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  1. Yes. Its one of the features listed. https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs#features
  2. There is no supported way to migrate from V1 to V2.
  3. FAQ: Q: Organizr says there is an update available, but there isn't a new image? A: This is expected, it updates on startup. You can also use the update function, as it does the same procedure.
  4. Support thread for the Official container for Organizr V2 Supersedes the deprecated Linuxserver.io - Organizr container. Docker hub - https://hub.docker.com/r/organizrtools/organizr-v2/ Tag description: latest: Image grabbing the latest master commit dev-latest: Image grabbing the latest commit from the develop branch php-fpm: Image based on latest with tweaks allowing php to use the unix socket rather than the http socket (usually gives better performance) dev-php-fpm: Image based on dev-latest with tweaks allowing php to use the unix socket rather than the http socket (usually gives better performance) Note: Switching between a fpm based tag requires some changes in your volume. Please read the note.
  5. There was a issue raised about this on the bitwarden_rs repository. Its due to the fact that your `domain` variable dont include scheme.
  6. For this container, that wont happen with that variable in mind. You can create an account by using the variable for allowing sing ups. For the lsio container i brought up, it means that it wont create the user automatically on startup, you can still create it with the containers shell with the same commands you would use to create user 3 currently. You do inn fact bring up an interesting point, and see where the template maintainer may be able to mess it up. This whole discussion will probably fit another thread (please point me to it), but it would also be nice to be able to have variables connected to the branch tag. For this container its not needed, as its sql based counterpart is another image, and introduces some variables.
  7. Exactly. There is multiple scenarios i can see where it would be handy. Like linuxservers mariadb which only uses some variables at first run.
  8. Interesting. Would be nice to be able to specify if a variable would be synced like that. I agree, and this one doesn't. I have made a request for allowing it to be empty, but i don't see it going into fruition.
  9. it comes back when a user deletes a variable.
  10. you can do that on the reverse proxy. in your bitwarden.subdomain.conf you can add the following location just before the last curly bracket location /admin { return 404; } Ideally one should be able to remove the token variable all together, but it gets synced back. ( If one could select what variables CA syncs, that would be great winks at @Squid)
  11. Its really not. Bitwarden_rs doesn't have a way to generate a self-signed certificate, hence why it cant be delivered with one. The project has its own wiki page on enabling SLL, and another page on how to use self-signed certs with it. What you are asking is extending the containers functionality. I can help with that, if you hop on over to the discord linked in my signature.
  12. Orphaned image only means that the image is not currently is used. Did you get an error after adding that parameter? Regardless, go to the docker page on unraid, scroll down to "Add container", in the dropdown choose bitwarden, and edit the template to its previously working state.
  13. @Gabriel_B I just managed to setup smtp with a gmail account. This account is set to allow insecure connections I used the settings showed in the screenshot, but with my email
  14. Sounds like a DNS issue, is this your own email server?