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  1. Squid

    Cant add share

    Post your diagnostics Sent via telekinesis
  2. Squid

    Docker Image corrupt?

    Probably not. He's just the resident expert. Wouldn't be a bad idea to post your diagnostics though...
  3. Squid

    Docker Image corrupt?

    Which means that the docker corruption was caused by an underlying file system problem on the cache drive. Not in a position to assist right now, but if @johnnie.blackis around he can help no problems Sent via telekinesis
  4. Squid

    Docker Image corrupt?

    Nope. All the appdata is stored outside of the docker.img. Remove the docker image then go to Apps, Previous Apps, check off what you want and you're back in business
  5. Squid

    USB key passthrough automatically

    You can try this also. YMMV USB Hotplug for Virtual Machines with no passthrough and a revision HERE You could probably also modify them to handle option 3
  6. Squid

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    A dangling image isn't the same as an orphan you can remove those by just clicking on the icon Sent via telekinesis
  7. Squid

    server wont restart

    Yeah, I don't see any fundamental reason for those errors, so just Settings - Docker - Stop the Service Delete the image file Restart The Service Apps - Previous Apps - Check off your apps, and hit Install Multi
  8. Squid

    system log error, warning, login

    It's all just normal messages. Don't worry about it.
  9. Squid

    server wont restart

    Are you sure those are the right diagnostics? They're from August 2018
  10. Squid

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - NZBGet

    Your cache drive is fully allocated Device size: 111.79GiB Device allocated: 111.79GiB Device unallocated: 56.00KiB (as an aside, I'm not a fan of btrfs for cache drives if you don't have a cache pool) To fix: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/62230-out-of-space-errors-on-cache-drive/?tab=comments#comment-610551
  11. Squid

    server wont restart

    Because of this Mar 23 17:20:29 DeathStar kernel: BTRFS info (device loop3): read error corrected: ino 0 off 699817984 (dev /dev/loop3 sector 1383216) Mar 23 17:20:29 DeathStar kernel: BTRFS info (device loop3): read error corrected: ino 0 off 699822080 (dev /dev/loop3 sector 1383224) Mar 23 17:20:30 DeathStar kernel: BTRFS warning (device loop3): loop3 checksum verify failed on 712540160 wanted 3182DA00 found 19A992C1 level 0 There is a problem with the docker.img file (or its with the cache drive - impossible to tell from the syslog snippet) But, whether or not the server restarts for you or not, the shutdown was clean based on the snippet, so you can just hit the reset button. Because of the segfaults, I would run memtest for at least a single pass from the boot menu (ideally more though). When you actually restart unRaid, post your full diagnostics.
  12. Squid

    system log error, warning, login

    What's the actual question? None of that looks like anything other than the usual boot up stuff.
  13. Squid

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    To fix the support link on the dashboard / docker tabs, first go to the Apps Tab (to insure the lists are all up to date), then go to plugins, Install Plugin and paste the following URL into the field https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/misc-stuff/master/fix_template.plg However, due to caching of some values by unRaid, the entry on those tabs won't actually change until you either stop and restart the docker service or reboot your server.
  14. Squid

    Disk spindown bug?

    It's after you've rebooted. Wait until it happens again then post them again.
  15. Squid

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    Exactly. As I've mentioned when in HOST or as an unique IP you cannot change the port numbers the app will use.