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  1. slimshizn

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

    Went back to 6.6.3, everythings working and after a few restarts of the VM there have been no crashes. Not sure if this is related to the 6.6.5 update or not but I'm sure I'll be staying here, at least for a while.
  2. slimshizn

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    This is spammed in the syslog every time I have something download on my windows VM. Anyway to fix?
  3. @misterwiggles keep me updated I'd like to see if this is solved for our MOBO. I'd like to use the 10G ports I have instead of using up a PCIe slot.
  4. No problem, in retrospect I would have looked at something else if I had known. For now though, I need(want) to find a way to have it work. Is there anywhere I can ask to have X540-AT2 10G NIC support added ( if it's not ) to Unraid?
  5. Thanks for looking into this a bit, is there any way you can let me know if the 10GbE NIC on the GIGABYTE - GA-7PESH2 is supported for 10G? According to the website it's the Intel® X540-AT2. Right now only getting stable connections via 1G on the same NIC.
  6. slimshizn

    Call trace issue started 6.5.3

    @Hoopster I'm trying out your solution with creating a VLAN. Do I need to set anything up in my network to have this work with my VM. VM is on where I setup the VLAN on VLAN is br0.10 Anything else I need to do to have this work right? Thanks
  7. slimshizn

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

    Something was corrupt in the XML or something else causing weird issues trying to start it, thankfully I've backed up virt iso and all of my vdisks. I re created the VM and it's running fine. I'll update if it causes a crash again.
  8. slimshizn

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

    Thanks for the reply, I also found some information about MSI interrupts and implementing unsafe interrupts. I'm backing up the vdisks as we speak before I do anything drastic.
  9. slimshizn

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

    Noticed I'm using virtIO driver virtio-win-0.1.141-1.iso and there is virtio-win-0.1.160-1.iso available, would this be the cause of the issue I'm having?
  10. slimshizn

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

  11. As stated, this happens and then I can not connect to my server at all. Only thing I can do is reboot (unclean) and try again. Seems to be happening only when I shut down or reboot the VM. Using a GTX 1080 as the GPU If any more information is needed please let me know.
  12. Update on my end: Using the LB6M with a 10G Base-T transceiver I stopped the array and tested. Seemed to be working fine so I started up the array. Next think you know the connection drops and there is no way to connect. So I tried a graceful reboot pressing the reset button which worked. Flaky connection after so I went back to aggregating two 1G ports instead. Maybe my intel ports aren't supported? Intel® X540-AT2 seems to be the NIC.
  13. slimshizn

    Unraid OS version 6.6.4 available

    Glad I checked this forum before attempting an update. Will continue to monitor for a very stable version.
  14. It never ended up saying result OK, but it seems to be working fine and viewing the share seems quicker than usual which is nice.
  15. Seems it worked, here's what I got. Any need to be able to access that? Edit: I use the cloud storage purely for backup of everything, and have a copy I just tested both locally and on the cloud. Zero difference.