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  1. Went all fill on this one, hope it fits the bill! Sure thing!
  2. Sorry for the long wait, here's the Stacker; I hope I'll have time for the other requests later in the week.
  3. Hey, sorry for the long wait. I work with a couple of guidelines: 1. I work on a 128x128 canvas and I try to always align the shapes to the pixel grid (for the sharpest possible results) 2. Making all the icons match I usually make the outer border 4px (there are of course exceptions where appropriate) 3. Usually makes the minimum line width 1px (with some exceptions here as well, but never smaller than 0.5px) 4. Then I'm done with the shapes I always outline them so even if scaled, it keeps its proportions. I've added the modified SVG along with the usual colored PNGs (exported as usual at 2x) n400.svg
  4. That shouldnt be a problem. I would need to modify it a little bit to make sure it scales well. Is that acceptable for you? Also, just in case you missed it; you can upload your own image by selecting the "Custom" option, so you dont have to wait for it to be added.
  5. Here you go! Yes! I've already made a Poweredge one, it is available in the selection: Tricky! This is a work in progress based on a image i found off google. Is this approximately what you're after?
  6. Hey, The icons are embedded SVG icons, so you wont find them as PNG images in the install. This allows them to change color dynamically with the theme, and also makes them sharp on any resolution/scaling. I can however upload them as PNGs here for you to tinker with if you like, or I can make a version if you have a image of the case you bought.
  7. I just updated the first post with this, but I thought it might be useful to add it here as well: Updated overview of all the icons added so far:
  8. Here you go! And happy easter everybody!
  9. Hey! Sorry for the long wait, but here are all the cases you've requested!
  10. I've already made that one, it's even included in the install!
  11. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. The coronavirus as thrown a wrench in my schedule. I will try to get to your requests by the weekend! Stay safe and wash your server buttons!
  12. Just sharing, or do you want me to make another version of it?
  13. I mainly use Sketch (for macOS) when making these, but yeah, Illustrator will certainly do the trick aswell
  14. Sorry for the long wait, but here you are!
  15. Thank you Here is the Nimbustor 4:
  16. Thanks! Here you go!
  17. Congrats on your build! I hope this will do. This was a challenging case to get right, capturing the 3d depth around the bottom proved tricky! -Mex