.