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  1. I double-checked in notepad++ and then pasted after updating plugin - worked ok. Thanks
  2. I tried initially just running at the command prompt, but just tried in a script and the same result: #!/bin/bash mkdir /tmp/PlexRamScratch mount -t tmpfs -o size=8g tmpfs /tmp/PlexRamScratch exit Script Starting Mon, 19 Aug 2019 18:04:19 +0100 Full logs for this script are available at /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/zzzz test873821079/log.txt mount: /tmp/PlexRamScratch: mount point does not exist. Script Finished Mon, 19 Aug 2019 18:04:19 +0100 Full logs for this script are available at /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/zzzz test873821079/log.txt I have a lot of RAM but occasionally I get OOM errors, so a bit more protection would be nice.
  3. @testdasi I just tried this and got: root@Highlander:~# mount -t tmpfs -o size=4g tmpfs /tmp/PlexRamScratch mount: /tmp/PlexRamScratch: mount point does not exist. Is this right?
  4. Just substitute remotes - gdrive: for gdrive_media_vfs: in the mount script
  5. There shouldn't be movies folder in unionfs folder before the mount - that was the problem. Sorry should have spotted that earlier - the unionfs folder should be empty
  6. Maybe the error is for the rclone mount path - Is it empty?
  7. @sol there's something in the unionfs mountpoint that shouldn't be there. How are checking? Have you tried mc?
  8. Unless they are going to create their own mounts the simplest solution is to share your Plex server
  9. Very feasible - lots of ways to do it: 1. Mount the same remote with same decryption passwords: no issues with reading from multiple mounts. Writing will work but there may be a lag for files appearing on other mounts until the directory cache expires. If more than one mount try to overwrite the same file only one will win, but no file corruption 2. Create a tdrive and share with 2nd gdrive account and then mount with same decryption passwords: same health warning as above 3. Easiest way - share plex servers! Although this will mean one machine doing all the lifting i.e. would be inefficient for bandwidth
  10. Same here. I've just finished selling 7 HDDs on eBay, including my Parity drive as I have a less real-time backup strategy now (to a seperate teamdrive on a cron job). The noise and heat reduction is really noticeable and of my remaining 16TB, I'm only using around 20% - with nearly 350TB in the cloud which would cost me over £7.5k just for the drives!
  11. Just Thumbnail creation for the reasons you've listed above ;-). I had a big pre-existing library that didn't have thumbnails - it would also take forever for my server to create and I'm not sure if they are needed. I don't miss them. Other guides recommend disabling doing the media analysis due to potential API bans, but I've never had a problem even when adding new content to Plex/google continuously at up to 1Gbps continuously for multiple days at times.
  12. Just was wondering / wanted more info as it might help other people low on ram. I haven't messed with my settings for around a year - I just erred in the side of caution when I posted my scripts. I was close to messing with my settings this weekend as I've had some recent budfering, but that was me making bad changes to my unifi APs which I realised last night and all is ok again.
  13. Nope - rclone move just won't upload anything local that's younger than 15d. I've set mine to 15min (I think) because I don't want anything local.
  14. That's interesting - are you playing any high bitrate movies or 4k?
  15. Have you tried mounting at mnt/user instead of /mnt/disks ? I've had problems with /mnt/disks in the past. Also, what about other dockers - do they work ok?