FMD2-wine (docker-fmd2) Support Thread

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fmd2_logo-32x32.png?raw=true docker-fmd2


Dockerized FMD2 (Windows with Wine) using VNC,
noVNC and webSocketify to display GUI on a webpage.


This is an active fork of the Free Manga Downloader
which is a free open source application written in
Object Pascal for managing and downloading manga
from various websites.

(description from the application's author and the container's maintainer respectively)



The application is in my experience a rock-solid way to download chapters for manga which are missing a license in your country yet and are free and legal to download.
Check with your local laws to see what you can and cannot download using this application.

Much like a browser, this app is a mighty tool and doesn't restrict you, you're responsible for your own downloading.


The (unofficial) container wrapping the app in wine comes with a lightweight Ubuntu base image and downloads the latest FMD2 version available from the official repo.


Support and Links beyond this template support's scope:

Container's GitHub
FMD2's GitHub




A companion you might want to use is Manga-Tagger, a template for the unofficial container made by the same container maintainer will be made available soon as well, although unlike the original version of Manga-Tagger it does not rely on FMD2 and can be used standalone.


You have to set file-naming options matching an expected scheme for that version of Manga-Tagger to work correctly though.


[I am still waiting for some rather important (IMHO) changes to be made for Manga-Tagger before releasing it and pre-configuring it for you all with sensible defaults :)]



Edited by Glassed Silver
Adding notice about Manga-Tagger template release being postponed, adding support links
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On 4/9/2022 at 10:20 PM, ephy said:

First off, thank you for this. Very useful.


Any chance this could support Japanese characters?

Heyo :)


Hmm, I really don't know the intricacies of JP encoding and WINE, which this uses. Maybe it's better to ask the creator of the docker image or even better the original creators of FMD2?

So far I've only used it for pulling stuff where the filenames use English alphabet characters. The support links are as follows:


Container's GitHub
FMD2's GitHub


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On 6/6/2022 at 7:26 PM, snick1337 said:

hi, I'm having a problem with the docker. when I download something it doesn't save it in the share I have assigned for downloads. I have tried to change download paths and the logs don't show anything that would indicate that there is something wrong with it


To fix this, change the 'default save location'.


It doesn't like saving to '/dowloads'

For me, it changed to 'Z:/downloads' and fixed that problem.


Although my issue is that I'm getting a "unable to create file disk full" error when my "downloads" directory has 9+ TBs free right now.

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Just in case anyone want to get meta data for the downloads. I tried the recommended Manga-Tagger but did not like how it uses the original language's title. So I switched to Komga to server my manga needs and the docker version of Komf, the metadata agent. FMD-WINE + Komga + Komf is perfect for hosting your own manga 😀

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So hey, I just recently started using this, and when it works, it works great, however, it constantly locks up where the VNC shows the desktop but the app is closed, or the application constantion has a terminate application error. Either way, I have to constantly keep checking on it and restarting. I get like 5-10 mins tops. Why is that? I'm not really sure where to find the logs showing why, because the log in app, isn't very helpful. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it? I do think the Terminate Application error is a app issue as my Windows machine gets that from time to time, so I'm not so much worried about that, as that wouldn't be a you issue, the application in the remote host thing locking up, that baffles me. 

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