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  1. Enjoy your vacation! I'm not sure where to look in the code so I'll wait for your response next week on the details. Thank you!
  2. Would it be possible to choose which cache pool to look at for the Only move at this threshold of used cache space I currently have a cache pool called "cache" which I use to store my appdata and for my downloads I use a cache pool called "scratch" and want the mover to be invoked when the downloads cache gets close to 75% full.
  3. I don't have array autostart enabled. I waited maybe 1minute after being able to successfully SSH. This only started recently happening after upgrading my motherboard to one that supports iGPU. My motherboard has IPMI and I noticed that when trying to monitor the IPMI screen it shows no signal after booting. I have tried adding an empty file /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf This is where I think it's causing the issue where the UI is not loading properly until I restart it.
  4. I am having an issue where I have to restart and reload php-fpm using the commands /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm reload in order to view the webgui after rebooting the server.
  5. I'm having this issue too. How did you end up stopping/killing nextcloud when it locks up? Is the only way to reboot the server? Did you have any additional issues since you made the change to redis?
  6. Thanks. I have a feeling the vm probably didn't shut down properly during that time and was using cache. Either way thanks for the input. Hopefully this solves the issue
  7. Please see attached diagnostics
  8. Rebooting did fix it however it caused an unclean shutdown, so now it's performing a parity check. Could you find any reason in the logs as to why this happened? Do you know if this will be recurring?
  9. I noticed that in VMs tab I see a Libvirt Service failed to start. message, however my VM is still running and I can access it. Even when going to systems VM Manager and disable VMs, it doesn't shut down my VM and I still see it running. It has been working fine for many years, the only change I've done recently was upgrade to 6.9.1 and also replaced the data with a new cache pool (moved all files from previous cache onto the new cache pool). Please see diagnostics attached.
  10. Going to ditto the exact same points as you except I did not have to change CPU Temp. The issues I have the same as you as well
  11. Thanks for creating such an amazing plugin. I currently have a threshold set. I currently have a user script that turns off my torrent/nextcloud dockers and runs mover using /usr/local/sbin/mover The problem is it's using the settings I set in mover tuner. How do I run mover via script without applying the tuner plug-in settings? I know the plugin allows you to force move at a certain time but I would ideally like to do this via script so I can stop and start the docker containers before/after moving. Thanks!
  12. I'm having this issue as well. Where is the location of file? Thanks
  13. I spent some time trying to get it to work with nginx however haven't had any luck. I posted a discussion on github hopefully someone that's more knowledgeable in docker can help me figure out what I did wrong.
  14. Thanks, I'll try to give it a shot! I am however having some issues with my reverse proxy setup following your first post, when I try to access my reverse proxy it shows up as Bad Request (400). Everything seems to be working when trying to access locally.