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  1. The official boinc container (the one referenced in the blog post) To put it into a little bit of perspective, from February 7th to March 8th, there were 464,826 downloads. From March 8th to April 7th there were 637,444 additional downloads. This is just the docker container, and does not include downloading Boinc for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android
  2. It's not random. For some reason (not sure at this point), after your appdata backup at 1PM, the plugin didn't restart the containers. But it did on some other runs of the backup
  3. Yeah, on that one while tags are supported, only the one ":latest" exists, so you're either SOL or back to over thinking. I will put in a PR to the webGUI to allow different icons when multiple apps are installed.
  4. I think you're way over thinking it. Majority of apps support tags. Which ones are we talking about?
  5. A spontaneous downgrade is not possible. If you're unable to upgrade via the gui then download the applicable zip file from the limetech website and overwrite the bz* files on the flash with those in the zip and reboot
  6. It would have only worked by accident when unRaid thought that updates were always available for every container.
  7. But, to really elaborate, 6.8+ should have no problems with changing any container's icon. However if you have multiple containers of the same app installed, they will all share the same icon. Unless you tag them differently (ie: linuxserver/nzbget:latest and linuxserver/nzbget:whatEverValidTagThereIs) then they will use different icons.
  8. What unraid version are you using
  9. In the next few days, CA's application feed will be grabbing the download statistics for the various boinc and folding @ home applications and generating the stats. As a precursor though, this is the stats for linuxserver folding@home and boinc applications. CA will not generate the graphs for these 2 applications because they are too new to the system, and not enough data is available to create any credible graph. LinuxServer Boinc Added to CA on March 18th. At the time of it being added, there were 179 downloads. Today (April 6) there are now 60,950 downloads LinuxServer Folding@Home Added to CA on March 20th. At the time of it being added, there were 14 downloads. Today there are 134,884 downloads Graphs are available within CA for the original folding at home app from CaptInsano from a few years ago (long deprecated) that barely worked (if at all). It's gone from 99,320 on March 5th to 102,450 on April 4th. While this is a very modest increase, the graphs tell a far different story for just what is going on. Very steep climb on people trying it out Once graphs are available within CA on the official boinc container and on mobiusnine's folding@home container within a couple of days) I will post them. I expect that each of them will see a very steep rise in the downloads per month. (And the graphs currently available which are from early March are very suggestive of just where they are going to wind up)
  10. The drive was toast to begin with. that software doesn't make any changes / writes to the drive at all so as to not impede the recovery process. Last time I had to use the software (was on an NTFS drive), it picked up a ton of stuff on it's first quick scan. IIRC, it's more indepth scan was going to take a few days to complete, (and on the el-cheapo laptop I was using it on would also crash / bluescreen running it)so I just said whatever and grabbed what was on the quick scan. If there was a file or two missing on the first I'd probably never notice, and I was simply glad to get the vast majority of files back. When you're in a situation when you need to use recovery software, the odds are always going to be against you in recovering everything 100% with no missing / corrupted files. I suppose this is the difference between paying ~$100 for a piece of software or thousands to a data recovery company.
  11. It's not hosted on dockerHub, so using the docker system (as unRaid does) to check for updates means that it can't determine its update status.
  12. seconds. unRaid default (cannot be adjusted) is 10 seconds
  13. In that circumstance, use /mnt/user/appdata
  14. So you've rerun it? Maybe I misread what you were doing. A check after an unclean reboot is non correcting by default, so nothing's actually been fixed yet