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  1. Which is better this version or binhex? Been using Binhex since the beginning but curious if ich777 docker vers is superior in any way?
  2. I had 11.2 with GT710 working fine, updated to 11.5 now login screen is not accepting mouse clicks. If I switch to VNC, everything works fine. I am using the same opencore vers as 11.2. I know 11.5 is new but the issue seems really odd.
  3. Ok all done. Image is now in the iso share called Window11_Insiders.iso Should that be Windows11_Insiders.iso? Also, for some reason now the docker is downloading latest W10 instead of W11. I didnt change any script. The first time I ran the docker it dl W11 no problem but now it's always W10.
  4. I am also having this problem, large RAR files +4GB.
  5. So it seems enabling Downstream and unsafe interrupts under VM settings fixed it for me.
  6. Just started to get the same error as you today, the only thing I changed was swapping my GT 710 for a GT 730 oh and also updated nvidia drivers to latest version. Whats really annoying is that it can happen at any time load or no load, very odd.
  7. 2 years on and now I am having this issue. Did you ever resolve it?
  8. Please can you make an icon for Corsair 5000d non-airflow version? It's the one with the solid front panel. Awesome case btw!
  9. Tips n tricks and feedback from the community regarding experiences (whats worked well and what hasnt) in terms of compatibility with certain motherboards, components etc.
  10. That would be very useful. Do we know if the driver made it in to the beta?
  11. Any luck with getting it to work? I'm thinking of getting the Gigabyte Aorus Master z490 which has the 8688e sensor.
  12. Where do I set the spindown delay for individual disks? I cannot see this option anywhere.
  13. I switched from PASS THRU to passing through the entire nvme controller, installed the Samsung nvme driver and now speeds are identical more or less to bare metal performance. Seems the Samsung drivers really kick the drive in to gear.