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  1. Thanks! Here you go!
  2. Congrats on your build! I hope this will do. This was a challenging case to get right, capturing the 3d depth around the bottom proved tricky! -Mex
  3. Thanks, I'll probably have something for you by tomorrow!
  4. Hey, so you would like a version with 6 drive cages? Also, could you take a close-up photo of the logo? I haven't seen a Lian Li logo like that before (preferably as straigt on as you can).
  5. Happy holidays! Made two versions, stock, and with HDD cages: Not sure if you just wanted to share or if you wanted it made, but here it is anyway:
  6. Haha, woops! My bad. Made some adjustments, to account for one less row: Hard to capture the vented front on this one, so please tell me what you think of this;
  7. Thank you! And per your request, here you go (I'll probably get to the Supermicro and Antec tomorrow)
  8. I realised I missed that the Norco was 4U and used my 3U template, limiting myself to cram in all the bays. I Updated the original 4220 and added both the 4116 and the Zalman:
  9. Will have to delay this a bit, sorry! Got to focus my limited time on some design work for a future Unraid release.
  10. Here you go, I will take a look at the other Norcos tomorrow!