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  1. Thanks for your help. I had him hook it up to his TV and was able to find the IP address via Facetime. He is up and running now and working on moving his movies over.
  2. yes, it is headless. He does have it behind his TV though. So I will tell him to connect it, I didnt think of that
  3. Nope, because I thought it would have been easier for him to just type "tower" He isnt the most tech savy. He has been ripping his movies for years but when it comes to servers, IP, Port forwarding, etc. it's a little over his head. I am giong to be at his place in a few weeks for Christmas at least....
  4. Hi All, I built my father-in-law an UnRaid server for Plex and I had it working here perfectly before I sent it home with him this last weekend. He has it plugged in and turned on at his house but he can't connect to it using "tower" in his search bar and it just does a google search on Chrome and Edge. I have never had an issue with this on the several UnRaid builds that I have done for others. Any idea why he can't connect to it? I live 3 hours away and tried helping via Facetime but didn't really get anywhere. I should have setup a way to connect to his UnRaid server remotely before I sent it home with him....
  5. Hi, I have 2 GPUs in my system right now, GTX 970 and GTX 1080Ti. Both are bing passed through to VMs but thought I could still use it? I get Error 300 when I try it.
  6. I was really let down by Proxmox. XCP had much more polish even though the open source version(at least to my understanding) is quite a bit newer. I would spend more time with XCP if I could do a couple things. 1: Install individual drives with or without a Cache like UnRaid, which might be possible but out of my skill set...and 2. If I didn't have to build XOA on my own unless I wanted to pay a pretty high monthly price for it when I have no interest in doing. So I am going to be reinstalling Pop!_OS later today and toying with setting up Cockpit and doing GPU Passthrough there for a VM. If Parsec allowed Game Hosting from Linux I would probably setup Linux as the Host and not even bother with Windows VMs but just not possible at the moment. Therefore, I will run my Dockers/Containers on Pop, try to then also setup VMs, Heimdall, Sonarr, Radarr, and the like and see what I think. Also, Pop is not designed to be run Headless but there is no reason I can't, I just will have to get better with CLI as compared to UnRaid. Even then, I still may coming back to UnRaid....I was that impressed with it.
  7. All, I wanted to post this because I have been testing these various solutions as of late and there are not many of these discussions online that are easily found. I am really close to buying an UnRaid License at the moment but I wanted to share why I am hesitant(hint: nothing to do with it being paid) and why I was trying these other solutions and why I am not going to go that direction. So as I am sure many on here can relate, I don't have much time to play games anymore. I run 2 businesses of my own out of the house, my wife runs her business out of the garage, and in between we are taking care of a 4 year old doing distance learning and a 2 year old. Playing games and working on my computer is my main hobby as I cut out several others because there simply isnt time anymore. Plus, computers and games are probably one of the cheapest hobbies you can have if you really look at what you can do with them. This is why I have been hesitant to buy an UnRaid license. I am a tinkerer and I really like trying new things, reformatting things and trying different operating systems. However, at the same time, the more time I do this the less time I have to play a game. I had a Windows 10 Gaming VM workin on my system when I was booting via UnRaid and it worked great. I was really happy with it and could easily build a system on that further. Being the tinkerer that I am I wanted to go ahead and try a few other things before I clicked "buy". So First is XCP-ng: Keep in mind that I do not have a degree in computer science and that I just like my toys. I got XCP-ng working and I really liked what I saw. However, it became apparent really quickly that this solution is definitely designed for Enterprise environments and it really wants you to have a full system of drives ready to go and to setup with the file system. The main reason that I didnt look at this further past initial setup is because Nvidia GPU Passthrough is more difficult here and I would pretty much be having to figure things out on my own. If I knew how to code more this would be a good option but that just isn't the case. Proxmox: Same situation as above as it seems like it really wants you to have quite a few disks ready to spin up. Plus the RAM requirement seems quite high and not something I am looking to tackle. I had a real issue getting this to work as well. For some reason I had a really hard time getting into the Web GUI to get things started and it put a really sour taste in my mouth. It definietly seems pretty resource heavy once you start getting VMs going. Honestly, after trying out the hypervisors my first impression is that the way they handle file systems isn't really geared for home users unless you are someone that already has the resources to have it setup the proper way from the start as compared to UnRaid where you can just grow your system as you need. For the record I plan to use my system to run dockers for Pi-hole, Unifi, UNMS, Home security, Sonarr, Radarr. The other main function and probably biggest is that I want to be running several gaming VMs on this system. 1 for me, 1 for my wife, and 1 for the kids that for the time being I want to be mainly emulators streaming to my Nvidia Shield TV. Now, there is only one thing left that I want to try and that is to try and setup a Linux Distro with Cockpit for WebGUI as my server and maybe SnapRAID as the file system. Maybe BTRFS is better but I don't know, filesystems is something that I am still learning. The number 1 limitation with building my own with a linux distro is having to do GPU passthrough with CLI which I know a small amount about but not much. I have been toying with Fedora and Pop!_OS for years on and off and I like the fact that doing something like this gives me more flexibility than XCP and Proxmox at least seem to out of the box. Feel free to provide any input but I can honestly say at this point that I cant imagine that UnRaid is a bad choice for anyone and something that I am really strongly considering....just after I tinker a bit more.
  8. Hi all, my computer is in my house and soon to be in a central location near my bedroom. I do not want my system to be loud as a result. It water cooled but I would like to use some HotSwaps and was wondering if anyone had some good recommendations for brand/style that keeps disks nice and cool without getting excessively hot? I have a Caselabs case and I am trying to source maybe a few more flexbay HDD cages for drives but that may not be an option and I would actually lose 1 HDD per 3 x 5.25 slot as compared to something from ICYDock. Any recommendations?
  9. I would like to see this as well but I was thinking it would be nice to make an all SSD array for my gaming VMs and then have the main Array with SSD Cache for everything else.
  10. I found a fix. I tried the ac97 and the ich6 and a few other virtual sound cards but the vm would lock up. What wound up working is something that is referred to here: if you scroll to the bottom he says that the audio issue seems to be tied more to Parsec than the VM( I may be wrong a bout this). Hwoever, I installed the VIrtual Audio Cables as he suggested and rebooted the VM and it works! Im so excited! Now I just need to do some stability tests and will then start to look into building a second gaming VM for my wife to play on.
  11. can you send me a link to one of those USB devices? I am not sure I understand what you are talking about.
  12. HDMI is not connected to the display as this display is quite old and is only DVI. I am setting this up for only streaming games as I never have time to sit at my computer to play games anymore so I want to be able to just play from any screen in the house. I will get you a picture in a little bit. Audio Control panel says no sound output device found but Device Manager shows Nvidia Sound Card is connected and active.
  13. Hi All, I am still on the trial period of Unraid and the most important thing for me with this build was the ability to setup Windows Gaming VMs to stream using Parsec/Steam In Home. I have been able multiple times to get the entire system setup and running with games but I have not been able to get the sound to work. I have made sure that the XML has "multifunction= 'on'" and also made sure that the Slots are the same and functions are correct. I also made sure to have a dumby HDMI plugged into the GPU. Still I have no audio... Just a moment ago I decided that I would isolate the motherboard audio and try to pass that through(no optimal as I was doing this for at least 2 gaming VMs) and it crashed my entire VM and now I have to rebuild it. Can anyone tell me what is going on here? In Device Manager it says all my drivers are up to date. My Nvidia drivers are all working...etc. The only other thing that I can think of is Nvidia control panel which shows that even with HDMI plugged in that there is no "audio capable display connected". Which may have it turned off. I am at a loss...