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  1. slimshizn

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Anyone ever see this before?
  2. Locally I've been using unionfs and rclone mount as stated in this guide. My cloud dedicated server is running plexdrive V4 and unionfs. So far this has been a great combination but I think i'd like to move onto the mergefs and rclone_vfs and off of plexdrive/unionfs due to some of the benefits. Has anyone been running this setup?
  3. slimshizn

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but a discord group I'm part of, Tronyx reported this helps when having this specific issue.
  4. slimshizn

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    @ezhik Here's the issue I had with previous firmware.
  5. slimshizn

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    That just proves that someone could release a firmware update adding it back in with current fixes and yes I understand it's not just that simple, I'm sure it was "removed for a reason". I was on a previous release and it would cause chaos. P20 hasn't had a single glitch( on my system).
  6. slimshizn

    [Support] binhex - Jellyfin

    Yep same issue, latest version is not working. jellyfin/jellyfin is working in the meantime.
  7. slimshizn

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Probably because if you ask about it most people will tell you to use the MB sata ports for SSDs.
  8. Hope to see a change soon.
  9. @DZMM ever since I added that "fix" for plex, I never get a lockup when restarting the container. BIG help for me. Has anyone ever ran into this issue.. So I like to look at "Date Added" on all of my libraries to see how long ago things were added. I've noticed that if I add a big library some movies or tv shows ( mostly movies ) that they were added a few seconds ago. Only problem is that these specific movies were added days before this. How is this fixed? They always show up in the dashboard of recently added forcing me to turn off "include in dashboard" feature for those libraries.
  10. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    Guess I can just live with the MCE logs for now. Any limetech/unraid admins have any ideas here?
  11. slimshizn

    Hardware Error MCE

    Upgraded to the latest RC version available, hardware errors are still continuing. Here is the latest syslog messages that I haven't seen before. backup-diagnostics-20190125-0754.zip
  12. Just noticed this issue of the columns messed up(black theme on chrome as well) on one of my servers, waiting on further updates before I pull this one.
  13. slimshizn

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Oh wow well this is a bit of a game changer. I'll be able to add more ssds for raid10 and UD. Edit: never mind, I have the LSI SAS2008-8I SATA 9211-8i. Eh well, maybe later on something will change.
  14. For my use, its a server I have here at home, 10G connection, I'll tweak it a bit see what I can come up with. Might go back to --rc and see if that helps any with 4k content.