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  1. how do you mount a remote when you have an encrypted config file? I had it all working.. then went to encrypt the config.. now rclone mount is asking for the password every time it is run. So my mount script is broken.... Is there a way to get mounting to work somehow?
  2. if I make a script and set it to daily like this... is this going ot work? #!/bin/bash rclone sync /path1 remote1: rclone sync /path2 remote2: rclone sync /path3 remote3: rclone sync /path4 remote4: Do I need some kind og code to determine if the script is already running? Then not run if it is?
  3. is my script correct? Will that do what I want it to.. simply run my rclone sync thing but if the script is already running... not run it. Like the name of the file is "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/rclone_sync/script" right? so if pgrep -x "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/rclone_sync/script" > /dev/null then #echo "Running" rclone sync /sourceDir remote: else #echo "Stopped" fi
  4. How dose the "custom" tab work in schedule? Like how would I make a script run every hour for example... Also how would I add code to the script to make sure is is not running when it tries to execute? if pgrep -x "" > /dev/null then #echo "Running" rclone sync /sourceDir remote: else #echo "Stopped" fi
  5. Hey guys... I got rClone working and have been able to link my gDrives using custom APIs and all that stuff, drop box and Mega's and wot not.. but they are all sort of mounted as directories.. and this is great for some of them.. but I would also like to have a traditional type of cloud were the files are actually mirrored locally and changes to the files, or files added are mirrored back to the cloud.... How would I go about setting this up.. if it is possible?
  6. Excellent... it is all up and running now... thank you for your quick response, even though the info was already there : ( .... anyway. as usual your work is appreciated and exceptional.
  7. If you are using BinHex.. please read this.. it may help Read the faq. Q25.
  8. fantastic guys.... I'll work through those options now... cheers!
  9. Hey guys... I'm running this docker and running a few others through it to share the VPN connection.. so all the internet tragic is going through this one.. it has been working fine for ages... but suddenly I can no longer access thee webUIs of the dockers using it.. I made a detailed post about it here... I thought I would cross post it over here in case BinHex (as all the dockers apart form NZBget are BinHex) may have some bug in the last set up updates or something? If anyone has any idea of what is going on or a better way to go about this I could switch to.. I wou
  10. I'm having a similar issue but I can acess the web interface terminals for each docker.. it just started.. I think after the recent updates to the dockers... it seems everything in the setting is the same.. and I can ping the internet and eveything from inside the docker... but I can not access the web interfaces at all? I am using Bin-Hex QBitTorrentvpn BinHex Radarr BinHexSonarr NZBget I am connected with qtorrent to the VPN and the routing the other dockers through it... I can open the console on the 3 dockers and ping stuff and they all share the
  11. Hi... this thread is 32 pages long.. so not sure if this has been discussed, I am sure it has but I couldn't find it.... I watched SpaceInvaders rClone tutorial - In it he tells us to boot into GUI mode, but my server is completely headless and I am not able to put a monitor and keyboard on it with out a ton of effort... I was hoping there is a way to install rclone without GUI mode.... he dose mention briefly that there is but dose not actually show how to do it. TL;DR : How do I install and setup the plugin with out GUI Mode
  12. hey guys... I would really like some help with this... can anyone give me some tips? If you need more information, please let me know.
  13. I do not know what all that stuff means... "preset raid levels" and stuff... or what data stripes or parity stripes are. If I remove the 25GB and add 2x1TB... that will work right? As long as I have done "move" before hand?
  14. I'm trying to add two new dockers to my unRaid... and it has been a while from when I set it all up and I have kinda forgotten how I did it. Basically when IU tried to boot it up there was a conflix and it sorta ruined everything and I had to start again.. The problem is port 5900 is used by three app... but I can not seem to make these values change... Take a look at the FireFox Container for example... everything says 5800->5800 and 5900->5900.. but in the setting for the docker I added 50.. so both say 5850 and 5950. Also in the VPN I am going thro