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  1. I am too having the symptoms as described by the OP albeit on the mATX variant. So looking forward to the 6.13 beta!
  2. Have you tried 6.12.9 to see if the Aspeed blacklist is still required?
  3. Can I please have a white and black icon for the following case? Thanks. https://www.bitfenix.com/products/chassis-2/micro-atx/prodigy-m-2022-argb/
  4. Not bricked anything but it's stuck on the below for 10 mins at least now.... "Extraction done. Package file disklocation.2024.03.07.zip extracted. Adding devices into database, please wait... this might take a while..."
  5. Yes, latest version breaks the dashboard, sux!
  6. I got between 3 & 4 GB/s in mc copying vm flat files between 2 wd pice4. Not quite windows speeds but it'll do.
  7. This video inspired me to look at virgl in more detail. Proxmox has had this capability for a while and the 3d acceleration seems decent enough for most people, especially those looking to emulate Android and have limited space for a GPU. Can us UNRAIDers get this feature?
  8. Not sure if you've seen this but should help get temps down even more https://forums.unraid.net/topic/145432-i7-13700k-and-asus-pro-ws-w680-ace-ipmi-optimizations/
  9. Oh no, hope not. I have the mATX variant and planned on using the slimSAS in SATA mode as well as both the m.2 slots. I guess we'll see as soon as I receive the cable.
  10. FWIW - here's mine, really happy with the results... W680M-ACE-SE 14700 128GB DDR5 No VMs running Approx 13 dockers running Sits at around 36-60W idle depending on UNRAID process / dokcer usage. Temps are pretty decent given I'm using the Thermalright Silver Soul 92mm cooler.
  11. Updated, did a force scan all, refreshed but unfortunately no change 😞
  12. I thought i might have something to do with unassigned devices/nvme, thanks for confirming. It would be awsome if you could fix it, the plugin is very useful and for me would make it 'complete'.