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  1. Thanks - just seen it's been marked incompatible with the RC builds. Hope that works
  2. I'm having a weird problem the last couple of days where my GUI layout goes weird and I can't click on menu options. To select options I have to use the tab key on my keyboard as I can't click items. Here are some screenshots:: Rebooting fixes the problem for a bit, but then it comes back.
  3. Should be possible - just make sure only one is changing files to be safe, and the other is polling regularly to see new files.
  4. the rclone mount should always be to an empty directory - mergerfs/unionfs merges the local and cloud folder. The simple solution is to make sure the rclone mount location is empty. Also, I recommend you switch to the mergerfs scripts which are much better and will make debugging much easier.
  5. Posting the error messages and your script settings would be a good thing to start with!
  6. If you're not using my scripts, use my scripts to get help in this thread
  7. 1. you should be able to see your files just like other unRAID shares. Check your unRAID share settings 2. Correct - rclone encrypts the file. If you want to check for peace of mind, create a new folder on your server and monitor gdrive to see the encrypted folder/file being created
  8. I think what you are proposing to do isn't the best way to solve your problem as Radarr won't like it and will end up deleting files e.g. Radarr_4K will delete and upgade the 1080p file. This is what I do - short version as in a rush - but you should be able to follow the logic: Radarr 1080p (R1080) docker looking at HD folder Radarr 4k docker (R4K) looking at 4K folder Radarr sync script so R1080P movies with profile UHD get synced to R4K R1080P UHD set to not upgrade beyond 1080p remux Files get added to seperate folders Both those fo
  9. I deleted it as it was a false alarm to try and not scare anyone - sorry!
  10. With the introduction of the cache, rclone does a bit of extra checking before the mount is fully live and accessible. Just keep repeating the script and it gets there. It takes me a while to complete my mount (about 5-10 mins) with 7 tdrvies each with a 300GB cache. I've found that bigger caches take even longer. One option I'm considering adding is to choose whether or not to flush the cache on unmount.
  11. Post your script and rclone config without passwords
  12. You can only use the --rc command once. I think you've got it in each mount instance
  13. This is the problem - you need all your dockers using the same mappings, otherwise hardlinks won't work as they will be seen as different volumes. I.e in your docker settings in unraid just create /user -->/mnt/user , then in the docker applications link to where on unraid you want to use e.g. /user/data/torrents for files you want storing in /mnt/user/data/torrents on unraid. Read the thread (search for hardlinks) if it's not clear as I must have gone over this at least a dozen times.
  14. I want to give ruTorrent another go, but I find the config file hard to setup. Does anyone have a good unRAID one that covers watch folders, private torrents (no DHT etc) etc that they can share please to give me a headstart?
  15. Just in 2021? It's been driving me mad this year. I've just turned off "use hardlinks instead of copy" which should confirm my suspicion