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  1. I'm glad you enjoy the new dashboard! And I agree that Unraid needs a proper login page
  2. I noticed a small annoyance with 6.7; It says Other when it should say DDR3.
  3. This is a planned feature, but I don't know when it will arrive.
  4. Thanks for your feedback, I can't talk on the behalf of the developers but this is certainly something that should be fixed.
  5. I have a Nvidia Quadro K2000 which I pass through to a Windows 10 VM with OVMF bios and it's working fine. I have not specified any additional bios in the VM settings.
  6. I'm no expert but I think that your GPU / BIOS need to be UEFI compatible to use OVMF. the FX3800 bios you linked to says: UEFI Supported: No
  7. This should probably be easy for @bonienl to fix
  8. Mex

    Satisfied user

    Awesome stuff! When making the case icons I looked at users signatures for examples of what to make, so it might just happen that you posted at the right time and the right place!
  9. Mex

    Dashboard Array Usage

    That setting shows the array usage in the top menu in the header. The way I understood it we were talking about the individual sections on the dashboard
  10. Mex

    Dashboard Main Icon

    Good point. And it is indeed the plan to add this functionality.
  11. Mex

    Dashboard Array Usage

    I get that, I was trying to go for consistency across all panels when they are closed. Not all pieces of information works in a graph. But as I said, I will take a look at it!
  12. Mex

    Dashboard Array Usage

    I will take a look at this, is it any specific info with a bar chart that you feel you are not getting with text only, or is it purly esthetic?
  13. Mex

    Dashboard Main Icon

    If you want you can pm me the icon and maybe we can include it in the limited selection. I'm a whovian myself
  14. This is by design to accomodate for cpus with hyperthreading were core/ht pair is grouped together
  15. This seems fine to me with regards to the switch itself, its the text I think is a bit to dark on black
  16. Traditionally the ON state is green on these kinds of elements. But the way I see it we should just test and see what color works best on different backgrounds. I think the text-color should stay untouched for readability. The blue gets awfully dark on the black theme.
  17. I think this is something we can try to take a closer look at. Maybe the switch itself should get a color change.
  18. May I suggest you add a feature request for this? With the details about what you would like. I try my best to design a system that works for most people, but I admit I don't know every use case/situation and this is a piece of software that is used in a huge number of ways, with loads of different configurations.
  19. Excellent suggestion, I'm sure this is something that can be added. As previously said though, feature requests should go in the feature requests thread so make sure to add it there so it wont get lost/forgotten!
  20. All the tiles can be minimised/collapsed so they dont have to take up a lot of space
  21. This is from my design file, so it differs a little bit from the implemented solution, but it should give you a general feel about how it looks. (Header/menu and bottom statusbar is unchanged aside from icons) Edit: So I should remember to refresh before posting. Anyway you might not have seen it yet, but the logo on the "server description" tile can be edited, and we have included a selection of popular cases to start you off!
  22. I get that, and I do believe that is the case in my instance. Unraid appear to be rock solid once I removed the plugins (which would do much the same job as safe mode I assume) Nerdpack may well be to blame, but I only installed it because system temp or fan control (don't remember which) spesified that it needed Perl. I do believe the issue might lie somewhere between nerdpack/Perl/system temp. When I had the plugins installed I got a lot more stuff when I ran the "sensors" command than I do now. Maybe the issue was a driver fault for reading the sensors? Edit: or my motherboard has some bad sensors which only manifests itself when the plugins were installed
  23. All my plugins were up to date before I uninstalled them (on 6.6.5). I have not tried reinstalling any of them in 6.6.6 yet.