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  1. Before I do write the plugin, can you please update your unmanic to the latest 'staging' build and test that failing file again with the "Remove subtitles" option unchecked. I am by no means an FFMPEG expert. So I could be wrong about what the MKV container supports as far as subtitle codecs. The only way I can fix this is if people with these kinds of videos can do the testing for me...
  2. @melagodo Just to be clear on that... This is not exactly an issue with Unmanic. If you are converting a video in a container such as MP4 which contains bitmap subs to a container like mkv that doesn't support them, then it will fail. If you like, I can write you a plugin that will strip subtitles if they are bitmap type, but if they are txt type, leave them and copy them to the new mkv. Let me know.
  3. You are trying to convert pictures into txt. This is not possible with FFMPEG.
  4. Wait... I found a better link. Looks like LMGTFY has changed a bit this year.
  5. Can you please send me your complete unmanic.log file collection and the version of unmanic that you are running?
  6. Can you give me details on your config and post your logs?
  7. This attached image show exactly what you want to do. See how adding these have overwritten the additional options. The "Custom FFMPEG Options" input does not overwrite all of the other Unmanic settings.
  8. This error is likely because of issues with the permissions of you cache directory. Can you make sure the cache path is `chmod -R a+rw ...`
  9. I'm not sure if that would affect the NVIDIA use unless you already had more than 3 GPU encoder jobs running from another container. At any rate, I've just updated this in the last staging build.
  10. Sorry, just double checked. I only pushed the fix to the master branch. I've just applied it to the staging branch also. Give it 10 mins and then there should be an update for you to pull. Sorry again.
  11. Yea, I've fixed this. Could you please pull the latest release and try again.
  12. Try pulling the latest build again and let me know how you get on...
  13. Could you please try modifying the permission on your appdata/unmanic directory to: chown -R nobody:users chmod -R a+rw Then restart the container