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  1. So I ditched my MSI unify for an Asrock ITX Z490 and pleased that I did! Much better BIOS and better nvme temps due to the niiiiiice heatsink. Anyone else using Z490 with UNRAID? Please comment on stability, tips, BIOS tweaks and whether you get any voltage, fan, temp sensors to work. So far, I only have CPU temp detected by sys temp plugin.
  2. OK. What is the easiest way to revert back now? There is no downgrade option so I assume i have to replace a file on the flash drive?
  3. please let us all know how you get on with that. After approx 1 year with a break from using UNRAID, jumped straight in to 6.9b25 and now 29 - really impressed but then I had this issue.
  4. I too get the error on b29 but keen to upgrade libvirt if possible. Anyone know the process of doing this?
  5. anyone else with a z490 board? This is my asrock phantom z490 sesnors... Would love to see motherboard and fans but no luck.
  6. @limetechis TB3 support on the roadmap? I had a plan to add some egpus to my tb card and share them across some vms' without passthrough of entire controller - if UNRAID had this capbility i think it might be a game changer.
  7. Wont the VMs be bottlenecked by the virtio scsi driver? QEMU needs a stable working nvme emulator driver for VM guests so we dont have to passthrough nvme drives to gain maximum performance.
  8. Hi team UNRAID Whilst I'm waiting for 6.9 final to release (soon i hope), I thought I'd look at ways of speeding up VM disks on my 3Gbps NVME drive and exposing shares set up in UNRAID so that I could access them directly from a VM instead of using the 1GBps/10Gbps virtual NIC. Research led me to this article https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/eryb71/best_storage_for_vfiokvmqemu_experiment_results/ and https://virtio-fs.gitlab.io/howto-qemu.html I'm interested to know if virtio-fs can be made available in UNRAID so that shares can be access directly from a VM?
  9. Fair enough, posted in the correct forum. As for your qstns, 6.9b25 is what I'm using. As I said, coretemp driver is detected but only detects basic temp stats such as CPU and nvme. MB, voltages and others are missing.
  10. Anyone have a Z490 and has successfuly got temps, voltages and fan speeds to display? I splashed out on the MSI Z490i Unify and only coretemp is shown as a driver. That driver only shows CPU and nvme temps. I'm running 6.9b25 and latest sys temp plugin.
  11. Yeah, my MSI actually shows up as an Intel audio which threw me.
  12. Hello Anyone got Z490 temperature sensors working? I have a MSI Z490i Unify , the dynamix plugin detects coretemp driver but I only get limited sensors back. No voltages, no mainboard temp etc. Any ideas?
  13. Figured it out. The ALC1220 device appears as Intel audio PCH. Had to passthrough the device and other devices in the same group. Added it to the VM, installed Realtek drives, and it seems to be OK.
  14. I splashed out on a MSi Z490i that has the latest audio codec ALC1220. Nothing shows up in the VM soundcard option or in the IOMMU group. It's definitately enabled in the BIOS and Windows 10 sees it no problem. Any tips on how I can get UNRAID to recognise it or at least show if it's present?
  15. So, almost a year later to this thread, I have noticed the same issue. I splashed out on a MSi Z490i and it has the same audio codec ALC1220. Nothing shows up in the soundcard option or in the IOMMU groups. It's definitately enabled in the BIOS and Windows 10 sees it no problem. How is this audio device being hidden from UNRAID, why can't lspci see the device? Anyone else care to try with their Z490 board and ALC1220 audio chip?