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Community Answers

  1. Did crashplan crash during that set of diagnostics? Also, running Fix Common Problems on an hourly scan is massive overkill
  2. As of now, any and all Donation links within any template when the template points to an "Official" container will be automatically removed. This is being done because there may be confusion on the end-user's part as to what they are actually donating for: The maintenance of the template (very little actually work involved) or the development / maintenance of the application itself. If you (as a template maintainer) also happen to have published within CA an official container then I suggest that you have any donation links etc within your project page
  3. I don't know what that error refers to. I'd surmise though that you should try remaking the flash drive again via USB creator. And then see if it'll boot as completely 100% stock
  4. Yeah, well I missed that on my initial 2 passes through the logs (and my 2 previous replies). I created the noise, not you....
  5. Actually, first can you make sure that all other plugins are up to date. Especially Connect....
  6. ( [action] => javascriptError [msg] => Unable to get property 'get' of undefined or null reference [url] => [lineNo] => 545 [columnNo] => 3 [error] => TypeError: Unable to get property 'get' of undefined or null reference ) Can you right click on the page and say view page source and then copy and paste it into a new file and reply back here with it.
  7. Because right now we don't know if the GUI can be loaded at all...
  8. In case of a duplicate, the lowest numbered disk with the dupe takes precedence. However, dupes should more or less be impossible to happen if you reference your appdata share by /mnt/user
  9. /mnt/user/appdata points to ALL disks including cachepools that contain the folder appdata.
  10. Not at the moment. It is on a todo list
  11. Does the system boot fine if you select one of the GUI modes from the boot menu?
  12. Unlikely that the original drive isn't corrupted, since the parity information is reflecting a corruption on the disk. You really should run memtest for at least a couple of passes to rule out it being the cause. Any (keeping the original drive untouched) fix the filesystem on the rebuilt drive (remove the -n)
  13. That's probably the absolute easiest thing you can accomplish on Unraid. So long as you never created any custom networks. Delete the image. Apps Previous Apps, check off what you want and hit install. Before you get back from making a coffee the system is back the exact same way with no input, though etc on your part.