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  1. This is the way.. tried this for other plugins as well, worked out fine. WebAPI and SimpleExtractor both worked after doing this. Thanks
  2. Any update on this, just noticed this when I have SMB mounted shares.
  3. Thank you for the work you do @SpaceInvaderOne, firstly. So I went ahead and followed this guide in hopes of the end result that the SSD I'm using I would be able to use fstrim with. Unfortunately when I do so I get I would like to continue to use the encryption on unassigned drives, but because of this fact I do not believe I can continue to do so.
  4. Think I'm finally going to clear the sand out and move on to mergerfs. Wish me luck LOL
  5. I removed Privoxy from the equation and it stopped giving me issues. I just opened another container OVPN_Privoxy. Works fine now..odd.
  6. Just checked my Remote server as well. This is also happening there.
  7. Keep having this happen. Not sure what's up honestly. Had it working for a while now, maybe PIA is having issues? Does this, sits for about 3 minutes and starts over, and over, and over.
  8. I've removed the hub and don't use anything extra on the VM other than the gtx 1080. When I shut it down it still causes a crash so I"m not really sure what to do. I just live with it pretty much which is shitty.
  9. Just am seeing this after an extended time off of the forums. Yes it did happen to work and continues to do so. Not sure why that had happened but backed up as soon as I had it working correctly just in case. (Do weekly backups regularly)
  10. No it was not, line 14 was empty actually. I went ahead and added that, have to wait till tonight for it to auto renew again to see if it works.
  11. For some reason my renews have been failing. Checked the logs and found this. It has been working for months and I haven't changed anything. The INI file is unchanged...
  12. Just noticed this error this morning has started July 5th, continued the 6th,7th. Stopped for 8th and 9th, then continued every day and did this morning. I haven't began testing but I have a lot more containers than just Plex and Tautulli.
  13. I have had the same issue for a bit now, could never figure out what it truly was. Never changed any settings on the USG3, or the letsencrypt container. No idea.
  14. Went from 6.6.6 to 6.7.2, no issues to report. Really like the updated Dashboard.