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  1. Like everyone I just watched SpaceInvaders new video and thought I would give it a go... I was just wondering about how the cache works? Like won't all the new encoded files go into the cache drive? Meaning that only a few encodes and the drive will fill up and then... what? SpaceInvader says to use "prefer cache" for the transcoding tmp dir.. but how dose the other stuff work.. like the place the files are stored.. should be not use the "shares" to find the media folder.. or should be be browsing through the "disk" area and physically setting tdarr to the disks themselves? Is that making sense? I'm a plug and play kind of user.. so not super techy. Also, would anyone be willing to make a noob tutorial on how to connect to a unraid server a node on windows 10?
  2. ok... well I think I am going to mark this solved.. thank you so much for all you help itimpi, ChatNoir and trurl
  3. oh I see... I thought eveytime you change the content of the drive it needs to be updated. So if I copied a bunch of files to the server, it needs to update everything for that data to be insured.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was a shutdown error from not having the correctly set timeouts.. I have had the faq thing linked in this thread and stuff. I have the thing set to monthly now like suggested.. and it has not started again since I rebooted the server.. I was going to wait a week before making solved.. but it seems it was a error in my schedule setting the entire time... maybe. yeah, I mean.. what dose that mean though. Like I have it turned off.. but that means it will still act as data recovery if needed... I do not know what "correcting checks" means.
  5. ok.. I changed it to being off like you said... dose this mean I need to scan now and then with it turned on? Like what exactly does this option mean?
  6. I also installed a plugin I read about called "fix common problems".... the "full scan" is still in progress...
  7. Had to wait for current check to end before accessing the scheduler.. it seems I can only click it form the main page, but the link is not there while it is running. I have it set to MONTHLY at 3:00am... with 3 months between checks. It still says "daily" and "weekly"... if I click on daily nothing it ticked, if I click on weekly there are no tick boxes... and if I click on monthly you can see the ticks...
  8. Ok... thanks.. I'll defiantly do all that.... but the "clean reboot" was not the actual problem.. I just thought it was a symptom of it. Like I said in the OP, the parity-check just kept triggering all the time. It starts again and again without rebooting... Last reboot before this one was 30+ days ago, the time before 50+... but it seems that the parity-check is just constantly turning on all the time.
  9. I have been having a issue where I started to notice slow downs... it seems that my system is constantly doing parity-check... and I do not know why or how to fix it. I thought I would do a small bit of maintenance and see how it all went... I waited for the current parity-check to end I updated all my dockers (nothing errored) I turned off all the dockers and disabled the service I ran the mover i turned on the docker service I clicked the "reboot" button, which as I understand it dose a safe reboot. So the thing rebooted and then instantly started a parity-check. At time of this post it is at 0.6% It usually takes about 22 hours or so. I run 3 16TB drives, with 1 as a parity disk, with a 250GB SSD cache (I plan to upgrade this to a 1GB ssd when I add my next 16TB drive) Anyway... any ideas what is going on? I have the "scheduler" installed and as I understand it I have it set to do a full scan once every 3 months, so 4 times a year. Thanks! SOLUTION : Seams I had the schedule set up wrong. Adjusting the schedule settings fixed the issue. So there was no unraid error at all, it was just user error.
  10. Does anyone recognise this and know what they are talking about and if there is a way I can adpat these instructions to work in unraid? anyone able to help with this? If you need more info please let me know.
  11. How can I "registers" my unraid torrent to a private tracker.. basically when trying to download or upload I get "unrecognised host/passkey". The site I am looking at has some instructions for "seed boxes" and I was wondering if anyone knows how to adapt this for this docker. Does anyone recognise this and know what they are talking about and if there is a way I can adpat these instructions to work in unraid?
  12. I do not know what is happening... basically I waited until the next time the dockers all needed to be updated, as that was when the errors happened but this time the error didn't happen.. so... "yay.. it is fixed... I guess".... thanks for your help and the into about the diagnostics... next time i have an issue I will use that.