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  1. I have a suspicion that it is an old 'settings.json' file from a much earlier version of Unmanic. Could you please delete that file in your Docker config volume. May be something like '/mnt/user/appdata/unmanic/.unmanic/config/settings.json'. Let me know how you get on.
  2. I made some changes this week to allow for Unmanic to be run as a Kodi add-on. I'm betting that I messed something up. Sorry. I'll take a look tonight.
  3. This overwrites the command options for all files. You can enter as many as you like separated either by a new line or space. And adding an option to this field that already exists will replace the unmanic default for all files. Just note that the example is just an example. The command does differ in some ways for each of your files based on its streams and container.
  4. Indeed. It's hacktober. I took a few days off work so I could spend some time kick-starting development again. The issue list on GitHub was starting to backup a bit.
  5. O right. Well there we go then. Spritzup needs to modify the Docker template.
  6. Do you by any chance have it as a map on your Unmanic docker container config? I'm not sure what "Media" directory you are talking about. Unmanic does not do anything with a "Media" directory in it's defaults.
  7. May be a bug in the python dist package. Without the full path I cannot know for sure. I did a full update of the Docker Ubuntu base image the other day, perhaps that is why this is now broken
  8. Are there any fancy characters in the name or path of your files?
  9. I'm really sorry. I cannot help with this at all. I don't have an Intel CPU on my Unraid machine. I can only test Unmanic quick sync on the laptop that I have.
  10. Try adding `-max_muxing_queue_size 1024` to the Custom FFMPEG Options. I've already set this quite high at 512. But perhaps your file needs to go higher. (
  11. Yes. Inotify has an upper limit on the number of files that it can monitor. This is a Linux kernel feature, not a Python module or Unmanic feature. I just checked my Unraid and it is set to 16384 files for "max_user_watches". If you want to be able to extend inotify to do this, you will need to increase this setting in Unraid. For more info on how to do that, I'd recommend googling something like "increasing inotify max_user_watches events"
  12. I've pushed an update to fix these sorts of errors.
  13. What errors are you seeing in the ffmpeg logs (not unmanics logs)? Since you have dubugging turned on, the ffmpeg logs will be saved. They will appear under details of task if you go to the history page. It just so happens that I've accidentally forgotten to turn off debugging on the ffmpeg logs (woops), so you should see a decent amount of information there.
  14. New Zealand. So, I've pushed x3 new features today... Quicksync HW Encoding (VAAPI) support. Quicksync was not fully enabled after the NVIDIA encoding feature was added a few months back. It was missing some testing and additional configurations. I finally managed to get my hands on an Intel laptop a couple of months back, so I was able to finally finish that part off. There are no configuration options at the moment for HW decoding, but I think I would like to get around to that some time also. However, there is now a way you can configure Intel decoding and enc