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  1. @bastl do you see much performance increase from using the scsi driver rather than sata for the vdisk?
  2. Bought this one and will report back on whether it works or not. I believe it has one controller so should work. Had good luck with that brand in the past Update: yay it worked front usb 3 ports available now
  3. Has anyone managed to get the front USB ports connected to a USB card? If so which model usb card did you use? Were there any additional steps i.e. bios changes? It would be great to have the front usb ports wired up and available as hot swaps in a vm I guess the process is buy a USB card which has a usb header on it and connect the front ports to that, but I havent a clue which one will work and Im sure this has been done by others. I know @jonp mentioned it in his recent video
  4. damn MSI MEG Creation X399 is one expensive mobo
  5. Brilliant, thats the kind of response I was after thanks @bastl I have been looking at the specs 1950x vs 2950x and there doesnt seem to be much between them. The 2950x is higher clocked and has improved infinity fabric I believe but probably not worth the extra £300. Might see if I can find a 1950x on ebay
  6. It would help to know: 1. Do you have more than one GPU in your system 2. What model GPU If you have only one GPU then you will need to dump the bios in order to pass it through. Spaceinvader has done an excellent video on this If you have more than one GPU, then passing through AMD cards may cause issues. Certainly I have not been able to pass through a RX480 consistently. Worked just fine with Nvidia cards
  7. Hi guys I am considering upgrading from a xeon to a 2950x. Im sure a lot of other members are considering the same. Could someone be so kind as to catalogue any outstanding issues with threadripper that have not got a solution. I know there is a @SpaceInvaderOne video on Ryzen, but I think it would aid a lot of people with this kind of decision if the current state of threadripper and VM is documented. Thanks for any assistance on this matter
  8. Question: Do people notice a difference in performance between 64GB and 128GB? I get that the extra 64GB could be used for plex transcoding but I was wondering if unraid makes good use of the additional ram for caching or something?
  9. Arent all new external seagate drives SMR now?
  10. Q35 didnt work for me with my lg 144hz monitor, couldnt set the resolution to 144. Will apply the other tips though, thanks
  11. Must be the E-ATX version not the X99-WS