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  1. Just noticed this issue of the columns messed up(black theme on chrome as well) on one of my servers, waiting on further updates before I pull this one.
  2. slimshizn

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Oh wow well this is a bit of a game changer. I'll be able to add more ssds for raid10 and UD. Edit: never mind, I have the LSI SAS2008-8I SATA 9211-8i. Eh well, maybe later on something will change.
  3. For my use, its a server I have here at home, 10G connection, I'll tweak it a bit see what I can come up with. Might go back to --rc and see if that helps any with 4k content.
  4. I've noticed some buffering with 4k content roughly 10 minutes in. I'm currently using DZMM's setup which works well for non-4k. Anyone mind sharing what they have working well with 4k content? Or is that still a hit or miss. I figure I could increase the --buffer-size to 1G and see how that works.
  5. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    Just started happening, so I'm not sure where to look here.
  6. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    1 Pass ran with no errors, not sure how many passes are sufficient in this case?
  7. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    Thanks johnnie.black, always willing to help. Much appreciated. So I have mcelog installed in the nerd pack but it's never worked. I also know a ton of people who say the same thing. System event log only shows sys_fan4, 3, 2, 1, cpu2,1 fan all lower critrical going low asserted or deasserted. Probably due to the fans I'm using. I did notice this But realized that was when I shut down the server gracefully and had to pull it. I didn't open it, just did some rearranging in the rack. I'm doing a memtest right now.
  8. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

  9. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    Oddly this started after I started transferring a few files directly from a rclone mount. Not sure if it was just a coincidence. backup-diagnostics-20190115-2259.zip
  10. slimshizn

    Preclear plugin

    Preclear seems to be working but I'm getting some icon spam on the webUI. Hovering over the icon gives no details. If i go to the preclear page it shows it's working fine. Any reason why this is happening?
  11. Hmm, now I'm wondering if I should add the delete back in due to that issue or I should wait. Also looking forward to seeing -drive-pacer added in.
  12. Current rclone script Current upload script
  13. "fi" was on line 85, has been removed and working fine now. Seems to be all good, I'll set a custom time for it to run again after 10 minutes. Editing some scripts to update them and came across this portion of your upload.. Now I don't know if you remember our discussion where rclone would "download" files that were deleted from my server after an upload. Really odd thing that was going on. I believe you had me remove the delete portion and it seemed to work fine but I see it's changed to checkers 3, tpslimit 3 which I don't know what that is and min-age 30.
  14. Okay I ran the unmount script and tried it again. This is what I'm getting. I ran the script, then saw it said please check for problems, I ran it a SECOND time and thats when it showed the syntax error...BUT I checked my mount and everything appeared. I found the extra "fi" and removed it. Oddly, the file that's created to show that it's running didn't delete. I had to go in and remove it manually. After that It ran like above and seems to be working fine again! Will report back if there's errors again after a reboot in the future.