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  1. i have restarted my server and now i cant login into my unraid server GUI. what i have previously done was: separated my cache drives to separate cache pools and ran mover. then rebooted. Here is my diagnostics-
  2. hello when i followed the guide i got everything working except mount_unionfs folder. there is nothing in the folder. is there a step im missing for mount_unionfs to work????
  3. Here you Go @John_M
  4. i recently bought an new ssd and made a new cache pool for my vm. when i moved the cache to the caceh, i can no longer start my vm i get this error.
  5. today i want to upgrade my cpu. i know i will have to most likely replace the motherboard and ram as well. these are my current specs below: my question what cpu do you guy's recommend that will be 10x better than my current cpu but wont break the bank. I use my server for plex, sonarr, and radarr for media access. im thinking of adding a vm for gaming. my current budget for cpu is no more than $300-$350 but i heard my gpu might not be compatible with some current cpu so hoping to find a cpu that will be fine with my current gpu. any recommendations please??
  6. @DZMM im trying to get the upload to work but i get a error. i am trying to get my team drive to upload. i have my gdrive (plex_vfs) as the main mergefs and my team drive (shedbox_vfs) set to "ignore" on mergefs. so my upload set up is as follows: the error i get is:
  7. im trying this method but im not understanding changing 2 way to 3way
  8. ok i keep getting this error when my rclone is mounted and working
  9. my cache disks say error and when i checked i see this highlighted. is there a way to fix this error?
  10. Will this work with Dropbox as well??? I'm thinking about moving my storage to Dropbox Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  11. @DZMM on one of your previous posted this setup, is that encrypted folder name is the remote drive we are sending the media/files too or it needs to stay encrypted folder name?
  12. I have changed my path and it still got same error. So since I can't get the service accounts working. Could I just use multiple team drives to accomplish the same goal Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  13. trying to install service accounts running the install command i get a error. i have installed the nerdpack and all of python and pip 2/3 version. Asking is there a way to just create multiple team drives and just have them each upload one by one to on main drive for plex. so basically one tdrive for each: movies, tv and music and they upload separately????
  14. still cant get service accounts to work. i have followed and read the github but no luck here is my logs: