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  1. Probaby not a popular case for Unraid given its limited drive bay capacity, but I thought I'd make it anyway since I just ordered one for my gaming machine. Here's the Lian Li O11 Dynamic
  2. Last one for now, there's the Luxe!
  3. Really liked that Lian Li listened to feedback and made the Mesh variant!
  4. Glad to be of service!
  5. Glad you like them! The Masterbox pattern was quite the workout, it will not match the actual case (a little bit copy and flip going on), but close enough I hope!
  6. Thank you very much! Here's the Proliants
  7. A little late to the "let's hack Unraid on to the Raspberry Pi" party, but I just thought it would be fun to make an icon for it.
  8. Thanks for your kind words! Here is the HAF XB EVO:
  9. Had to simplify a lot of the mesh detailing, but given the display size I hope it works out Edit: totally missed the part about just having 6 blanking palates, updated!
  10. Tricky pattern! I hope this works!
  11. I went with the easiest position
  12. Went all fill on this one, hope it fits the bill! Sure thing!