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  1. BTRFS macht nicht von sich aus die Sektoren kaputt. Entweder ist der RAM defekt oder die PCIe Verbindung der NVMe gestört. Letzteres ist ebenfalls in den Logs zu sehen. Bitte mal eine Diagnostics posten.
  2. This isn't really helpful I think. I tested the Seasonic Titanium power supply and it's far away of being the best:
  3. Has no impact regarding my tests:
  4. The go file should never be executed manually. It starts the unRAID WebGUI. You need to paste the commands line by line or use a separate script with the user scripts plugin. For example I'm not using the go file. I have a user script which gets executed on first array start. PS you should restart your server to avoid further problems with your execution of the go file.
  5. Yes. Sadly I can't find this newer version as download.
  6. Jo, ich habe noch keine Enterprise SSD gesehen, die DIPM beherrscht und daher laufen die immer und ziehen alleine meist 3 bis 4W im Leerlauf pro Stück plus den Verlust der tiefen C-States, was auch noch mal 5 bis 10W ausmacht.
  7. No. The display is switched off after some minutes. Then the Intel iGPU driver (which everyone should have installed) switches off the GPU. And as far as I know only then C10 is possible.
  8. Maybe you could try to open a bug report: Or learn C# or Rust, optimize the driver and pull it to the Linux Kernel 😅
  9. Another ASRock owner did the same in this thread and this was his only option: Maybe this SSD prevents lower C-States. Check without it.
  10. USB Datenträger sind im RAID oder Array problematisch. Wenn dann nur für Backup als einzelner Datenträger sinnvoll. Nein. Steht aber auch auf der ersten Seite. Theoretisch schon. Praktisch alles auf deine eigene Gefahr. Lies aufmerksam bei GitHub die Diskussion. Der Mod hat ein paar Einschränkungen wie zb verdrehte PCIe Lanes, wie man mittlerweile vermutet.
  11. Read the first post. The rating levels are completely irrelevant for low power consumption efficiency. At the moment it looks like a very bad board for low power consumption 😔 I think the main problem of this board is the ASM1064 SATA controller. As far as I know this controller is incompatible to ASPM, which means it stops the whole cpu package reaching a lower state than C3.
  12. Two active disks cost you 10 to 16W. Why are they active? Not the best for super low power consumptions, but at the moment not your main problem. Undervolting is nearly useless for idle power consumption. It influences only high CPU usage. Disable array auto start, remove both components, spindown your HDDs, execute powertop and check if this influences your PKG states. If yes, find out, which of both is your problem. Ask the biostar support. If their answer doesn't make you happy: Throw it in the trash.
  13. I don't really understand why they even limit the version so exactly. But yes, you are right, there is a more recent version available: If course you can easily change the source in the docker template to use this version.
  14. You wrote "http". Did you set in BTCPay really "http" and not "https"? Maybe this is the reason.