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  1. Your suspicion was absolutely correct. Reloading nginx properly showed a renewed cert. Thanks so much! Do you think this is something I should file a bug report for? Or could this have been an isolated incident? In any case, if I run into this again in the future, I'll know exactly what to do. Appreciate your help!
  2. Hi there. Running 6.10.3. Searched for this error but I didn't seem to find anything in the forums. Today Firefox gave me a warning when accessing the unraid GUI that the ssl cert was invalid. I took a look and it expired 3 days ago. The Management Access settings also shows that the cert is expired, and the buttons for renew and delete are greyed out. This appears to be the relevant log items: Aug 12 08:09:38 titan nginx: 2022/08/12 08:09:38 [error] 12133#12133: OCSP response not successful (6: unauthorized) while requesting certificate status, responder: r3.o.lencr.org, peer:, certificate: "/boot/config/ssl/certs/certificate_bundle.pem" Aug 12 10:53:03 titan nginx: 2022/08/12 10:53:03 [error] 12133#12133: OCSP response not successful (6: unauthorized) while requesting certificate status, responder: r3.o.lencr.org, peer:, certificate: "/boot/config/ssl/certs/certificate_bundle.pem" Any suggestions for how to address?
  3. Thanks for the update, @Hoopster. I've been on all the 6.10 rc's and have been experiencing the high mobo temp on just about every release (not the last few, but load has been low and the releases were coming pretty quickly), but no CPU_CATERR with turbo boost enabled for months now. I installed 6.10.0 stable last night and so far so good with no BIOS changes. I'm sure that will change, but I've sort of accepted that the high mobo temp issue is going to be an ongoing issue with this board.
  4. My flash drive has gotten corrupted a few times (not sure why; happened when upgrading to rc3 too), but its still the same drive itself. A chkdsk on a Windows machine gets me back up and running pretty quick.
  5. I, too, am seeing the perpetual DNS Propagation is PENDING notice under Management Access. This is the output from those commands: root@titan:~# nslookup rebindtest.unraid.net Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: rebindtest.unraid.net Address: root@titan:~# nslookup rebindtest.myunraid.net Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: rebindtest.myunraid.net Address: Name: rebindtest.myunraid.net Address: fd42:: I am also seeing these entries every day in the syslog. Not sure if related. Mar 11 16:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry Mar 12 16:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry Mar 13 17:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry Mar 14 17:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry Mar 15 17:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry Mar 16 17:44:37 titan root: Error: Cannot renew cert until within 30 days of expiry
  6. A few odd issues after upgrading from rc2 but nothing show stopping. Memorializing them here in case others experience it. Prior to the upgrade, performed a flash backup then tried to kick off the upgrade through the GUI. After downloading and trying to extract, the process bombed out then unraid complained about a corrupted flash drive. Had to do a hard powerdown, pull the flash drive, repair on a Windows computer, then it booted back up. Upgrade from the GUI succeeded. Could be a complete coincidence, but I've never encountered a flash drive issue like that before. Upon upgrading the cert, I could no longer connect to the GUI. Adding private-domain: "myunraid.net" to pfsense DNS resolver quickly resolved that. First time trying to power on my Windows 11 VM bombed out for no apparent reason. Never got past the BIOS post. Second attempt succeeded. I did grab the last few lines from the VM logs, if helpful: char device redirected to /dev/pts/2 (label charserial0) qxl_send_events: spice-server bug: guest stopped, ignoring 2022-03-12T03:37:46.972007Z qemu-system-x86_64: terminating on signal 15 from pid 17851 (/usr/sbin/libvirtd) 2022-03-12 03:37:47.203+0000: shutting down, reason=shutdown My manually installed ssh key automatically appeared under the root user settings. Nice! I was curious how unRAID was going to handle that. Things now running smoothly.
  7. Not storage related, but this community is great and full of resourceful and like-minded folks, so figured I'd check in here. I have been using the legacy free G Suite (Google Apps) for my personal email for over a decade. I don't use much else with it (Drive, Calendars, and Contacts, but those are easy enough to migrate), but losing free email with my personal domains is going to bite. I don't mind paying per se, but just wanting something commensurate with my usage (pretty much just email, but I would like more than 15G of storage). I see a few possible solutions, but all with some drawbacks: I am heavily invested in the Apple Ecosystem, so I can use my personal domain with iCloud email. I've been reading there are some quirks, so I'm probably going to use this as a last resort. Pay for Google. Probably not an option for me since they're burning so many people who have purchases associated with their free accounts, which forces them to pay or lose it (e.g., Google Play). Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online. Can't use the family plan since it would force me to move my domains to GoDaddy (no way) and no aliases, so I'm looking at something in the $8-12.50/mo range for business plans. I helped a friend's small business setup a free account when I did, and so they now have to figure out a small business solution as well. Thinking for them they should just do the hosted Exchange option... Is anyone else facing this? What are your plans for email moving forward? Thanks!
  8. You motivated me @Hoopster to turn on Turbo Boost after my last restart. Uptime is approaching just 6 days, but no high mobo temps, no weird call traces. I haven't pushed my server much, but with typical daily use, everything is looking good here as well!
  9. I removed the Intel-GPU-Top and GPU Statistics plugins as a test to see if that would solve my mobo temp issue like @Hoopster. 2.5 hours after reboot, with no activity on the server, the mobo temp jumped to its typical 88C reading. Running RC2. Not sure if I'm going to enable turbo boost as I wonder if there's a correlation between the high mobo temp, turbo boost, and lockups. But maybe I will...
  10. That’s outstanding. What version of unraid are you running now, Hoop? The last stable or the current rc?
  11. Same experience as you, though mine seems to end up in the higher-80s than lower... But everything seems to be working normally. Just a little annoying since I've had to tweak my unraid IPMI plugins to effectively ignore the mobo temps else I'll get spammed with high temp warnings. I think I might try re-enabling turbo boost this week, though I really don't want a crash and subsequent parity check.
  12. @Hoopster is downgrading unraid a fix though? Haha. I am still running rc2 and mobo temps are low 80s like you experienced. Still haven’t re-enabled turbo boost yet… Have you?
  13. It's not the root folder of the server, but the console of a container. Truth be told I don't even use those mappings, so I need to remove them. I believe they're from the original config years ago for that particular container.
  14. I took a break from Firefox for a bit but decided to come back this week. Recently (since rc2, perhaps? Or maybe since the most recent MacOS Firefox 95.x release) I have the strangest font in the web terminal and docker console. It only seems to be happening with Firefox on mac (fine in Windows Firefox; fine in Edge; Safari I can't test since console doesn't seem to work at all in that browser), hence why I am not posting in the pre-release subforum. I know this probably isn't an unraid issue, but maybe someone else has run into this? Thanks!
  15. So I've been on this new L2.35 BIOS for 5 days. I am still getting the erroneous high mobo temp report after a day or two of uptime. Haven't tried enabling turbo boost yet, but everything else seems to be in line with my experiences from the previous BIOS.