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  1. Really glad that descriptions on cards are back, but boy do I not like the heavily reduced amount of items and being forced to look at overblown large cards. I take it the layout makes sense on touch devices, especially single-row views, but on desktop? Quite jarring to be frank. Too much scrolling, clicking "more", etc... Honestly? Old view is king in my books. The new side-loading panel for the details view is killer though, really appreciate that! Overall good work for sure, I love the amount of work that goes into this for sure, but desktop usage is (partially) nerfed.
  2. No urgent need so I'd rather just wait. Got plenty of other stuff to take care of, so I'm gonna skip spending time on something that will for sure be figured out by someone else and that I'm gonna learn about relatively soon, so... yeah. But thank you for the feedback. Also, not a bad thing to have more unRAID learning material at your disposal.
  3. Hmm, I'm hesitant to experiment and run into troubles and such. I'll wait for a spaceinvaderone video for this one, mostly because once he does one, it'll be a lot more used and hence (implicitly) expected functionality that Limetech might have to test for as well with future releases. I'd rather ride it slowly and know that docker-compose works PROPERLY before I fully commit to it. Good news for sure though!
  4. 👀 Are you gonna attempt to hack some way into this so I can manage compose'd containers in DockerMan? Or what is that reference to WebUI supposed to mean in the template description?
  5. Soon™ is a trademark by Blizzard Entertainment. 🧐
  6. I would also like to see lsd in this pack! git-lfs-2.4.2-x86_64-1_slonly.txz shows up as available on my end. Haven't tried installing it so can't tell you much more than that.
  7. Every now and then I come across buttons like these on GitHub: I think especially for applications submitted to the unRAID CAs by the application's author themselves this could provide useful, because a) obviously you'd love to know if they themselves directly support and maintain the unRAID template and b) it just increases unRAID awareness. I had this on my mind for weeks, months even, but only today did it dawn on me that the one thing that stood between this link just being a target to some online template overview and being actually useful and "one-click to install" is that unRAID's Web UI should just be able to be registered as a URL handler. You could call the protocol unrd:// or something, idk. Or straight up unraid://? I'm not sure, but I wanna see what everyone else thinks and if this could possibly be something that's interesting to the team. This could maybe even be expanded to include targets for plugin installs, specific settings (even easier to provide assistance if you can link people to their respective settings page they need to go to) etc... (hey, even Windows lets you link to Settings these days!) Cheers and have a nice weekend ya'll! PS: taste test? Sure why not: (400% so you can fully marvel at the beauty ;P)
  8. Glad to have helped! Enjoy the application and feel free to come back for help again if needed. ˋ( ° ▽、° ) Have a nice weekend. \( ̄︶ ̄*\))
  9. Okay, I figured it out. Please refer to your docker container's log. Shortly after the initial startup a password was written into it that you can use to login using the example email. (that didn't change) Apparently Directus needs to update their documentation here. The reason why this didn't affect me is that I have a way overblown personal template I used to set this up with my own custom password passed into the environment. I simply believed that the default credentials would work for other users. I'm very sorry for the friction here. My guess is your Directus experience will be pretty fly otherwise. I'll change the description to reflect that the password is passed in the log and give an optional choice to pass it directly through the template as a non-required field (in case you don't want your logs password scanned even though you should obviously ALWAYS change default passwords. Good password hygiene is always advisable. ) Thank you so much for the patience, let me know if this helps!
  10. I'll be able to investigate this in about 5 and a half hours
  11. Hey thank you for the interest! I forgot to paste the credentials in the template description, that's fixed now. Here they are for your convenience Specifically for docker environments, the documentation: It's a really well documented app from what I can tell so far.
  12. Hello and I am glad you're stopping by to check out this support thread for my CA template for Directus. From the application's author: It can be a headless CMS, your table viewer, UI/app builder for webapps and more to visualize, store and manage your SQL-stored data. It's very a wrapper, doesn't mess with your data and doesn't lock you into a proprietary solution. It's an interface, app, anything, but the backend can be detached at any time. It lends itself very well to home users as well as advanced users and can handle file uploads and downloads. My personal installation of this is quite young as well, so we all learn as we go, but it seems to be finally the WebUI-based Bento-ish (but better) alternative that I've been looking for for a long time. Check out this short and concice overview. Website GitHub Docs Support for this CA in the context of the CA implementation is provided by me. Change Log (just the unRAID CA template) 2021 Sept 01: Initial release to CAs Cheers and have fun with this app!
  13. Fair enough! Yeah we're definitely not starved for tickets, I mean just look at my submissions over there... Either way, maybe you wanna try out the latest nightly. It really helped on my end even without the new download management backend, but the GUI loading is done in parallel to the importing phase of on-disk files. Also, latter function has been (hopefully) proofed against importing doubles. Cheers and thank you a lot for your interest in the project and the patience.
  14. Yeah sadly not, that being said you could consider setting up a dedicated Linux VM for all the tools that may not have containers available. I'm considering doing the same for my FMD2 application, that'd be for Windows though. Oh well. As for the crashes you're experiencing, I'd suggest filing a bug report over at