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  1. And just to be sure, other sites on the same domain work?
  2. This just enforces my suspicion of the app using a ip or something
  3. And you are sure your app i set to connect to the subdomain?
  4. Im not sure how advanced that feature is, like if it follows the html tag for favicon, or just assumes it lives on /favicon.ico, i have those errors too sometimes, and i havent seen anything bad from it.
  5. Like the video. But my OCD really don't like the output, many of the fields are just not needed, I dedicated whole section on that on my write up on how to create a template.
  6. It was. They have hid their changelog in a way that there is no reliable way to get notifications. They silently updated the requirements. Runs on latest build
  7. Its been a while since i used HAProxy, but you need to set it to connect over https, but to not validate the cert, as it is self-signed
  8. atleast give some config so we can help.
  9. In what context are you using letsencypt in?
  10. You are probably running into this browser resctriction:
  11. Might be worth mentioning somewhere that `<username>.png` works Pros: Easier Dynamic Prettier Cons:
  12. Pretty sure you do that in the same variable > redis://username:password@[IP]:6379
  13. As I noted in this PR. Expose is not the issue.