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  1. Samsung PM983 thats some serious NVME drive you got there @testdasi
  2. Do you believe future releases of KVM will drop support for older OSes like XP and Windows 7?
  3. Thanks for responding @jordanmw and @testdasi
  4. So Im now a member of the TR club It works great aside from the ram, which I cant get to go above 2933mhz Mobo is asrock x399 taichi, ram is g.skill trident z 3200 mhz cl14 4 x 16gb Does anyone have any tips on how to get this to work at 3200mhz? Cheers
  5. Microsoft have fixed the scheduling issues in windows 10 1903 https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/windows-10-may-2019-update-brings-amd-performance-boost
  6. +1 Im sure this has been on LT radar for some time
  7. Saving up for a 2950x now...just pulled the plug on some g.skill trident z 64gb cl14 4 x 16gb. Once you have it installed I'd be interested in any tips you have for getting the most out of it @jordanmw Go AMD!
  8. Hi guys I have been reading up on what kind of memory to get for the 2950x and some people say get g.skill flare x cl14, others say it doesnt matter, others say get g.skill trident z cl16. For those that have a threadripper which memory did you buy? Thanks
  9. @bastl do you see much performance increase from using the scsi driver rather than sata for the vdisk?
  10. Bought this one and will report back on whether it works or not. I believe it has one controller so should work. Had good luck with that brand in the past Update: yay it worked front usb 3 ports available now
  11. Has anyone managed to get the front USB ports connected to a USB card? If so which model usb card did you use? Were there any additional steps i.e. bios changes? It would be great to have the front usb ports wired up and available as hot swaps in a vm I guess the process is buy a USB card which has a usb header on it and connect the front ports to that, but I havent a clue which one will work and Im sure this has been done by others. I know @jonp mentioned it in his recent video
  12. damn MSI MEG Creation X399 is one expensive mobo