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  1. I must have pasted this in there by mistake. Thanks for the heads up. I'll remove it as soon as i have time.
  2. Have you also booted unraid in gui mode? This would also be wrong.
  3. It is failing because you have. -v '/dev/input/':'/dev/input/':'ro' -v '/run/udev/data/':'/run/udev/data/':'ro' You have not updated your container template.
  4. @MarianKoniuszkopost your docker run command. Looks symptomatic of you mounting /run/udev or /dev/input
  5. I'll post a quick update here since there are people still coming here for support rather than discord. This weeks update adds some improvements to input devices. Your templates need to be updated to remove any mounts of /run/udev and /dev/input and you need ENABLE_EVDEV_INPUTS=true for mouse and keyboard support on moonlight. If you dont want to update, you can lock in docker tag :debian-0.1.0 rather than :latest. The easiest way to update your template is to just delete the docker container and reinstall it all from the apps tab.
  6. Did you mention the other day that you installed a custom kernel on Unraid and your Denuvo games started working? If so, this tells me that something is missing from the Unraid kernel. Just to be clear, this is not an issue with the Steam Headless Docker image.
  7. Not on the same GPU. This is something being looked into as time permits. (For better support or just for general discussions on future features in Steam Headless, join our conversation on discord. See link in first post of this thread.)
  8. Ive decided that Kasm is not a good fit for steam headless. Id advise you to use moonlight for gaming and only use the web UI for managing the desktop as required. Ive forked NoVNC and have started working on some solutions of my own. But it will take a long time before they are ready. (For better support or just for general discussions on future features in Steam Headless, join our conversation on discord. See link in first post of this thread.)
  9. This happens when you have an AMD or Intel GPU and you dont use an HDMI or DP dummy plug. (For better support or just for general discussions on future features in Steam Headless, join our conversation on discord. See link in first post of this thread.)
  10. You need to enable privileged mode for now. This is something im still working on improving. (For better support or just for general discussions on future features in Steam Headless, join our conversation on discord. See link in first post of this thread.)
  11. Thought I'd post a quick responce. First, jump on discord if you was support. Second, the latest builds have done away with the flatpak install of sunshine. This is now running it as an appimage and is being managed by the init process as a service. It will auto restart when it stops or crashes. The appimage does not have a tray icon showing for some reason. And the default browser is not set. So everything you described are a lot of very separate "issues".
  12. This Docker image has been re-based to Debian Bookworm. This fixes a few issues with Flatpak mostly, but also gives us access to some newer packages. I have also tidied up the Arch based Dockerfile. This Arch variant will be classed as a "community variant" and I will not be providing support for it (There may very well be dragons). This Arch variant will soon be automatically built as "josh5/steam-headless:arch" and will have updates at the same cycle as the Debian version at "josh5/steam-headless:latest" and "josh5/steam-headless:debian". For this release of with Debian 12 Bookworm, Docker in Docker is available, but is missing 'nvidia-container-toolkit' because NVIDIA are not yet supporting Bookworm. If they do not fix that in the coming weeks, I will just explore using Debian 11's version of it.
  13. Thanks. Yea. This was a decent update. I have been meaning to pivot the app installation for a while, but I never could get around to it. Moving forward, all "Apps" inside the container will be Flatpak first. Then Appimage. Then Docker (using Docker in Docker). And finally after those options I'll consider a installation via a script or deb package. Most of the cool things that we have on the Steam Deck are already either a Flatpak or an Appimage (Heroic, Lutris, Yuzu, Cemu, ProtonUp-QT, etc...). So to me this just makes sense. This also works better as it reduces the size of the Docker image and installs things to your `/home/default directory`.
  14. Just a quick note here of some big changes in light of all of these issues... Today's builds contain the following changes: Fixed issues with latest NVIDIA drivers (tested on Unraid 6.11.5 - I am not upgrading again). Removes DISPLAY_DPI configuration. Fixes issues with multiple NVIDIA GPUs on your system. Many other tweaks to how our X server is running that may also benefit Intel/AMD users. Fixes issues with logging into Steam. Fixes issues with browsing to /mnt/games from Steam. Updates Steam installation to Flatpak. Automatically configure Steam with a second library pointing to "/mnt/games/GameLibrary/SteamLibrary" (change this as you like). Removes unused code for launching other display environments. Only Xfce4 will be supported from here on out. Tidies up Xfce4 menus - removing anything that was an eyesore or not necessary. Adds ProtonUp-Qt by default Adds a Software installation app to System > Software. Here you can install other Flatpaks like Heroic launcher and Lutris. Removes support for Sunshine (will be re-added later on as a Flatpak when I have time). Removes the "Installer - XXXXX" shortcuts from the menu for apps like Lutris and Heroic. Just install it from the Software app mentioned above. Replaces Firefox with a Flatpak installation. Removes old SSH code. This container does not support SSH. Fixes issues with some Appimages. Fixes issues with EmuDeck. This should now work exactly the same as it would on a Steam Deck. Heaps of code tidying up and deleting of things I don't want in there. Some further notes: It will take longer to start the container the first time after this update. You may open noVNC and just see a black screen... Just wait, it is just installing some Flatpaks to your home directory before starting Xfce for the fist time. Since Steam is now running as a Flatpak, you will need to configure it again. Sorry.
  15. The downgrade process is simple enough and my initial impression for the past few mins is that there are not problems with it. I am not running any VMs so I cannot say anything about that. But for Docker containers and plugins, it is fine to downgrade to 6.11.5 as I have just done. All I did was: Download the 6.11.5 tar from their website. Put the USB stick in my PC. Create a backup of the whole USB stick. Extract the 6.11.5 tar on my PC. Copy everything EXCEPT for the `/config` directory to the USB stick. Safely remove the USB stick, put it back in the server and boot it. Profit... All issues are now resolved if you run the older NVIDIA driver.
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