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  1. DZMM

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    docker stop transmission docker start transmission
  2. DZMM

    [Feature Request] Parity check pause

    Old request but +1 from me - my monthly parity becomes a constant battle to stop my cache pool dying as mover can't move files fast enough to the array at times
  3. Thanks you're probably right - I'm going to give it whirl anyway to see what happens
  4. DZMM

    Looking for a Silent PC case

    You can get 11 in the R5 if you buy a 3 in 2 enclosure to go in the 2x5.25" space. You can get 11 HDDs in the R6 if you buy 5 more brackets as they've ditched the 2 5.25" bays to support brackets - extra brackets cost $10 for 2. That's in addition 2 SSDs behind the motherboard and 2 more SSDs above the PSU.
  5. I'm trying to simplify my mappings by adding /mnt, mainly so I can hardlink between /mnt/disks/diskX/downloads and /mnt/user/media. I know that any /mnt/disks/xxxx mappings should be added as RW/Slave, but does this also apply if I map /mnt? Does RW/Slave cause any problems if I then add reference /mnt/user/xxxx paths within the docker? Thanks
  6. DZMM

    Looking for a Silent PC case

    I have a Define R5 which currently has 7 drives and has had 8 in the past and is very quiet - the R6 looks even better.
  7. DZMM

    Help Installing MergerFS

    Anyone ever installed mergerfs on unRAID? I need it to merge a local folder with a rclone mount.
  8. DZMM

    Getting Phlex to work

    I've been trying this morning for the first time to install this with no joy - any advice? Thanks
  9. What's a safe number to increase pm.max_children to on a 64GB server? I'm getting lots of the following error with it set at 20: Highlander php-fpm[14356]: [WARNING] [pool www] server reached max_children setting (20), consider raising it From, this old post it looks like @limetech increased this from 5 to 10 so I'm guessing a recent update pushed this to 20. I found another thread saying even 10 was low on a above-basic system, so how far can I hike this up? My machine has been a bit sluggish over the last couple of days, even though memory and CPU usage are usually <50%. The only major changes I've made is to my rclone setup and pre-clearing a replacement drive. I've been low on disk space because of being down one drive, so maybe this has been slowing the server down as well. Thanks Edit: updated diagnostics after system GUI freeze just after posting Oct 16 21:20:48 Highlander kernel: comskip[23728]: segfault at 8c ip 0000152f229f2fce sp 00007ffe26c4f590 error 4 in ld-musl-x86_64.so.1[152f229aa000+8d000] highlander-diagnostics-20181016-2137.zip
  10. DZMM


    The problem I wanted to solve was different to yours. I wanted to ditch unionfs from Nerd Pack as I have a strong suspicion it is causing problems on my server. To get rid of it I created a new rclone cache remote to handle uploading files to gdrive, whilst still presenting a 'union' for radarr and sonarr of what's on gdrive and what's still local. I still use a vfs mount for plex to play cloud files. I thought plex via the vfs mount wouldn't see new files uploaded via rclone cache or scan just the right directories, but this luckily proved to be wrong. The other problem I thought I'd have was how to get plex to see and play files that were local i.e how to expose just the local files from the rclone cache mount, as I wanted plex to play gdrive files via the vfs mount? I managed to fix this by decrypting and mounting the folder where the local files were encrypted and awaiting upload by rclone cache, and then adding this new mount of just local files to plex. Again, I lucked out as plex spotted any new local files almost instantly.
  11. DZMM


    Thanks - will keep this in my back pocket if I need it, but I think I've got a workaround working
  12. It's ok - I've managed to get around using mergerfs this evening - sorry for any hassle caused with any research.
  13. @dmacias is it possible to add mergerfs?
  14. DZMM


    I actually need plex_rcs as well now as I'm uploading content to the mount direct now, so plex isn't picking this up straightaway. Can you post your modified script please so I can see if I can get it working on my system - thanks