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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to this bios, int2e! I take it you received this directly from William? Any idea what has been fixed/changed?
  2. @realdiel Yep, that links looks good still for QSV setup. I also have the chmod in my "go" file but I also recall reading its redundant. In any case, I kept it in mine.
  3. Weird, right? I can't seem to figure out why that started happening. Everything log-wise is fine on my end and nothing seems to be out of the norm. Oh well--guess it doesn't matter. Knock on wood, I haven't ran into the CPU_CATERR issue yet, though my server is pretty darn idle overall with QSV enabled. But seeing how everyone is running into this, I'm sure I'll get it on my next parity check.
  4. I'd be super interested in getting more information about failover. Aside from a brief explanation in the first video I haven't found any other references to it. I'm specifically curious about: Are the configurations identical (e.g., did you take a backup from the primary pfsense instance and restore it on the failover device (obviously updating the interface assignments to WAN and LAN)? Have all the extra packages installed? Does it require any different configurations of the network setup? For example, do devices on the network complain when the switchover occurs since DHCP assignments may get wonky? Does it require a different gateway? Does the changeover require physically changing the modem network cable to the physical box, or do you have something going on with the switch to assign it its own VLAN? If anyone can shed some light, that would be outstanding! Thanks!
  5. Their wording of the free trial is odd since they have DUO Free (see their pricing comparison). I have been on DUO Free for Bitwarden for over a year now. Works great.
  6. Thanks for your reply, @Hoopster. Yeah, it does seem strange. BMC/IPMI seems fine--just accessed the HTML5 client--no problems. Server is up and running and working as expected. This is actually the 2nd time I've heard the 5 beeps at boot, so I don't think it was a fluke. Considering everything else seems fine, I'm tempted to just let this one go for now. I don't reboot often, and I can't seem to find any negative side effects. Curious if others have had this 5-beep deal. Edit: Ok, I rebooted to pop into the BIOS. No 5 beeps. Super odd. I looked at the BIOS error log as well, and the only thing it complained about was no keyboard over the past 6 or so boots (maybe it didn't beep this time since I was actively in an IPMI remote KVM and thus there was a virtual keyboard?). When I exited saving changes, again, no beeps. Shrug! Edit2: Happened again on a reboot. I wonder if its only during reboot and not a full power down.
  7. Hi all. I noticed today upon reboot that I got a 5-beep warning during POST. I believe that is just letting me know that it's running headless, but I don't recall ever hearing that before. Am I going crazy and it's always been there, or is this something I need to start investigating?
  8. Thanks, Sycotix, for setting up this template and providing your writeup. This was super helpful to get me up and running behind the LSIO Letsencrypt container. Just FYI, the section where you provide the maridadb command to add a user requires a semi colon at the end. It should be: CREATE USER 'authelia' IDENTIFIED by 'YOURPASSWORD'; After a bunch of issues likely related to my own misconfig, I took the configuration.yml down to its basics then added in the items I knew I'd need from the Authelia docs. That seemed to help get me going. DUO integration is working great, with totp as a backup. Since LSIO doesn't have much instruction on how to configure, it did take a while to figure out I needed to add this under the server block for its out-of-the-box Authelia support to work: server: path: authelia If others are going with the LSIO LE container, there's no need to utilize Authelia as its own subdomain reverse proxy.
  9. I'm not seeing Authelia in CA... either by name or browsing under Security... was it pulled? Edit: I think it may be blacklisted in CA as seen here.
  10. I have this motherboard and cpu combo, but was severely limited by case clearance. So I purchased a lower-profile Noctua that does an adequate job but still gets pretty darn hot at full load. If I could have chosen any cooler, I would have gone with the Noctua NH-D15.
  11. 2 weeks in for me on the L2.21A BIOS. No high temp warning yet (though I would bet money given everyone else getting the warning within the last few days I'm due for one). I'll be sure to comment here and let William know if/when it happens. Server has been fairly idle and its been pretty cool here in gneral lately, but that's the norm anyway so I doubt that's a factor.
  12. I tried to make a switch from the non-GUI version to the GUI (pointed the config to the old appdata directory but started with a fresh container). It's running and working, but I can't access the GUI at all. Any suggestions? I manually added the port but nada.
  13. Bummer, @Hoopster. I haven't ran into that yet, though I am a few days behind you since the BIOS update. I'm on the 1.80 BMC... Is there a 2.30 BMC, or are you thinking of the newer BIOS on their website that doesn't incorporate the QSV item?
  14. No clue about the iOS app, but to install the preview, just change the repository in your container setting to "linuxserver/ombi:v4-preview" It's been working great for a while now.
  15. Too soon to tell, but so far so good. I didn't get my first mobo temp warning for about 2 or 3 weeks after deployment.