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  1. Update 2023.09.20 Commit #237 - IMPROVEMENT: Add slightly more info on the "Force Scan All" button. Delayed auto-refresh and added a "Done" button. @arthfink If you still have problems, update the plugin to this version and run "Force Scan All" and give me the output. I need to check how things works as I don't own a raid controller myself.
  2. Update 2923.09.14 Commit #227 - FEATURE: Added "percentage used" and other NVME SMART data to the plugin. Should cover TBW.. ish. Commit #232 - FEATURE: Include global SMART controller and autorenew cron script. Visible Frontpage Information is slightly rearranged, LUN info broken and removed. "Force Scan All" under System tab is advised to run after the update.
  3. I have no idea, however, new update rolling out soon which accepts the global unraid setting. And some other thing..
  4. Update 2023.09.13 Commit #230 FEATURE: SMART controllers should now be supported. Currently only supporting controllers defined by "per device", and not global in Unraid (probably). "Force Scan all" button is moved under "System" tab with more information. Automatic SMART scanning during installation and updates is now disabled entirely, use Force Scan All. No, this was not a small fix. @arthfink you might be interested.
  5. Have you tried to go to "Tray Allocations" and check if the colors has been added as "Custom color"? They override the common config. Also, you can try to "Reset All Colors" with the button at the bottom. If I remember correctly, this should only reset custom colors.
  6. I have not looked into that and how they do it, don't count on it any time soon as I am quite busy with my real life at the moment
  7. "Package server down" Just try again later/tomorrow or something, looks like a GitHub issue. These packages are auto-generated and nothing I make myself.
  8. Update 2023.08.21 Commit #228 - MINOR ISSUE: Fixed temperatures not showing on the LED hover and info page.
  9. Did you try a web browser instead? 😛 Mainly joking as it is Chromium based, but you never know...
  10. Did you "force scan all"? if you have a lot of drives, all of them will likely spin up and take some time per device to complete the scan.
  11. Sadly no. Might be something to add in the future, but no ETA or really any time atm.
  12. Did you update the plugin(s) to the newest version? Otherwise it's a false negative and should work. I think this plugin works from 6.9.0 and above, but haven't tested. I don't know why you're getting this message.
  13. Update 2023.07.17 Commit #224 - MAJOR ISSUE: Fixed a Dashboard crash when all drives were spun down. Try now guys, hopefully this'll fix it. Sorry for the delay, haven't been home for a while. @Mat W @krh1009 @Revan335 (USB drives are mainly not supported) @SShadow
  14. Can you share a screenshot of your Disk Location configuration tab? Also, just for debugging, have you tried to be on the Dashboard for like 5 minutes or more? Just speculating in performance issues rather than crashing the dashboard. I might need a diagnostic file here, but I don't really like to ask about them. But more PHP logs might be useful too.