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  1. @Squid I'm really sorry to ping you, but I haven't found any comment from you on the docker update notification spam situation so far (maybe I didn't use the search correctly or used the wrong terms, idk...) Is it an issue you're aware of and that we can expect a fix for some time soon-ish? I don't think FCP really needs to check on any of my docker containers, I auto-update a lot and I also manually update some of them all on my own, if we could exclude that check, that'd be so helpful, especially as it would decrease the processing needed. Getting daily notifications about some dozen or so containers having an update available at a given moment is very unhelpful since it buries any possible errors that are left unseen since I notice myself just swiping away all of my Pushover notifications in bulk sometimes when I don't have time for minor stuff like that. In any case thank you so much for this wonderful plug-in!
  2. Fair enough, but then how do I get it to download a version that's not rather old? latest gave me version 102, which happens to be what Debian's repo has. Okay, I just investigated. Apparently you use the FF ESR/Thunderbird ppa, that one only offers 102 as latest for Thunderbird. It'd be nice if you could make it an option to use their thunderbird-next repo instead through a variable. However it's nice to see you don't rely on Debian for the main third-party packages that supply reliable repos themselves. Other than that, thank you so much for the container.
  3. Any reason why the Thunderbird container doesn't let me pick unstable? The Debian repo might not be the best source to reference for packages that need to be very up-to-date... I'd suggest adding the Mozilla repo apt repo and sourcing from there upon every reboot of the container rather than pulling from Debian. Being stuck 14-15 versions behind is no laughing matter when you try to be using the latest release and unstable is unavailable as a tag. And if it's not too much to ask, do you have any plans to switch to kasmvnc over novlc?
  4. I don't have the GPU Stat plugin and get this error logged anyhow. Since unRAID primarily works off a web UI and is typically extended by running heaps of plugins that seem to rely on this setting being set correctly, probably preferably higher than what it's set to by default I'd suggest LimeTech to look into this a little closer. I recently re-did my docker config since I switched from a btrfs vdisk to folders on a ZFS cache pool and the more dockers I added back from my stored templates the slower the UI got, and I bet this has something to do with it as well. I have over 90 dockers (before anyone feels an itch: I'm not here to justify my setup, you will not see me entertain this discussion...) unRAID's web UI HAS to scale better with large needs, this has been an issue for years now and as you extend your use cases for unRAID the UI punishes you much for it.
  5. Could it be none of your dockers use br0?
  6. Probably a good idea to post this into a dedicated thread if you ask me. off-topic/rant: The longer I am on 6.11.5/6.12.x the more I wish I had heeded the cautious lessons of MACVLAN issues and remained on 6.9.2 until resolved, That being said, a few weeks ago I didn't know I'd get a Fritz!Box router...
  7. Sure, those definitely are aspects that still need to be worked on, but this lifts ZFS from a very difficult to plan for FS for homelabbers who are attracted by unRAID's unique selling points to something that makes it workable where the remaining hurdles are a lot easier (and cheaper) to mitigate. It most certainly is 80% of the way. Way more than a little if you ask me.
  8. A little? This is in my opinion the ONE change most homelabbers will have waited for if they want to expand as they go rather than moving, recreating pools, keeping money invested in drives that you wouldn't need storage-wise, etc... I for one am ECSTATICb and cannot wait for this to land in unRAID. Glorious times, the single-most imporant feature I've been waiting for for sure for unRAID.
  9. More eyes = more bugs found. Beta tests and RCs are done by few people, gold releases are done by everyone except for the few who are cautious.
  10. Yeah, IPVLAN is fine, problem is that not for all of us that's a viable option. LimeTech seems to like to pretend it is, unless they simply are too busy catching up with this mess and want to communicate betterment once they figured it out. Personally communication should come first, but sadly this is the kind of behavior I always feared to experience at some point down the line with a proprietary and commercial product that's based on community development and support so much. Happy day when LT steers this ship around again, love unRAID regardless, but for a server OS this is becoming a bit of a sour tale.
  11. At this point I'd already be happy seeing LimeTech publicly acknowledging the issue and communicating they are looking into it. The status quo seems to be based on letting the community figure it out with a variety of workarounds and hacks which I find problematic at best and concerning at worst.
  12. 1) I think you misunderstood what I meant, my point is you should tell users that you fall back to latest. 2) As for the different point that Nvidia could drop legacy drivers anytime.... Sure... Then update the plugin to drop the channel? In any case that wasn't even my point.
  13. If your plugin is that opinionated maybe you should provide information about that within it? Not trying to sound sour, I don't even have a GPU in my unRAID server, but I may at some point. It could avoid confusion. Just thinking aloud.
  14. I do have a FritzBox, indeed. Right now I have a stable system only because I deactivated Docker, but obviously at some point I'd like to use one of the main features of the OS I paid for again. As for what I need static IPs for: services the need to be reachable at all times from a reliable address regardless of DHCP and DNS.