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  1. The same thing happens to me and I am using PIA. I have seen no errors in the logs, and I am able to access PIA via my phone with the same endpoint. It seems to resolve itself after a while, which I'm not really sure what side the error is on PIA or my network. Something says PIA if it is resolving itself without any changes on my side. I thought of opening a support case with PIA but I cannot replicate the error on any other device, which again seems to point to my setup. Since there are no errors in my logs I'm not sure what they would have to go on either.
  2. This time it might be a different sensor. @Hoopster which sensor are you seeing in System Temp plugin? It looks like it is still correlated to AUXTIN3 whatever that is. I believe we saw this last time, as I was going back through the thread to remember what we were seeing previously.
  3. Just had my MB Temp go up this morning. Will be letting William from ASRock Support know.
  4. Hmmm, well there goes that BIOS fix. I'm sure William will be thrilled to hear that. Mine still seems to be good (touch wood) with these versions:
  5. Not that I am aware of, but might be a good enhancement for unRAID as a whole, not just specific to our MB and CPU. My though is it might be problematic for people without GPUs, but if there was a way to turn it on and off on the dashboard.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion binhex. Yeah, still not able to access the webui from another device. To add further information, I don't think it is just the webui. My drives are set to spin down when not in use, and I am seeing no activity on any of the drives, cache or array, when the docker is up and 'running' and I am unable to access the webui. Typically I see at least the cache and one drive active in the Main tab. Also I have my Windows VM set to use the privoxy and it is not able to access any websites like when the docker is shut down, and states to 'check my proxy settings'. ... as I was in the middle of testing, and now it is back up and working. This is so weird.
  7. I checked and the files on the PIA website are the same I have been using. I updated them anyway, but still not fixed.
  8. Correct. Everything in the log shows it starts just fine, but the webui will not come up. If I turn off the vpn via the VPN_ENABLED container variable I can view the webui. This makes me believe it is something on the PIA side, specifically with my account, since I have not heard of anyone else having an issue here. I am assuming many others are using PIA, and some have to be using the Switzerland endpoint. I saw there are the DELUGE_DAEMON_LOG_LEVEL and DELUGE_WEB_LOG_LEVEL variables in the setup. Would setting these to 'debug' add anymore details I can look at? I mentioned before that I have seen this issue off and on over the past week, but it always 'magically' fixed itself without any intervention from me, which again points me to something changing on the PIA side.
  9. Update to BIOS went well. Temp reading dropped down to a normal reading (26C). I will be monitoring to make sure it stays that way.
  10. Is anyone having any issues with PIA today? I am using the Switzerland endpoint, and all day it seems I cannot access the webui in Deluge. I tried disabling the vpn via the VPN_ENABLED container variable, and I am able to access the webui fine. I can also connect to PIA Switzerland from my phone and other devices, so it doesn't seem like an 'outage' unless it is something specific to unRAID or dockers. I have had similar issues in the past weeks but it has always 'magically' come back on, which makes me think something on the PIA side. Attaching my log file but everything looks fine in there (I took out my credentials from the log). I'll be the first to admit I am fairly new to unRAID and dockers, so I do not claim to be an expert. My next step I think will be to try a different endpoint, then open a ticket with PIA. supervisord.log
  11. My plan is to update this weekend. I will report what I find out.
  12. Thanks Hoopster! So it sounds like it was a "no" to rolling in the changes into the fully supported released BIOS I am guessing. I am planning on updating in the next few days and will report back, unless you get to it sooner than me Hoopster. 😉
  13. ...and back to working, just after 09:00 EDT.
  14. Although, with binhex stating this, it makes me feel the same. I am guessing something on the PIA side. I saw they did have port forwarding issues earlier this month. I am not certain what logs to send them to open a support ticket with them. I may just open the ticket then send logs as requested.
  15. Yeah mine worked all day (At least I think it did. I was not monitoring it all day), but this morning I see the same issue, logs look fine but unable to open the deluge webui. I did add the PIA app to my phone just to try an external connection outside my unraid server, and it connects just fine and works. This makes me think something is up with the docker vpn version. I did try setting the VPN_ENABLED to 'no' and I was able to access the webui. Something must be up with the vpn connection inside the docker I am thinking, since the connection works fine from my phone, to the same endpoint (Switzerland).