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  1. Hi does the plugin support multiple pools yet, or still only shares that use a pool called "cache"? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks. I think my problem isn't my config file. It's weird - everything is fine locally, but remotely I get the login page, but it won't login.
  3. Hi I can't get nextcloud to work anymore and I think I've messed up the config.php file. Can someone share their config.php file please. I can see the login page, but it won't let me login remotely. Locally, I can login via a browser - it's all very weird. Thanks in advance.
  4. There's an option in the script to enter dockers to start after a successful mount
  5. Sorry, reopening. The VM starts now, but it won't let me add the USB Controller (45:00:3) in the GUI to the Buzz VM VM creation error XML error: Attempted double use of PCI Address 0000:00:01.1 Help please - it's my work PC so I really need to fix before tomorrow
  6. Thanks. I tried removing the chunk and it worked. I have no idea why that card was part of that VM - it was passed through to my pfsense VM which I've just ditched as the maintenance overhead was too much.
  7. I removed a network card and now my main W10 VM won't start throwing up this error: Device 0000:0e:00.3 not found: could not access /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:0e:00.3/config: No such file or directory I know the device references/addresses can change slightly after a HW change, but I can't for the life of me work out how to change. Help please! I want to passthrough the 1660, use the onboard audio as Soundcard1, the 1660 SC as Soundcard 2, and the TU116 USB controllers (x2). Thanks in advance for any help. Here's my old xml: <?xml version='1
  8. Thanks - just seen it's been marked incompatible with the RC builds. Hope that works
  9. I'm having a weird problem the last couple of days where my GUI layout goes weird and I can't click on menu options. To select options I have to use the tab key on my keyboard as I can't click items. Here are some screenshots:: Rebooting fixes the problem for a bit, but then it comes back.
  10. Should be possible - just make sure only one is changing files to be safe, and the other is polling regularly to see new files.
  11. the rclone mount should always be to an empty directory - mergerfs/unionfs merges the local and cloud folder. The simple solution is to make sure the rclone mount location is empty. Also, I recommend you switch to the mergerfs scripts which are much better and will make debugging much easier.
  12. Posting the error messages and your script settings would be a good thing to start with!
  13. If you're not using my scripts, use my scripts to get help in this thread
  14. 1. you should be able to see your files just like other unRAID shares. Check your unRAID share settings 2. Correct - rclone encrypts the file. If you want to check for peace of mind, create a new folder on your server and monitor gdrive to see the encrypted folder/file being created