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  1. Can you please remove any settings you have in advanced settings and try again.
  2. Unmanic 0.0.8 released. See here for a condensed changelog:
  3. This is possible. It's on my to-do list to create a plugin to convert ass to srt streams using something like
  4. Yea. I think it's worth making a backup of your Unmanic config folder and start fresh to see if that helps. If you like, I can give you more help over a chat on Discord. We could probably solve the issue there in a short voice call.
  5. Unfortunately I think I will not be able to solve this through forum posts. I'm happy to help out over a chat on discord. Join the discord server and message me.
  6. Can you try setting the docker config of the tmp/unmanic volume to another location on your array. Just so we can test if it does the same thing.
  7. So I got thinking today. There is not really any point in creating a whole new screen just to handle blacklisting paths when the current plugin system can handle it with 10-20 mins of development time. So with that in mind I created a plugin for you to do this. I also then thought it may be worth creating another video to show how simple it is to create a plugin for Unmanic. Feel free not to watch it as it's pretty dry and long. But you should now be able to download the new "Path Ignore" plugin.
  8. Could you please explain this part further? Are you using a symlink to connect 2 "tmp" directories?
  9. Can't see any issue in the unmanic log. Could you please pull the latest "staging" docker image and test it again. If it still does not work, could you also try deleting your appdata/unmanic/.unmanic directory and trying again.
  10. Not at the moment. But the next item on my to-do list is to create a "blacklist" tab where you could do this
  11. Could you please provide some screenshots of your setup? Specifically the docker template config and the settings in the Unmanic webui. Thanks
  12. Great to hear you have found a solution! I believe it is possibly a permissions issue that was causing Unmanic to not start. Unfortunately, without logs to accompany your other posts, I cannot say for sure. All the best 🖖
  13. @Sebastiaan99 In your log I see it is failing on the first video. I cannot see what is causing the whole application to crash.. Could you still please send the Docker logs for that. However I have just pushed a fix to the "staging" branch to fix a bug shown in your files FFMPEG logs in the database that you sent me. After you have those Docker logs for me, could you please switch over to the "staging" branch and test it again? Let me know how you get on.
  14. Could you send me some docker logs or anything like that?
  15. You have uploaded an empty zip file there my friend...