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  1. I have been making sure it builds and runs, other than that I haven't spent much time on this. I do see there is a official container now, so that's probably the one you want to use.
  2. This thread is related for support for the templates themself, app support is only a bonus.
  3. Considering unraid is the only plattform offering this, its not unreasonable to ask users to somewhat keep up with the updates for a container.
  4. Wil FCP or CA warn users if any or both of these is true?
  5. Perfect, that's how I was hoping it behaved, will work that into our generator
  6. Will this potential feature support branch-specific values? as in a readme for main, develop etc when using the Branches tag
  7. Is there a way to fully emulate, and test how a template would be shown if it was a "true" CA template? mostly wanting to test Branches, and the extra links showing in the CA card
  8. This "fix", is needed because the container gets forcefully shut down, before mariadb has successfully shutdown, this is usually isn't a problem, as mariadb is nice, and usually manages to recover from a dirty shutdown. The docker update plugin uses 10s as the default time before killing a container, which does not suffice.