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  1. I just made the jump from controller version 5.14.23 all the way to 7.1.66 in one step. The upgrade went smoothly and everything came back online. It will take me a while to figure out where everything is now as things are organized differently. There was no compelling reason to do the upgrade other than fear of being left too far behind and making a future upgrade more difficult.
  2. You never met my wife. 😀 Other than that small point, the rest of your post is spot on. I am a firm believer that fewer larger drives is better than many smaller drives. I have consolidated twice. First it was 3TB to 8TB drives and now I am starting to move from 8TB to 14TB and 16TB drives.
  3. Not that I know of. The latest firmware that does support the iGPU is L2.35. Look toward the end of the linked thread for one of my posts in which I included the L2.35 BIOS.
  4. Yes, I should have caught that. The configuration of the disk was incorrect in UD after the upgrade. After mounting it manually, I did in fact unplug it without unmounting and removing from historical devices. A reboot of the server cleared everything up and it is working properly now. I was so used to just unplugging it after the backup and automatic unmount that I forgot to manually unmount. Thanks for pointing out the obvious as I missed that. 😀
  5. Since upgrading to unRAID 6.10.0 and the latest version of the UD plugin, my external backup drive (14TB Easystore NTFS) will not mount and run the backup script. I deleted it from historical devices, plugged it in and configured it again. No change. Worked great in unRAID 6.9.2 and prior to updating UD. If I plug it in to a WIndows PC, everything appears as it should. medianas-diagnostics-20220518-2003.zip
  6. The high MB temps and crashing with CPU_CATTERR is back with the 6.10.0 unRAID release. Shortly after upgrading to 6.10.0, the MB temp reading soared, the CPU temp hit sustained 70C+ temps and the system locked up with a CPU_CATTER. With 6.9.2 I have been stable for over four months with Turbo Boost enabled. After restarting the server, I disabled Turbo Boost and it has been running well for 14 hours. The MB temp is reporting 83C which I had not seen in many months with 6.9.2. There must be some Linux kernel issues related to all this. For now, I will stay on 6.10.0 with Turbo Boost disabled and see what happens long term. [UPDATE 5/24] Been running 6.10.0 with Turbo Boost disabled for 6 days now with no errors/lockups and normal MB temps in the 20/30s C.
  7. Yes, I am running an older version of the controller. I am glad you found the equivalent setting in the latest version and that it appears to have helped resolve your issue.
  8. As mentioned several times in this and other forums, the adoption loop issue can often be resolved by enabling the "Override inform host with controller hostname/IP" setting in Controller settings. Give that a try and see if it helps. Basically, this is a permanent "set-inform http://UNRAIDIP:8080/inform" command
  9. The combination of the unRAID UI/Docker/Plugin system, built-in WireGuard (or the MyServers plugin) and IPMI on my server motherboards makes remote management of the server and its contents ridiculously easy. One of my unRAID servers is powered on 24x7 and the other is off until needed; powered on via User Scripts for specific purposes or via IPMI manually when I need to do something with it. I have been away from home for 12 days now and have accessed media on the server and done a few maintenance tasks several times now remotely, including powering on the "off" server and updating it to 6.10.0 rc8 It is so easy that it would be easy to forget I am not home. Of course, there are ways other than IPMI to remotely power on a server, but IPMI sure makes it easy via an HTML 5 web interface. I was doing some remote management from my laptop when a friend asked what I was doing. When I explained it and showed him how I was accessing my home servers, he was dumbfounded. He considered himself technically literate but was astounded how easy this all is. Hopefully, I sold him on unRAID as well.
  10. I just changed the battery in my APC UPS last month. UnRAID APC daemon was warning me it was bad and I was able to change it with no issues and no APC software required. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Setup the syslog server so the logs are persistent. Otherwise they are lost on reboot as they are only in RAM.
  12. Yes, they were referring to the software. You don't need any APC software for unRAID. Just configure it as desired in Settings --> UPS Settings.
  13. That would certainly get it blacklisted.
  14. When you registered your USB flash drive, it was the first to be registered with that GUID. Your USB flash apparently does not have a unique GUID and now someone else has attempted to register a USB flash drive for unRAID with the same GIUID. That is what gets it blacklisted. Each new release of unRAID has a new list of blacklisted GUIDs updated since the last release. You should make sure you get a USB flash drive with a unique GUID and transfer your license to that.