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  1. I am also seeing these in my log. I have like 6 dockers and 1 windows 10 VM running. Most of these are a set with static ip’s on br0 network setting.
  2. So far so good. Installed just fine.
  3. Ok I’ve updated it and kicked off a test file. Does this just remove the commercials and leave it in the same file format? Didn’t know if you provided a way to use x265 HEVC to compress the files after converting? Thank again,
  4. Thanks i just removed it completely and reinstalled. I am getting the following error when attempting to remove commercials. /run/s6/services/autocomskip/autocomskip: line 216: /config/log/conversion.log: No such file or directory /run/s6/services/autocomskip/autocomskip: line 218: /config/log/conversion.log: No such file or directory Is this a headless setup with no GUI to adjust any settings? Thanks,
  5. I just noticed it has affected my Home Assistant Docker as well. So its just not LSIO dockers only.
  6. I am too having issues updating my LSIO dockers. Same thing showing update and its pulls nothing.
  7. Well i have a chance to sell my current setup that has been working very well since i built it back in 2012. This gives me a chance to upgrade my equipment to newer equipment. This is my current setup and i would like any suggestions on what i could replace it with? Intel Xeon E3-1240 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz, Kingston 16 GB SUPERMICRO X9SCM-F-O Micro ATX Intel Xeon E3 Server Motherboard (2)- LSI SAS9201-8i, Norco 4220 Case I would like a smaller footprint and replacing my Norco 4220 with a smaller 19 inch hot swap server case would be a requirement And would also like to increase memory to 32 gigs. I am seeking advice on what you would suggest? This will be my 3rd UnRaid home server i have since i started. I know there is not such thing as future proof but my current setup lasted for many years and I would appreciate everyone who replies with suggestions. Thank You!
  8. Thank you Yoshiofthewire !! Much appreciate you keeping this docker updated.
  9. Looking good here as well. I just updated.