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  1. Wow time flies! Believe it or not guys I am still working on this!!! I am still in the process of converting files to X265, it's taking almost half a year LOL, but I should be done in a month or so. In the meantime I've been playing around with a raspberry pi and was able to set up DuckDNS on it successfully so I should be ready to start this process soon. So back to this just to make sure again. I will be copying share-share and not disk/disk, the disks on the remote backup are not all the same size as the source. There's not way I want to be able to monitor and exclude disks on the remote server, this needs to be a set it and forget it type of thing once it's running... Do you mean to set the share to ""Automatically split any directory as require?" I don't have an option that says "...file as required." So that would be fine then? Also I thought to get around this I could copy just one folder to the backup server on the share, and then I would be able to run rsync and it would just copy over the new files automatically skipping what's already on the target, and then I won't have the issue stated by @strike? I thought that's all I had to do is just make sure that each share has at least one file in it, and then just rsync the rest and it won't create this problem?
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to get some input from you. I am looking at upgrading my 2013 macbook air to the new ones. What's crazy is how expensive the dive space is and it's not upgradable! I am looking to get 16 gigs of ram and with a 512 SSD its around $1800 which is just nuts to me. I have an awesome unraid/ server that I have. I was wondering if there's anyway I could save money and just get 256gig SSD version and utilize my unraid server space? Is there an easy way that I could map the "documents" folder on the macbook to point to a location on the unraid server? I could then get a nice SSD drive and set up a share to use only the SSD so read/write would be quick? The other issue is that if I take my macbook out of the house, I would like to be able to seamlessly still access that "documents" folder that's actually residing on the unraid server at home. Any thoughts on this?? If there's a way to do this, I think I would be able to save a ton of $$, and I'm sure this would help others also? Do you guys see anything wrong with this scenario? Do you see this being a feasible reasonable solution?
  3. maxse


    Thanks so much. I was able to get around 100MB/s after using the unassigned devices plugin and then running it through krusader. I originally mounted the smb share directly from within krusader which caused the slow down. Thank you
  4. you guys are good. yes I meant /mnt/user, couldn't remember if it was abbreviated or not in unraid. Thanks again guys, love this place and I would not have been able set unraid up and troubleshoot without you guys here. Really appreciate it
  5. Right on the money Squid! Sucks that I had to reconfigure, but the appdata folder was actually pointing to the cache drive, while the backup docker was pointed to the mnt/usr. Even though the appdata folder is set to use "cache only." I must have missed this in my original configs. Thanks so much!
  6. I have used watch nvidia-smi and looked under GPU-Util on the right side of the box. Right below that is a percentage. Is that something else?
  7. right, I know it's working. I just dont get how it spike to 56% when I irst run the stream or fast forward while plex fills it's buffer I guess. If it goes tht high with one stream, how will I be able to use multiple streams? I thought one stream is supposed to barely affect the p2000. Is this normal?
  8. Hey guys So I got this up and running finally, even though the P2000 is on an X4 PCI-E 3.0 lane. Should I have any bottlenecks with this in terms of using the p2000 to the fullest being that it's on an x4 lane? I have an m1015 HBA on the X16 lane (my motherboard make the second x16 slots X4). I installed the CA User Scripts, and copied and pasted the most recent script listed here to patch. When I check on nvidia-smi it spikes my p2000 up to about 56% when transcoding just starts or if I fas forward in the movie, for an x265 1080p file. Is that normal? I thought it's supposed to barely use any of the GPU for 1 stream?
  9. Thanks, but I need an mAtx one. So it's worth it to try to get it working with my current board getting a replacement? Even though one of the slots is 4x? Are you saying you would rather put the p2000 graphics card in the 4x?
  10. Okay got it. Must be a motherboard issue then... Question, if I get a replacement one, the P2000 will go to the x16 slot, and then the M1015 HBA will be in the x4 slot. Would there be any bottlenecks with this? I'm thinking if I should just get a whole new motherboard all together. But I also can't seem to find an matx one that would do X8/X8. What is everyone else running here for an intel 8th gen matx board? Any suggestions?
  11. Oh boy, so a cipset that has 2 X16 sots that actually are split into x8 and x8, won't bottleneck the P2000 card even though the card is an x16 card and it should detect without issue? My issue right now is I don't understand why the 1st PCIE-X16 slot is not detecting anything in my motherboard, and even plugging in just my M1015 lights up a yellow light on the HBA and it doesn't get detected. When i plug it into the 2nd PCIE X16 slot, the M1015 blinks green and works fine, as does the P2000. So If I'm gonna get yet another new motherboard, I want to make sure it's going to be working fine before throwing more money into this.
  12. Okay will try changing the gen to 2? im still learning all this now. I put the x1 card on a different slot which should limit the second x16 to x2 just x4. But it seems that x4 could bottle neck the p2000 even if I could get it to work somehow? I’m shocked more people aren’t having this issue. I’m okay with just getting another board at this point. But I don’t even know which one to get! What can I use to be able to use the HBA and the p2000 without bottle necks??
  13. Yes. I knew about the m.2 and SATA. I’m not using an M2 card. Im not sure what a u .2 drive is and I’m not using wireless only Ethernet. So so what should I do guys?? What kind of motherboard do I need to be able to use the usual LSI HBA and the p2000 with no bottlenecks? I’m shocked that I haven’t come across more people having issues. Especially since so many are using graphics cards and HBAs and expanders! At this point I’m okay just buying another board. But I don’t even know which one at this point. And I don’t want to mess this up again :(