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  1. Uinput plugin is no longer required in the latest Unraid release. I have never tried with Bluetooth devices. Only keyboard and mouse.
  2. I think it may be time to retire this lancache-bundle template. I have not been using it since I got access to fibre internet (which downloads games faster than pulling them back off the array). And the official monolithic docker image from lancache has come a long way since I created this bundle to combine everything into an AIO. While I really appreciate the $12 donation I received this year for maintaining the lancache-bundle docker image and this template, I probably will have to hang up my hat on it this month.
  3. I have not used the lancache container for a very long time. I tried to maintain it for people here who have been, but I cannot really test things and am flying under the assumption that things have been working fine for the people who have been using it. I'll probably be pulling the template from CA when I stop using Unraid next month as I have not intention of providing further support for it for this platform.
  4. You do not need a GPU to use Unmanic. That is a pretty outrageous statement to make. Using a GPU inside the official Unmanic Docker container is an optional thing that you can do if you wish. You can also use Unmanic on the VM that you have passed your GPU into if you like. Unmanic is a tool with a lot of capabilities of which only a very small sub-set would even have the option to take advantage of a GPU.
  5. Just as a notice here, I will soon be steeping away from using Unraid to develop and maintain my projects. I will still provide support for Unraid for all of my projects, but that will be moved and only provided via Discord with a focus of providing that support agnostic of the platform. Anyone wishing to reach out for any assistance or to provide any feedback should join us there. I will be focusing my future development on providing better compatibility for platforms that are not Unraid, and as such it makes no sense to remain here in this forum. I may still pop my head into this forum from time-to-time, but please do not expect support from myself from this thread going forward. Please move all support related questions to Discord.
  6. Don't unplug the other GPU. You need a GPU to use Steam Headless. You cannot use the GPU that you have isolated for the VMs. Without full logs, I cannot really say exactly what the issue is. You should also post any logs found in ~/.cache/logs inside the container.
  7. First post updated. You probably will find that you cannot use the GPU on the host for anything if it is being passed through to a VM. I'm pretty sure (but am not going to test this for you) that the NVIDIA docker runtime will not work without installing a NVIDIA driver on the host. Therefore, I'm pretty sure the linked documentation is correct for anyone who wishes to use Unmanic with the latest version of Unraid and a NVIDIA GPU.
  8. These are all games I downloaded from the steam headless container
  9. Still working fine for me. I've played Batman, Control and Jackbox this weekend.
  10. I would need to look into it. I think this may be happening because the X config is using a dummy monitor. I will need to run a few tests to see if we can massage this feature a bit to allow us to "force" a particular output for people such as yourself. I don't think the setup is any different between your server boards or the consumer hardware like I have. The end result is the same. So I should be able to replicate your requirements and produce a solution.
  11. Please note that I may be removing that flag in a future update. This will be in favour of running sunshine inside its own docker container to improve compatibility and also to remove my responsibility to maintain the service.
  12. Your assumption is incorrect. As I just mentioned in my post a few hours ago: For moonlight streaming, you can use sunshine with Intel and AMD GPUs. I don't have an AMD GPU at this time so I cannot provide direct support, but as Intel and AMD GPU drivers are supported in the Linux kernel, these work without any additional steps like an Nvidia GPU would require. There are numerous people in this thread and on Discord who are using this container fine with their AMD APUs and GPUs. I use a 4th, 6th and 11th gen i5 as well as a GTX 1050 ti for development and testing of this container and my other containers.
  13. I am not a big retroarch user, but I found the steam version to have everything that the non-steam version had. You can still add custom cores to your steam version and it works fine. If you don't want to install retroarch via steam, do it with 'apt install retroarch'
  14. Any GPU will work (Intel, AMD, Nvidia. And any integrated or dedicated GPU). I noticed myself that Intel GPUs did not work very well with no monitor plugged in. It works fine with a dummy HDMI plug tho. I will eventually get around to looking into why the monitorless setup limited monitor resolution to be so low.