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  1. You cannot use a discrete Nvidia GPU simultaneously in multiple VMs, but you can use an iGPU simultaneously in multiple docker containers.
  2. In theory, yes. I have not tried transcoding in multiple Media management systems simultaneously; however, I have successfully used Plex and HandBrake (added /dev/dri to both docker containers) at the same time doing media transcoding.
  3. I had forgotten about that episode. Yes, I generally keep my shirt on so as not to scare any women, children or people with sensitive eyes who may be in the vicinity. You could have chosen a different thread for your example in order to preserve what little dignity I have left! 😁
  4. unRAID 6.9.0 RC2 (latest available) supports Nvidia GPUs for use in dockers for transcoding. See below for details.
  5. How many drives do you need it to hold? Some other options worth considering: U-NAS Has 2, 4 and 8-drive cases that are fairly compact and take Mini-ITX motherboards. My backup unRAID server is in the popular Fractal Node 304 case which can accommodate up to six drives and a Mini-ITX motherboard.
  6. I have updated firmware on my USG, two switches and three APs many times through the UniFi app with no problems; however, I don't usually do it immediately after a new firmware shows up. I usually wait a couple of weeks to see what feedback is in the Ubiquiti forums. I have three devices with pending updates right now that I have chosen not to update yet as current firmware is working well.
  7. The issue is most likely related to the Linux kernel version in unRAID 6.8.3 vs. unRAID 6.9.0 RC2. The older kernel (4.19.xxx) in the 6.8.3 version of unRAID does not fully support the iGPU in the Gemini Lake Refresh/Ice Lake Intel processors. The newer Linux kernel version in unRAID 6.9.0 RC2 does support it. I may also have something to do with the Plex version as they also had to update Plex for the newer iGPUs.
  8. Often issues such as these can be resolved by deleting the Codecs folder (or renaming it to something else if deleting it worries you) and letting Plex download the needed codecs again on demand. This folder is located in {path to appdata}/{name of Plex docker container folder}/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/
  9. Yes. Update through the Docker tab in unRAID and not in the UniFi application. You can update firmware through the UniFi app, but you should not update the app itself that way. If you update with the :latest tag you will end up with a version 6 release of UniFi with which most still have issue. You should use a version-specific tag such as :5.14.23-ls76 instead.
  10. Docker containers running in host or bridge mode are not known to cause macvlan call traces. As noted, it is usually those containers that have their own IP address that cause macvlan call traces. Have you assigned IP address to any containers on a custom network?
  11. For the dashboard itself, you just need the json. For the additional Plex stuf, yes, you need more docker containers and tweaks to telegraf.conf. I have not looked at how complicated the Varken, etc. setup is, but, it may not be too hard to install and configure it along side GUS (not integrated in GUS, of course) and import the .json.
  12. Why wait for testdasi to integrate UUD json? You can download the json and import it yourself as a dashboard into Grafana in GUS. That's how we all did it before testdasi integrated UUD in as a dashboard option.
  13. Interesting. I paid about $500 earlier this year for the E-2288G and the E-2278G was about $450 for basically the same thing and 300 MHz less on the CPU. Must be because they are in short supply having been replaced by the 1200 series Xeons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Xeon E-2288G is the Xeon equivalent of the i9 9900K if you need ECC support. I run it in my server. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It's usually a problem with the data cable. Try reseating or replacing the cable. It is only a problem if the CRC errors keep increasing. Occasionally, it can be a controller problem, but usually it is the cables.