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Community Answers

  1. But you are doing it on your browser
  2. So you are using steam link through a vnc connection? Steam is playing the game and encoding it to a video. Then you have steam link connecting to it locally and decoding that video. Then you have vnc re-encoding that display again... Why would you do this?
  3. How do you start the container with steam link? I know nothing about this. I thought steam link was the app on Android iOS etc....
  4. The issue is that this plugin was never designed to be placed at the end of the plugin stack. It was always intended that other plugins would be run after it. That being said, rather than me telling you to modify your config, I decided to update that plugin with some much needed improvements. I've pushed an update (v0.0.4) for that plugin that should give you a few more options. If you update the plugin on your install it should solve your issues. I have also re-written the description a bit, so take a look at that as there is now a new config option. Let me know if it works for you...
  5. Can you also show us the config for the reject if larger plugin
  6. Sounds like you have your stack configured incorrectly. Could you please share a screenshot of your library config and the plugin flow for the library
  7. I'm a little confused. Can you not just get the FFmpeg command/params fro the log after processing a file? The official repo is on the official branch You can also install the Unmanic desktop launcher on windows if you don't want to muck around with wsl and docker....
  8. I forgot to respond here sorry. Did you log back in yet? The server was undergoing maintenance this week. I did my best not to affect anyone, but it obviously did affect you sorry.
  9. I finally got around to installing this to replace my Grafana stack. This is really well put together man. Awesome work! I'm a big fan of AIO containers on NAS devices. It takes the effort out of setting up the application. We are not here using Unraid so we can pretend that its an EC2 instance or VPS. This is a home NAS and your Docker image along with Unraid template has made this setup stupid simple and really clean on my Unraid dashboard. Thanks!
  10. These are all variables. When you add them you can modify the ports that internally the services start on. Port mapping on this template is not going to change anything as the container is running on the host network so it shares the same port availability as the host
  11. Start by trying to probe those files manually from a terminal: ffprobe -show_streams -print_format json /path/to/file.ext If that fails, the issue is not with Unmanic or the plugins. If that does give you an output I will need to think further on what it may be...
  12. So what password keyring exactly do you want added. And how do you configure it to auto-unlocks?
  13. You can set any of the ports with there variables: PORT_SSH="2222" PORT_VNC="5900" PORT_AUDIO_STREAM="5901" PORT_NOVNC_WEB="8083" PORT_AUDIO_WEBSOCKET="32123"
  14. You can add your own container init scripts to install any keyring software that you need
  15. I recommend setting up a VPN for this.