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  1. Hey yo. You could try passing through a ssd to the vm as the only disk. I.e. eliminate vdisk completely. I did some testing on a VM that I was trying to remove the lag when scrolling on Divinity Original Sin 2. I tried pinning, xml changes, changing cache disks, nothing helped. What did help was passing through the entire disk to the VM (as the boot disk). I also did this technique for my bittorrent VM and got much better download speeds. So maybe give that a shot.
  2. Could someone please check whether they can download vm icons and banners using spaceinvader ones script? I get errors and I was wondering whether domain has issues or whether its just me lol Cheers
  3. you'd have to dump the bios of the 1030 gpu. Spaceinvaderone has a video on how to do it
  4. When I was testing gaming VMs , I found that it was the vdisk which was causing stuttering in games. When i passed through the entire ssd/nvme that resolved the issue. May or may not help in your case
  5. I tried the "competition" Proxmox and I thought the GUI was garbage. Lots of errors and then the task would complete anyway. So back to unraid. I guess those whose first programming language is linux dont mind doing just about everything from a shell but I much prefer an intuitive gui
  6. I also have been trying to get in to proxmox but seems like everything you have to do cli, including zfs pools. The gui is a waste of time, makes you appreciate unraid more it really does
  7. So far, with passing through a nvme this is as close to bare metal as i have been able to reach
  8. Either put your VM on the cache drive or on an unassigned drive. Either way it should be on a SSD or nvme drive. I have mine on the cache on 2 nvme drives in raid 0
  9. Finally figured out what was causing the stutter. I had an all core overclock to 4.2ghz. Once this was taken off and MSI interrupts added no more stutter. I even was able to play DOS EE with g-sync on for the first time on unraid Oh happy day. Thought Id post the solution here in case anyone else is facing the same issue. No overclock, MSI interrupts, g-sync on and triple buffering = happy gamer finally
  10. @DrJake I think this is ok, I get the same on build 2004. The good news is the very latest build of 2004 (September) does not have this issue anymore. So happy days :)
  11. I suggest you google for spaceinvader one's most excellent video on usb passthrough. This will explain how you can stub the devices you need and hence they will appear in the VM details. Its not hard, you just need to change the flash parameters but he explains things far better than I ever could
  12. i may be wrong but I believe you have to pass through all elements of your 1660ti. the USB and serial bus controller may need to be stubbed in order to prevent unraid from using them. Something like vfio-pci.ids=10de:1aec,10de:1aed on the flash boot page should do it. Then I guess you would see those two elements in your VM details. I dont have a 1660ti so I cant be 100% sure this will work
  13. Thanks for responding @Decto, unfortunately that made no difference. I'll keep trying
  14. I have a 2950x with cores 1-7 isolated for vm use. Clock speed is 4.2ghz. I have my vms on the 2 nvme cache drive in raid 0. MSI 1070ti I am getting scrolling stutter in Divinity Original Sin enhanced edtion, grim dawn and also Torchlight. No matter what I try i cannot resolve this. Its a persistent stutter for a second or two when scrolling I have tried: Passing through a SSD and installing windows on that (thus avoiding a vdisk) Various xml enhancements like raw rather than qcow2 and using SCSI as the driver Tweaks to the CPU speed in terminal to set the min speed of cores 1-7 to 4.2ghz Tweaks to nvidia settings - max performance, low latency setting on, vsync on, triple buffering on tried cores 0-8 tried more cores, less cores MSI interrupt fix looked through the forums and googled and tried various other tweaks but no way is this near bare metal Nothing else is on the server of consequence. Some dockers but nothing with heavy load. I have a 6700k also and when I play DOS EE or the other games mentioned no stuttering I am wondering if a) anyone else has this issue b) its a KVM bug as I have seen reports of gpu stutter with games I truly am at my wits end, I dont want to give up on unraid for gaming but this issue is making these games unplayable vm.xml and diagnostics attached vm.xml
  15. I am also getting this issue when playing Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition 2950x on the 6.9 beta, two nvme raid 0 for cache, windows 10 vm on cache, nothing else on server (not even Krusader), nothing added to vm aside from graphics driver and steam for DOS:ee install Scrolling is very choppy, I have tried CPU pinning, the tweaks suggested here on the vdisk, nothing helps. Also have tried various combinations of cores and pins. VM has 7 cores and a 1080ti passthrough. So should have enough grunt for this game Issue happens on grim dawn as well so its not specific to the game Please help - this issue is really annoying and is stopping me from using 2950x for gaming vm xml attached vm.xml