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  1. I see you already filed this, thanks
  2. You just need to restart the container, you can also use the update button in organizr.
  3. I have been making sure it builds and runs, other than that I haven't spent much time on this. I do see there is a official container now, so that's probably the one you want to use.
  4. This thread is related for support for the templates themself, app support is only a bonus.
  5. Considering unraid is the only plattform offering this, its not unreasonable to ask users to somewhat keep up with the updates for a container.
  6. Wil FCP or CA warn users if any or both of these is true?
  7. Perfect, that's how I was hoping it behaved, will work that into our generator
  8. Will this potential feature support branch-specific values? as in a readme for main, develop etc when using the Branches tag
  9. Is there a way to fully emulate, and test how a template would be shown if it was a "true" CA template? mostly wanting to test Branches, and the extra links showing in the CA card