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  1. Outage on Git should be resolved
  2. Try again in a bit. Looks like its getting resolved.
  3. PSA Looks like GitHub is currently having a major outage. This outage will prevent any plugin from installing via CA (including CA itself for new users). CA itself is still operational (although it takes a bit longer to start up), as it is automatically switching to the backup server, so docker installations will still work. However, some icons may not appear (as they were hosted on GitHub), and if you're accessing your server via https, then the "lock" may break as since the primary appfeed server is down, all of the https cached icons are unavailable which means that whatever URL the template authors have dictated is where the icons will be grabbed from. Once GitHub resolves their issues, CA will automatically revert back to the primary appfeed server on the next change of the feed (usually every other hour)
  4. Yup. You won't be able to install any plugin until that's all sorted out. Upshot (if there is one) is that CA is properly switching to the backup server to update it's lists so docker installs are still fine.
  5. If you cant salvage the config/dickerman folder from the flash drive, then they will still work as is by simply pointing the docker.img to the existing file, but some features will be unavailable until you remove the app and then re add it via the apps tab and setup all the ports paths etc Sent from my phone as I'm probably having a beer and enjoying a fire
  6. The parity check times are an average, and ultimately include the much slower reads from the outer cylinders of the drives. The tunable only runs for x number of minutes, and effectively only tests the fastest part of the drives.
  7. Open another tab to the server and grab diagnostics from there and post them (give the update though a couple minutes before you do this) Sent from my phone as I'm probably having a beer and enjoying a fire
  8. Show me screenshots of what you're doing and seeing in order Sent from my phone as I'm probably having a beer and enjoying a fire
  9. There is a circumstance where the access options are greyed out. Can't remember though when. If it is, then simply add another path, set it up accordingly and then delete the original Sent from my phone as I'm probably having a beer and enjoying a fire
  10. The licence is tied to the GUID of the flash drive, so no you shouldn't have any issues, assuming that the GUID of the flash drive is being passed through correctly by your hypervisor ( and if it wasn't, then the system probably wouldn't let you trial the OS in the first place )
  11. For argument sake, Drive 1 & 2 are 4 tb, drives 3 - x are 6 tb With high water as an allocation method, and split any directory as required, Drives 3-x will fill up until they all have less than 3tb remaining. At that point, the highwater is recalculated. Then, all drives in order (starting with 1) will fill up until they have 1.5 TB remaining. Then, all drives will fill up until they have 750 GB remaining and so on.
  12. You will NEVER lose your data. All you have to do is save the contents of /config on the flash and it's like nothing ever happened after transferring over the registration. Even if the flash completely drops dead and you don't have a backup, you will never lose the files on the hard drives Sent from my phone as I'm probably having a beer and enjoying a fire
  13. You're going to have nothing but problems until you fix the filesystem via windows (google will be your friend), or replace the flash if it's not salvageable
  14. Squid

    Cache FS?

    Then you've got the share configured incorrectly.