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  1. Another update: After running another appdata restore to the week before has resolved the last issue I reported but I am still unable to get into my server as per my first post.
  2. Update: An appdata restore made things worse... I now can not load Plex as I get the following:
  3. Hi Hi, Right I am getting a not authorized message when trying to access my server and my plex settings simply show it as unavailable or not there at all. I have tried a few fixes and nothing has worked and I fear I am making things worse. First a quick background as to what led to this. I had a power cut today, a rather bad powercut. BUT I have a UPS and this kept the server running and performed a graceful shutdown before the battery ran out. Once I was back up and running I noticed I had an email saying someone had logged into my Plex account. So I went and changed my password and ticked the box "Log out all devices" - I also noticed I had some docker updates, including Plex so I updated all the dockers. Now nothing seems to be working. I have tried a couple things. - Complete shutdown and reboot again - removing preferences.xml to try a warm reboot. - I logged out of all accounts when doing this and have not been presented with a setup screen when logging back in. - Adding the Plex_Claim key to the docker and restarting it. I done this within the 4minutes but that achieved nothing. I am now in the process of restoring my backed up appdata to see if that fixes it. Any ideas would be much appreciated, it is almost 3am and I am pulling my hair out here.
  4. Any chance of a dedicated server for Wreckfest? Thanks!
  5. Any ideas on the below? I have googled a bit and it is suggested sqlite3 is not fit for large libraries, I am pretty sure mine is small in comparison to others. I also saw not much help or resolution on this. I have yet to try the increase default cache size suggestion but my configs/cache is running on a parity raid 1tb M.2 SSD setup so speed is not the issue. This happened a while ago but has been fine for a couple months, now I have had it twice in 2 days. I have optimised the db and turned of automatic library scan. Any other suggestions or an actual fix? My whole Unraid setup is only 6months old so I would like to think it is not an aging issue heh.
  6. Hi Hi! You say in the docker description, limited intel support..... How limited? My friend has been trying to get it working with Tdarr with no success or help. Is this something you are willing to work and test as he may be interested in this.
  7. Anyone any ideas on this? I still get this very often.
  8. Hi, Since updating to the latest version of Unraid 6.9.2 I have had a few issues with Plex. First it came up with a absolute ton of the below error, but since restarting the docker I have not see it since. Sqlite3: Sleeping for 200ms to retry busy DB And now for the second time I have the below. Now the only google result I found was someone saying it was a corrupt media file. But unless I go digging through all the logs for a time stamp and then cross reference it I wont easily find what one. But has anyone got any ideas if it is that or something else before I go digging?
  9. Just an update for anyone who was following this. It turned out to be a memory leak in the tdarr_aio docker. I had it running constantly and after a few days it had eaten all the ram. Since the last crash I have not had the docker running at all and I am currently on 13days uptime with no issues. That being said. tdarr version 2 is out soon so that will fix the issue and I will give it another test run then.
  10. Mine was mostly caused by Krusader when I was moving everything to my server. Funny enough even though external drives are mean tot be run as slave.. turning slave read/write off actually stopped the issue.
  11. I think I edited 'go' cant remember, I followed the guide. But ye changing that may help a bit.
  12. I followed a guide for it, forget which one but I have a user script set up so I changed that. Obviously wont take effect until I restart the array as it is set to run the script on array start up. Script - I changed from 6g to 4g for the moment. #!/bin/bash mkdir /tmp/PlexRamScratch chmod -R 777 /tmp/PlexRamScratch mount -t tmpfs -o size=4g tmpfs /tmp/PlexRamScratch
  13. Yeah that's about the only thing I could think of to keep an eye on it. In fact I can see Tdarr_aio is using almost 2gb at the moment. I am wondering it that will exponentially get higher... I will keep an eye on it. I know v2 of that docker is due soon so maybe a complete overhaul fixes that eating the most ram. Will keep an eye on it. Dropped Plex from 6gb to 4gb ram to use. If it still causes a problem I will stop it using ram transcode entirely.
  14. That is a surprise ha, I thought 16gb would of been plenty. I mean I can slap 32gb in there instead but what would the best way of determining which docker is causing it? I have Plex using 6gb of ram as transcoder but as far as I have seen/know the other dockers are obviously limited but not using a lot of memory. My first thing is I can remove or lower the plex transcode for a start.