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  1. This seems to be more a ZFS Problem than plugin problem, please post in the ZFS Plugin thread the output of your zpool command.
  2. Which plugin version are you using?
  3. Indeed there is a requirement that the ZFS Plugin has to be installed; however, it is just declared on the ZFS Master manifest but not enforced in any way (at least in my code).
  4. Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate this situation; I have uninstalled and deleted the plugin folder and associated files here and there (plugins removed folder included) and reinstalled the plugin without any problems. My best guess at this point is that there are some other tasks from the action center that haven't been completed, and that's why the installation is stuck in a "pending" state; you can try to install another plugin and check if that succeds, restart unRaid and try again or look for help in the correspondig unRaid 6.11.0 thread.
  5. Hi, could you please share which version of unraid are you using; this is the first time that I have hear about that problem and I'm not completely sure if it related to the plugin or unraid itself.
  6. Wow, that's very clever! I'm not that Docker savvy, but yeah, I assume that volumes names are just 32 bytes hashes (64 bytes hex). I'm so sorry about all the mess with the patterns; but it really worth the trouble, thanks to that the load times were reduced to half.
  7. Please be aware that Lua Patterns are not equivalent to Regex. Your use case seems to be more than Lua Pattern could handle, my suggestion is to create another dataset/volume exclusively for Docker Files so you could filter that dataset from view.
  8. The commands you show are the same as the plugin currently uses, and I have found some of the issues you mention, particularly with the key unload. I'm unsure what type of notification plugins receive once the shutdown/array stop has started; I will look into this and get back if I find something.
  9. Datasets can be minimized, and the configuration is stored on a cookie that lasts a year; the same happens for pools; for your case, if you want to handle things a little bit better, you can create a child dataset (dockerfiles for example) and filter or collapse that dataset.
  10. Hi Guys, I just posted a new update for the Plugin; this introduces support for Datasets Encryption, including creation and lock and unlock datasets. Also there is a major change in the UI, now things are displayed like a folder structure. Also this version fix the error for you guys that are using the unraid 6.9.2 version (@dianasta @BasWeg). For the next update i'll focus on the snapshots management thing (Dialogs, multiple selection, etc.). 2022.08.21 Change - UI into "folder" structure Add - Support for ZFS Encryption Add - Unlock and Lock actions for encrypted datasets Fix - Error on unRaid 6.9.2 associated with session management
  11. Hi, I have reproduced and isolated the issue, but fixing it is a little bit harder; in the coming days, I'll post an update with this issue fixed and a couple of new UI improvements.
  12. To be Honest; I have not tested the plugin installation and functionality in the version that you referr, is going to take me a couple days to test the plugin and debug the error.
  13. It really depends on the unRaid version; in the new RC Series (6.11) it's possible to explore any path from the builtin browser, that's why I revive this functionality; as far as I know it's not possible in the stable 6.10.
  14. Great! the new method to obtain datasets, volumes, snapshots, and their respective properties; is as good as it can be to prevent parsing errors and, overall, much quicker than the previous one. Now that I have finished with that and it is working (As far as I know) very good, I will focus on new functionality and improvements over the UI; the two you describe are on their way.
  15. This Lua Patterns are very simple, this should do the trick: /system/.* Let met know if it helps.