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  1. Let it go. Afterwards, run an extended SMART test on the drive. It's basically the same thing as a single pass pre-clear.
  2. No. Diagnostics *might* help
  3. The kicker that I've found though with x.265 isn't that the hardware can't decode it. It's that the hardware can't decode it if the bitrate is very high and it's x.265. (ie: Full 4K blu-ray mkv's that are 60-80GB)
  4. To expand on my quoted text in the OP, this beta version brings forth more improvements to using a folder for the docker system instead of an image. The notable difference is that now the GUI supports setting a folder directly. The key to using this however is that while you can choose the appropriate share via the GUI's dropdown browser, you must enter in a unique (and non-existant) subfolder for the system to realize you want to create a folder image. If you simply pick an already existing folder, the system will automatically assume that you want to create an image. Hopefully for the next release, this behaviour will be modified and/or made clearer within the docker GUI.
  5. I am LSISAS2116: FWVersion(, Not the expert here, but my understanding is that the maximum length for the cables (~33ft) is only valid if you're actually using SAS drives. If you're using SATA drives, it's more like 3.3ft HPA doesn't make the system incompatible with unRaid. It's simply where the BIOS decreases the maximum size of the hard drive to store a backup of the BIOS. Only a real issue if the BIOS decides to put it onto the parity drive. Doesn't affect anything if its on a data drive. And, if it's present then it's also easily removed.
  6. Advanced view top right and the edit should appear.
  7. I don't have an answer on that. Googling that error suggests that the issue only happened on really old versions of tar. I did just restore my appdata 2 weeks ago and didn't have any problems.
  8. One of the ACS override options in VM settings
  9. I've seen it lots of times in diagnostics. I think at one time it was automatically created in the cfg file
  10. You're going to have to post the diagnostics while the slow transfers are in progress
  11. Remove that line altogether from the docker.cfg file It's winding up overriding the system (and it's not present on my system at all) Probably @limetech / @bonienl should update the OS to ignore that
  12. The key question is how are those folders being created (Windows 102 & logs)
  13. In the 6.8.3 announcement thread, theres a link you can paste into install plugin to update (And, that link posted for the Nvidia plugin is not the actual link for the plugin itself which is why it didn't work)