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  1. Yes, you need a Plex Pass subscription and either an Intel iGPU (what I use) or a supported Nvidia GPU. Quadro P2000 seems to be very popular as it is single slot GPU, has "unrestricted" transcoding strean capabilities and is smaller and consumes fewer watts than many other options. Supported GTX GPUs are limited to 2 concurrent transcoding streams. Any of the Nvidia GPU options require the use of the unRAID Nvidia plugin and associated unRAID build with Nvidia drivers.
  2. I have reported this to ASRock and William thinks this is significant. He is passing these findings on the the BMC firmware team. I got the same "please bear with me for a few moments" response. I assume it will be more than a "few moments" before a response is received. 😀 I have to give ASRock and William, in particular, a lot of credit. They are far more responsive than most technology vendors (although Noctua is up there as well).
  3. I have noticed that whatever AUXTIN3 (in the System Temp plugin) is reporting as its temp, the same temp is also reported in IPMI when it has whacked out. When things are normal, the System Temp MB temp and IPMI MB temp are in sync. I have no idea what AUXTIN3 is. Do any of you see the same correlation? They have both "cooled off" to 84C from 86C yesterday and 85C this morning.
  4. Based on the workload you have described, you should be fine with the NH-U9S.
  5. Well, that blows that theory. Come to think of it, first time I saw it was with a light load as well. Perhaps it would be helpful to report this to william@asrockamerica.com
  6. Here is a response from ASRock I just received: "I have a same E3C246D4U on my bench running everyday, but not necessarily a heavy load all the time. I check its BMC event log on regular basis but I haven’t yet been able to see such event log. I can always report this incident to our BMC engineering team, but they will ask me if I am able to duplicate this issue first, which I haven’t yet been able to." I told him at least three of us in these forums have seen the issue. He asked if I wanted a board replacement to see if it was an isolated issue. I told him I did not think it was an isolated issue given the number on this forum who have seen it. Perhaps it is related to heavy sustained loads which I suggested to him might be the case.
  7. After a reboot, Linux 'sensors' command and the System Temp plugin are reporting an MB temp of 29.5C. In IPMI, it is still reporting 85C even after the reboot. Checking the logs, the high MB temp has occurred three times. After the fist two a reboot reset it to a normal temp reading. This time, it is still stuck on 85C. I have reported this to ASRock.
  8. Probably the NH-D15 (160mm) or the NH-U14S (165mm) as they both are rated at providing the best Turbo/Overclocking headroom for the i9-9900K which is the desktop equivalent of the E-2288G. Unfortunately, both are too tall for my case and 146mm cooler headroom.
  9. Do you have the RPi/Pihole IP address set as the DNS for your server? It is highly recommended that you not do that. Set the server DNS to Google DNS, Cloudflare, ISP DNS or something else. It is also recommended that you assign a static IP address to your server rather than a DHCP address. If you are using DHCP for the server, it is going to pick up the DHCP DNS server (Pihole) as well. There is no reason why your unRAID server should need to use PiHole as a DNS. It should be only the DNS set in your router that is used by the attached clients (give your server a static IP address). I personally use Cloudflare as the server DNS in Settings --> Network --> eth0 In my router, I have set the Pihole IP ( as the primary DNS with Cloudflare and Google as backups
  10. Today the reported MB temp is 86C! Doubt the 1.60 BIOS is going to help with those reports as that is what my board came with. In the six weeks I have had the board installed, that's the second time I have seen what has to be an erroneous reading. There is no way the actual MB temp is 86C. The CPU temp is currently 53C and I am supposed to believe the MB is 33C hotter?
  11. The USB Flash Creator is picky sometimes. I just skip it. Download the latest version from unraid.net, unzip the files manually onto the new flash drive and run make_bootable.bat (if on Windows). That worked for me last time when the USB Creator didn't like my flash drive.
  12. Another option is to use a different flash drive to get you going and get a trial license for it. You can then transfer the valid license from the old GUID to the GUID of the new flash drive.
  13. If you don't have a backup copy of the flash drive from before the upgrade and you don't have the email with your original license key, contact Limetech and they will sort it out for you and get you another copy of the .key file, as long as you remember your registration email address.
  14. Have you already upgraded to version 6 on the flash drive? I believe between version 4.x and version 6.x the location of the license key changed. In version 6.x it is looking for a license (XXXX.key) in the /config folder. On version 4.x it was just on the root of the flash drive, if I recall correctly. If you find a .key file there, move it to the config folder.