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  1. HI, any chance this docker gets updated to also support GPU integration for motioneye to use?! Best, banuseka
  2. OK port change is working on bridge mode, but not custom... anyone has an idea why?
  3. Hi, unfortunately I am not able to get MeTube running on any other port than 8081. Changing the port in the template simply doesn't work. Can anyone second that behavior? I have MeTube running on its own IP (meaning: "network type: Custom: br0") Best, Banu
  4. Another addition would be to start/stop/restart a docker from the GUI
  5. HI I can second this, except. it only boots up ervey now and than. once I got my 2nd gpu to be passed through to my win10 vm (gtx 1050TI (GV-N105TD5-4GD) on a x8sil-f). but now the server doesnot want to boot properly anymore... (m on unraid 6.9.0-rc2)..
  6. Yh, thx! Figured that as well:) luckily my switch supports LAG and the modes:)
  7. Good call ! Now switched to Bonding (balanced-rr). guess this is better. THX for the advice!
  8. I got it figured !!! I have two nics on my mobo and couln't get "remote tunneled access" to work (no internet, no local access, just some in/out/ data but no handshake) with root@Tower:~# ip route default via dev br1 dev wg0 scope link dev docker0 proto kernel scope link src dev br-8352ee8270e2 proto kernel scope link src linkdown dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev br1 proto kernel scope link src i found that my main IP of unraid that I forwarded the UDP port to was not in use by wireguard, but the second IP I had. Thus I just switched the portforwarding from the main IP to the secondary IP and now everything ist working like a charme. Best, Banu
  9. I already use a redis docker for nextcloud, and NC wants to use redis with a password. that was my intention instead of setting up a second redis docker I'll prob. go for a feature request. Best, Banu
  10. HI @Flight777 can you advise on how to pass a password to a password-protected redis docker? Best, Banu
  11. OK tried to reinstall... now everything woks but obviously have to reconfigure.... for some reaseon port 8080 does not allow me to connect, so had to change that.
  12. I removed and installed it several times, and than suddenly it worked again... Dunno why but it is working now since couple of weeks.
  13. I will just try to reinstall the docker and backup the config this time
  14. nextcloud me now tells that ist would need a pwd to access redis but i havn‘t set one in nextcloud or redis itself. how can i set a pwd in the redis container? best, Banu