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  1. You've got your cache minimum free setting to be 20TB. When entering in pure numerals, its in "K" You probably want to just enter in 20GB. Press the "?" to bring up help on the Global Share Settings
  2. Set GUI mode as the default boot mode. Main, Boot Device, Click on Flash, Syslinux configuration, and set the radio button next to GUI mode
  3. You probably want to set it to "Yes". Preferred moves stuff from the array to the cache drive, and you'd want the opposite. Pressing the "?" on the top right shows all the help text
  4. My guess is a KVM Bus 001 Device 009: ID 14dd:0002 Raritan Computer, Inc. I had one that did the identical thing whenever it was connected to the system. (Switched to it or not)
  5. Nothing to worry about. It happened very early in the boot process while the CPUs were initializing. Some hardware combos do that for some reason.
  6. What does this mean? Seems to be a contradiction.
  7. More that some cards will ship with ancient and/or buggy versions of the firmware.
  8. CPU is the logical suspect Check for fans running, dust bunnies etc Sent from my NSA monitored device
  9. Prob best to post in it's own thread, and read the OP / linked posts there.
  10. It takes one check for updates to clear out the old upgrade available status Sent from my NSA monitored device
  11. Just hit apply fix. The template guys weren't filling out the field properly so CA is now doing it automatically for them Sent from my NSA monitored device
  12. The URLs missing is because of the multitude of mistakes the guys were making on that field, ca is now filling it out for them. Hit apply fix on each of them The update available constantly is due to a change at dockerhub. Install or update the auto update plugin which will patch the OS for this Sent from my NSA monitored device
  13. Kingston DTSE9 last forever and indestructible. And very reliable Sent from my NSA monitored device