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  1. A strange issue started recently... the docker imagers will not restart.. like I can not clikc on them and select restart, or stop them and then try to start them... they just error with a 404 error.. Any ideas?
  2. How would I install a archiver that can work on most common formats, especially rar file... so I can just ssh into the server and run the commands via command line? Thanks!
  3. How do I install this? I can not find it in the APP search in unraid?
  4. If you install and use this plugin.. do I need to somehow remove the old schedule method unraid uses by default? Or do I just install this and I'm good?
  5. when I search apps in unraid for "Lidarr" I can only find a BETA binhex version... is that this version? Or is there another one I should be using?
  6. If I change the setting now.. will it work.. for the existing files?
  7. I ran into the same kind of slowdown where the file access basically stops... this happened while watching Plex... so now the download and archive is all happening on the SSD, it is actually Radnarr or Sonarr coping the unarchived file to the array that is the problem. Is it possible to have a share that sits on the SSD but then copies via the mover eventually to the main array? So I have "/mnt/user/archive/video/movies"... this has 100s of films in it on my main array..... what I am asking is if there is a way to have a directory that matches this... but on the actual
  8. My Cache is encrypted BTRFS. I was planning to not "Add" to the pool., but just strait up replace the SSD drive. I only have a 250GB drive... and thought I would add a 1TB drive as a replacement? I am close to the hardware limit of my motherboard for adding new drives.. and want to save the space for large data drives. I'm not sure I understand this.... The "Domain" share is set to "prefer cache" already, but what is CA APPDATA BACKUP? I can not see that in plugins or settings... is it something I need to install? When I find this app...
  9. I want to change my SSD to a larger drive as well as add a 2nd ssd so it has protection.... I also want while I am doing this to add another drive to the main array. My understanding is I just need to activate the MOVE function to make sure the SSD is all moved to the array, and then take note of the drive ids in the stopped array and make sure when I restart the array with the new drive they are added into the array at the same spot. So Disk Y63HB gose back in slot 1 of the array. As I am replacing the SSD, I just addd them. What about the Docker stuff? That is all hos
  10. Ok... I moved the downloads dir to the SSD and the unpack dir to the SSD... as well as made a "current project" thing on the SSD.... seems to be working a lot better... thanks. I think now I need to add a 2nd SSD as my project dir is is longer protected as I am only using 1 ssd cache drive.
  11. ok... that makes sense... if I change nzbget to be saving directly to the cache drive all the unraring and stuff will happen there before being moved? all my dockers map to /mnt/user/paths .... so I am reading files from a docker mapped to say /mnt/user/projects or /mnt/user/archive/video/movies but also nzbget will be downloading to /mnt/user/.downloads/nzbget and unraring to /mnt/user/.downloads/nzbget/complete.... (basically like this anyway) So I need to make a "share" and in the options set the setting to "always store on cache" and use that path for nzbget downloa
  12. I am mainly using unraid as a file host on my network for projects as well as a Plex media server with radnarr/sonarr download services... those are all in dockers... The probem is if I am watching a movie off the main drive array, and a downloaded movie starts to unrar it slows down so much the file will not play... same goes for reading files. My understanding of the cache disk was to help with this but It dose not seem to... What can I do to make unraid more responsive?