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  1. The Define R5 is already available in the GUI, so no need to upload a PNG for it
  2. Even though you maybe wanted it with the cover off, I hope something is better than nothing
  3. Not sure if you still would like this, but here's my take;
  4. Better late than never? Hope this does the trick!
  5. Nice! I’ll add it to my collection and it will probably be added to the OS later
  6. Happy to be of service! I hope this does the trick!
  7. Yes, if you don't mind the wait
  8. Well, this is fashionably late I suppose, sorry about that. Things have been crazy busy!
  9. Probaby not a popular case for Unraid given its limited drive bay capacity, but I thought I'd make it anyway since I just ordered one for my gaming machine. Here's the Lian Li O11 Dynamic
  10. Last one for now, there's the Luxe!
  11. Really liked that Lian Li listened to feedback and made the Mesh variant!