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  1. Enabling the debugging will add the full ffmpeg log to the historical record
  2. I love it when ppl ask these questions... Anything to post a lmgtfy link. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=what%27s+the+difference+between+%3A%C2%A0+hevc_nvenc+and+nvenc_hevc The drop-down list is populated by what's available for that compiled ffmpeg, minus what unmanic is not able to do. Unmanic can do both and the ffmpeg in the container can do both. So both are shown. And no, unmanic cannot use the decoder at this point. I'd be open to any PR for adding this feature.
  3. I did last week overhaul the incoming task lists. This overhaul opens up the potential of that task list. In the future t will finally give us the ability to start modifying the pending tasks list and perhaps add the ability to shift things around, or modify settings per task before it gets to a worker, save the list between application restarts, mark a file in an ignore list so it's never added again, etc. That was a solid days work on its own. Fun tho.
  4. The issue is the page being loaded does not paginate the query. And the query is not optimised as an SQL dataset. Switching to mysql will not improve page load times. The orm calls for those pages need to be optimised. This is something already on my to-do list and will probably be a few hours of work to do properly when I get the time. No ETA ATM.
  5. I don't qs is configured correctly. And I don't really have a way to test unfortunately. A PR on GitHub would be nice if anyone wants to make the necessary changes and test for me. They should only be a couple of lines.
  6. I'd be interested to know how it is struggling. Sqlite tables can handle millions of table entries without issue. It something is struggling, it's how the query is written and needs to be optimised. It is my opinion that using mysql for this app is a waste of time, but I'm happy to be wrong.
  7. If the 2 containers are in the same network, then you can use the name of the containers as hostnames to communicate between them.
  8. The root folder needs to be removed. As much as it pains me to say it, this docker is not very well put together. I made it with the intent of just spending an hour or 2 getting it working and then leaving it there. So its very slapdash. Sorry. I committed this change to master this morning. So it should be available to you all now.
  9. The stuff I'm working on at the moment will give us the ability to edit the history list (delete them) as well as sort and delete the pending task list. It should hopefully improve performance also with large about a of pending tasks. Not sure when it'll be completed, it's a reasonably large set of changes (I'm already upwards of 10-15 hours on this feature and may be only half way). It's my intention to add some overall stats next. This is definitely a possibility now with how the historic data is stored, I just have not added it to the UI yet.
  10. Sure, is there anything else? I'm getting my pen out... Let me write this down.
  11. It probably needs a small patch to just copy the pgs. I'll look into it at some point this month
  12. It's your config that's the issue. You cannot save bitmap subtitle streams in a mkv container. Use Avi or something that does support it.
  13. Can you paste in the ffmpeg log from the history of that task?
  14. If you are willing to test it, I can buil a dev- tag docker image for you to download. I had issues on my laptop getting it playing nicely.