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  1. Haha, woops! My bad. Made some adjustments, to account for one less row: Hard to capture the vented front on this one, so please tell me what you think of this;
  2. Thank you! And per your request, here you go (I'll probably get to the Supermicro and Antec tomorrow)
  3. I realised I missed that the Norco was 4U and used my 3U template, limiting myself to cram in all the bays. I Updated the original 4220 and added both the 4116 and the Zalman:
  4. Will have to delay this a bit, sorry! Got to focus my limited time on some design work for a future Unraid release.
  5. Here you go, I will take a look at the other Norcos tomorrow!
  6. This ones a monster
  7. Does these fit the bill? Included both a dark and light variant to use with either theme. Edit: the dark doesn't show but its there
  8. Hello! Now that it is possible to add your own images as case icons, I thought I'd start taking requests to make icons that match the style of the other icons. To make a request, please consider the following: 1. I do this on my own spare time, so I will not give an ETA 2. I will need a picture (preferably straight from the front) 3. The case manufacturer and model name. 4. If you have something custom I'll give it a shot but I can't make any promises. 5. If I get too many requests for me to handle, you'll have to start voting for the most popular ones. Note: There was a request made earlier about a Dalek, and that was shot down for legal reasons, but given that these can be uploaded by the user and not included in the base install, I think this should now be okey to make and distribute outside of the installer. (Admins, please clarify is this is not the case) For reference, these are the icons I've currently made. (some of them will appear in a later update). Cheers! Mex
  9. Mex

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    This feature is in development
  10. I'm glad you enjoy the new dashboard! And I agree that Unraid needs a proper login page
  11. I noticed a small annoyance with 6.7; It says Other when it should say DDR3.
  12. This is a planned feature, but I don't know when it will arrive.
  13. Thanks for your feedback, I can't talk on the behalf of the developers but this is certainly something that should be fixed.