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  1. Hoopster

    Cant access by server name anymore

    The solutions that have worked for others are in the discussion I linked in my first post. I no longer have any Windows 7 machines and most of these issue have been with Windows 10; however, many of the solutions listed are likely applicable to Windows 7 as well.
  2. This is one of the better Mini-ITX NAS cases and very hard to find now. This black case has very compact dimensions at 199mm/7.83 in. (W) 280mm/11 in. (H) and 366mm/14.4 in. (D) and will ship in its original box. I have used this one for a couple of years, but, it is time to upgrade to a larger case that can accommodate a micro ATX or full ATX MB. There are no scratches, dents or dings on the case. - Five HDD hot-swap bay + bottom tray for three more drives (2 HDD + 1 SSD Max.). If you have good cooling, drives can be stacked on bottom tray for even more capacity - Front 140mm fan for airflow through drive cage and 120mm top exhaust fan at rear - Pop-off sides for easy interior access A short standard PSU will fit (I originally had a Corsair CX430 in it), but an SFX PSU is highly recommended in this case. As a bonus, I will throw in an ATX to SFX PSU adapter plate. Shipping will be from zip code 84058 and shipping cost is based on destination. I will update this listing with box dimensions and weight when I have them. Full specs here And here is a great review of the case. Payment via Venmo or Square Cash app preferred. PayPal also accepted but 3% will be added to total (including shipping cost) to cover fees if PayPal is used.
  3. Hoopster

    Help with Plex hardware transcoding

    More information on the subject can be found in this link
  4. Hoopster

    Help with Plex hardware transcoding

    Nope. There is no Plex support for AMD GPUs on Linux. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hoopster

    Help with Plex hardware transcoding

    No, unfortunately. The link below spells out the hardware transcoding requirements for Plex on a Linux platform: https://support.plex.tv/articles/115002178853-using-hardware-accelerated-streaming/ An Intel CPU with quick sync video support is required. This note is included regarding dedicated graphics cards: "If your Linux computer also has a dedicated graphics card, the video encoding acceleration of Intel Quick Sync Video may become unavailable when the GPU is in use. If your computer has an NVIDIA GPU, please install the latest Latest NVIDIA drivers for Linux to make sure that Plex can use your NVIDIA graphics card for video encoding (only) when Intel Quick Sync Video becomes unavailable." Unfortuantely, unRAID does not include any NVIDIA GPU drivers. You would have to compile your own kernel to include them. Also, a discrete GPU can do video encoding only, no decode.
  6. Hoopster

    Cant access by server name anymore

    This is a common issue with Windows 10 as they are trying to get rid of SMBv1 support and often disable it in updates. There are many potential fixes depending on exactly what has been enabled or disabled on your system. See the thread linked below and pay particular attention to page 2. For me the fix was enabling SMB 1.0/CIFS in Turn Windows features on or off.
  7. Hoopster

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    I can confirm that, somehow, in some mysterious way, I was able to update both of my servers without drinking beer and have experienced no issues. I did drink some Ginger Ale just in case imbibing something was a requirement for this upgrade. 😀
  8. Especially in that case, fewer larger capacity hard drives is much better than filling it to capacity with more smaller hard drives. Beside your MB SATA port limitation and the problems you have found with adding a PCIe controller, think of the heat more drives generate and more possible points of failure. My last major change to my server was to replace 5 3TB drives with three 8TB drives. I have a smaller case as well and the overall system temperatures (drives, CPU, MB) dropped a few degrees since it was easier to cool fewer drives and increased case airflow.
  9. @dmacias I just bought the same case and have the Corsair SFX power supply as well. I see you had to get cable extenders as the PSU cables that come with these SFX PSUs are very short. Was the SATA cable long enough to reach the drives in the upper 5.25" bays? The manual for the CS380 recommends that two different PSU cables be used to connect power to the hot-swap drive cages. If I recall correctly, the PSU does not have enough PSU-side connectrors for a SATA cable and two 4-pin peripheral cables. Do you power the drives cages with two connectors on one cable or did you find a way to connect two separate cables to the drive cage? I can't even find a 4-pin peripheral cable for the PSU without buying a full set. I will be moving components from a much more compact Lian-Li PC-Q25 case in which cable lengths are not an issue to the CS380. Thanks for the detail you provided in this post. Even though I will still be using my current Mini-ITX MB, I need the flexibility to move to other MB form factors for future upgrades and the CS380 is still a relatively small case that provides a lot of flexibility and expandability options.
  10. Hoopster

    CPU Upgrade recommendation - Plex UHD Movies

    I am the devil, I provided some details and devil macias provided a few more 😀 The E5 Xeon the OP (and many other unRAIDers) has is definitely not on the "good at HW transcoding" list and it does not have the brute force to make up for it with 4K/UHD.
  11. Hoopster

    6.6.2 and setting GUI resolution for local login

    This has been reported as a bug since 6.6.0 rc releases. It only happens with certain hardware/configurations. Supposedly, it was fixed in 6.6.2. If you are running 6.6.2 and still have the issue, perhaps you should add a report with your diagnostics to the following thread:
  12. Hoopster

    CPU Upgrade recommendation - Plex UHD Movies

    @Matt M Speer The Xeons with iGPU and Quick Sync Video support are very good at transcoding. You need an E3 Xeon or the new E-21xx Xeons to do this. I have an E3-1245 V5 Xeon in my main server and it does Plex hardware and software transcoding very well, but, transcoding UHD/HEVC 10-bit utilizes all cores/threads at 85-95% The Kaby Lake (E3-12x5 V6) and the Coffee Lake (E-21xxG) Xeon processors are capable of H.265/HEVC 10-bit (UHD)/4K encode and decode in hardware without bringing the CPU to its knees. Basically, any Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake generation CPU with an iGPU/QSV support from Celeron to Xeon can do H.265/HEVC/4K HW transcoding. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Quick_Sync_Video
  13. Hoopster

    Network Connection Issues

    Below is the bug report thread on the issue: The release notes of 6.6.3 will indicate if any r8169 fixes have been included, but, Limetech states in the linked thread that that is the plan. Your options are just as you stated them, with options 2 and 3 being the only way to address the problem right now. No one running unRAID 6.5.x reported this issue. All reports began with upgrades to 6.6.x
  14. Hoopster

    Network Connection Issues

    Until kernel patches are implemented in 6.6.x, the only "permanent" solution for these NIC issues is to roll back to unRAID 6.5.3 in which the r8169 driver works.
  15. Hoopster

    Network Connection Issues

    The problem is the Realtek NIC on your motherboard. The r8169 Realtek NIC driver included in the Linux kernel in all 6.6.x versions of unRAID has a bug which is causing network dropouts. Your syslog has a couple of linkdown and timeout issues associated with the Realtek NIC Oct 15 15:43:18 box kernel: r8169 0000:03:00.0 eth0: link down Limetech has indicated that an r8169 driver with some patches is slated to be included in the Linux kernel in the yet-to-be-released unRAID 6.6.3 Realtek NICs have been problematic with unRAID in the past as Linux gets very little attention from Realtek due to their emphasis on Windows. Most on these forums will recommend that, if you have a choice, always go with a board with an Intel NIC or use an Intel NIC PCIe card to avoid the issues that crop up from time to time with Realtek and unRAID.