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  1. Sounds good at the moment I'm using a manual fan controller with a dial I turn but with your designed software & hardware I could automate this with some scripts. Awesome project for me to get ready for the warmer summer months.
  2. Realtek network drivers has been fecked over the latest LINUX KERNAL because someone reported a bug. So it is upstream of any linux based OS. Once / IF resolved the fix should come back downstream to us all. Until then you have to manually enable ASPM.
  3. This looks perfect!! It wont let me install without giving it access to a controller (which I don't have yet) so just quick question - Is this able to access all server sensors? so all HD temps & CPU / motherboard temps too? Rather than solely external sensors on the openFan controller?
  4. I was playing with this plugin the other day before a new build. It seems to work but does the bug where it shows blank. Also it includes any unassigned drives and I couldn't quite workout the code to exclude them. It doesnt seem to activate itself after a reboot. So you seem to have to go in choose the PWM fan and click apply again. Then the fan should spin down from your bios default 100%. The plugin definitely needs some work. I've changed tract and am just using bios and a manual fan controller at 50%. If you do want to control from within unraid I'd suggest maybe using a usb controller and liquid CTL instead of this plugin
  5. Hi just trying to understand SR-IOV... If you use this does it still need to be GPU passthrough'ed? I.E gpu is then solely available for VM's & not available for docker containers?
  6. Hmm thanks yeah turbo seems to turn back on with this command as now boosting back up past 2.6Ghz which is the turbo off limit.
  7. CPU Intel 13500H The issue is if I turn turbo off then turn back on it stays off until a reboot. It's a minor issue but have seen it on 2x Intel cpus. First one is a 11900T & this one is a 13500H. Does anyone else experience this? The new CPU is very good at stepping down so not such an issue.
  8. Is this being tracked? The connect plugin just needs to occasionally clean up the .git folder on the usb stick.
  9. Not sure if aware but ZFS in the main array is kind of pointless as no bit rot protection. It will let you know there is a problem but cannot fix it (where as zfs pools can). You can do ZFS receive tho to receive snapshots from a ZFS pool. I keep trying to add this info to the documentation but no one is merging it so..
  10. There's an AI category in the unraid 'app store' so this can now be added to the template.
  11. New 13th Gen cpu on 6.12.8 - I can disable turbo but when toggle it back to ON doesn't yield a result without a reboot. Any ideas?
  12. Why would you loose everything on a ZFS pool? Maybe if you only use a stripe setup with no redundancy but a normal z1 or z2 (parity) should provide the ability to heal.
  13. Has anyone with a 12 or 13th gen cpu done anything like this to control process split on effeminacy / performance cores. I notice unraid by default doesn't seem to be distributing tasks appropriately in a manor geared for low power.
  14. Just got new 13500h system. Wondering how are tasks distributed between efficiency & performance cores on 12th & 13th gen CPU's in unraid? Do I have any control over this?