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  1. Hoopster

    translate UnRAID and purchase

    OK, I stand corrected. Happens quite often 😀 Thanks for correcting my erroneous reply.
  2. Hoopster

    translate UnRAID and purchase

    Good to know. Is that a change? I don't recall it being that way in the past when I purchased my keys.
  3. Hoopster

    translate UnRAID and purchase

    A license is registered to the email address from which it was purchased and is non-transferable. If you purchase 5-10 licenses, they are all yours and cannot be registered to another email address/person. License keys are transferable to a different USB stick should the original fail, but, the license registration cannot be transferred.
  4. The only place you may see a difference is on Parity checks. I have a 7200 rpm parity and 5400 rpm data drives. With an 8TB parity, my parity check completed a couple of hours faster than with 5400 rpm. Of course, having higher capacity/higher density drives helps in that regard as well since Parity checks are constrained by lowest drive speed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hoopster

    Just to confirm

    Usually SSDs should be connected to MB SATA ports as many HBAs do not support trim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hoopster

    cannot get ip add fresh install

    You have not provided much useful information for helping you resolve the issue. I doubt your onboard NICs are the problem. Does unRAID boot up fine and you just cannot connect to the Internet? Can you get to the GUI? Are there any errors in your syslog (other than 'cannot find bond0')? If the system boots fine, please post your diagnostics .zip file (Tools --> Diagnostics in the GUI or type 'diagnostics' at the console) and provide a bit more detail on what happens when you boot unRAID. Without diagnostics, everyone will just be guessing.
  7. Hoopster

    Tv Tuner Setup With plex

    You need a Plex supported tuner; see here. If you really want to make it easy get an HDHomeRun tuner and forget the hassle of internal tuner card drivers, compatibility and configuration. Just connect the HDHR to your network with an Ethernet cable (and an antenna for OTA reception) and let Plex Live TV and DVR detect it. Done! I have two HDHR tuners on my network integrated with Plex. No muss, no fuss.
  8. Hoopster

    need help upgrading my server

    Only if you use a SATA M.2 SSD. If you use a PCIe M.2 SSD it does not disable a SATA port.
  9. If you want server name and not just IP address access to unRAID, SMB 1.0 is pretty much required. Microsoft has messed with SMB/network discovery an awful lot lately and, yes, they are trying to kill SMB (in particular SMB 1.0). Limetech is monitoring the situation, but, the replacement for SMB on Linux has yet to materialize.
  10. Hoopster

    [unRAID 6.6.6] Cloud Storage Configuration & Media

    If you are still looking for a way to do this, the discussion below may be of interest. It does involve lots of manual setup, but, it appears to work well.
  11. Hoopster

    edit files in Appdata share

    If there were previous Windows users associated with share access, perhaps you need to delete the Windows credentials associated with your unRAID server name or IP address in the Windows Credentials Manager. It will hold on to old credentials associated with old user accounts. Deleting them forces Windows to authenticate again and you can provide new credentials, if necessary. This is not a guaranteed fix, but, it has solved some strange share access issues for some.
  12. Hoopster

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    What is the Plex folder associated with your TV Shows library? You will have to delete your Plex DVR and recreate if you want to change EPG settings. I use the HDHomeRun EPG. It appears the DVR still thinks its using Schedules Direct? I have my Plex transcode set to use /tmp as the host path with /transcode as container path. /tmp if properly configured is RAM.
  13. Hoopster

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    /transcode to match the specified container path. According to Plex (and they should know 😀), when no transcode directory is defined, Plex defaults to {path to Plex appdata}/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Cache/Transcode
  14. Yeah, I see where you are going. The default IP address on my ASUS router was and it looks like that is what it is on the model the OP has as well, at least according to this site. I made the erroneous assumption that unRAID was properly configured. @tboggie Your network.cfg file indicates a gateway and DNS address of As Squid inquired previously, have you changed your router IP address to this or is it still the default of Double check your router IP address and make sure unRAID is configured with this gateway address and try the OpenDNS IPs as your DNS servers. Squid has indicated your best first troubleshooting step. As he said, the rest of us may have jumped the gun 😀
  15. @tboggie I echo Frank1940's sentiments. The ASUS user forums have always been more help to me than actual ASUS support. I am currently using a Ubiquiti USG router (similar to the EdgeRouter X) and UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-IW access points. It is excellent gear. Before moving to Ubiquiti, I had an ASUS router for several years, very similar to the one giving you problems, and it never had the issues you describe. Plex remote access through forwarded port 32400 worked as it should. All unRAID dockers that needed Internet access also functioned without issue. I agree that it is most likely a configuration issue. If you have changed nothing in the unRAID/docker config, it is not likely there are any issues there, especially since all works with the old router. If I still had the ASUS router, I would fire it up and walk through likely configuration issues with you. Perhaps something is disabled in the router that needs to be enabled. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help there. Try the ASUS user forums.