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  1. No. I would just stick with the teamdrive as it gives you more options going forwards. Probably the symlink - I don't know how unionfs handles these. I'd just move the files to rclone_upload or just add the current folder location to the unionfs mount - you can include more folders in the union. I'm not putting it on github as it goes beyond basic usage, but here it is. I put a bwlimit of 70M as I don't want to max out my 1G line. There's probably a clever way to shorten the script and automatically insert the counter, but I'm not a coder so I can't do that: #!/bin/bash ####### Check if script already running ########## if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: Exiting as script already running." exit else touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload fi ####### End Check if script already running ########## ####### check if rclone installed ########## if [[ -f "/mnt/user/mount_rclone/tdrive_vfs/mountcheck" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: rclone installed successfully - proceeding with upload." else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: rclone not installed - will try again later." rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit fi ####### end check if rclone installed ########## ##Run 1 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_one" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_one" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user1_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_one echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_two" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_two rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 1" fi ##Run 2 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_two" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_two" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user2_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_two echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_three" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_three rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 2" fi ##Run 3 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_three" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_three" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user3_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_three echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_four" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_four rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 3" fi ##Run 4 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_four" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_four" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user4_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_four echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_five" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_five rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 4" fi ##Run 5 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_five" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_five" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user5_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_five echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_six" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_six rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 5" fi ##Run 6 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_six" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_six" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user6_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_six echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_seven" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_seven rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 6" fi ##Run 7 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_seven" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_seven" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user7_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_seven echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_eight" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_eight rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 7" fi ##Run 8 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_eight" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_eight" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user8_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_eight echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_nine" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_nine rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 8" fi ##Run 9 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_nine" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_nine" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user9_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_nine echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_ten" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_ten rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 9" fi ##Run 10 if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_ten" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") found counter_ten" rclone move /mnt/user/rclone_upload/tdrive_vfs tdrive_user10_vfs: --user-agent="unRAID" -vv --buffer-size 512M --drive-chunk-size 512M --checkers 8 --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --bwlimit 70M --tpslimit 8 --min-age 10m --user-list rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_ten echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_one" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_one rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") skipping run 10" fi else # added in case counters missing and script makes it this far echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") creating counter_one as missed counters" touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/counter_one fi rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_upload exit
  2. You've got it all right. 1. Either - content added to mount_unionfs goes into rclone_upload to be transferred to gdrive. Best practice is probably to do m_u, in case you're overwriting an existing file and to make sure apps stop/don't work if the mount goes down 2. TeamDrives are useful if (I) you have good upload. Ive added multiple users to mine as each user gets 750GB/day, and my upload script rotates the account in use, so I can remove the bwlimit as well as increase daily upload limit to 750GB x # of users (II) if you want to share a teamdrive e.g. for backup purposes or a different way to share other than via Plex 3. Yes all docker/app paths should use m_u paths
  3. Thanks @itimpi and @johnnie.black that did the trick. I had to run -L but it worked
  4. It's not there - it's showing for the other disk, but not the disk I need to run it on
  5. Ahh have to start in maintenance mode. It doesn't have the option for the bad disk unfortunately
  6. Thanks - I've added the disk back to the array but I can't see an option to run checks/repairs
  7. Update #2: I've removed the drive from my array to see if I could mount it using UD but no joy. I'm currently restoring files via my rclone/gdrive backup which should hopefully have 100% of the files I need. If no-one's got any clever ideas for mounting the drive by the time the transfers finished in a few hours, I'm going to see if formatting makes the drive usable again - I might do a pre-clear first as well
  8. Update: I managed to move some files in safe mode, but now it's saying disk1 is unmountable as no file system. If there's a way to move the files I can reformat the drive or rma it.
  9. One of my array disks is acting weird. The server starts, but files on disk 1 aren't appearing - also when I use ssh to check, disk 1 is appearing as '?disk 1' and user0 as '?user0' (both in red). Final bit of weirdness is in my shares menu, everything is green even though some of my shares should be orange as I don't have a parity disk. Any ideas what's wrong? I have backups, but I'd rather work out what's gone wrong. Thanks in advance for any help. highlander-diagnostics-20191118-1610.zip
  10. Make sure all traces of the folder in mount_unionfs and probably rclone_upload are deleted before you mount
  11. hmm same problem occurred again. I've changed cables again and run scrub with no errors coming up, so no idea what the problem is
  12. I'm not sure if this is an error or I'm supposed to do something. i440fx-4.1. worked ok in my W10 VMs in rc4 but not in rc5 and I've had to use 3.1 internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: 2019-11-02T11:25:21.292609Z qemu-system-x86_64: -machine pc-i440fx-4.1,accel=kvm,usb=off,dump-guest-core=off,mem-merge=off: unsupported machine type Use -machine help to list supported machines highlander-diagnostics-20191102-1127.zip
  13. Replacing cables did the trick. Maybe one of my old cables came lose, not sure how but thanks anyway. I ran btrfs dev stats /mnt/cache and it kicked up no errors this time. I'm going to add the script to monitor going forwards. Are there any other checks I should run?