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  1. Yeah it does that because it requires a folder and file to be created named: /etc/urbackup/backupfolder Inside the file backupfolder you put the path to where urbackup stores it's backup ie: /mnt/user/Urbackup
  2. Im curious if you tried running the test script "urbackup_snapshot_helper test" from the container console to verify that Urbackup can use the BTRFS snapshot feature?
  3. I noticed the original docker image supports BTRFS in privileged mode. https://hub.docker.com/r/uroni/urbackup-server But this image seems to be missing BTRFS tools. Was this on purpose because of some issue or could it be added? Thanks much!
  4. Looks like there is another update?
  5. I have been having the same issues myself as noted above but since I do not have anything new to add to the thread I did feel the need to post until today. Instead I have been making little adjustments to help improve performance but nothing helped until yesterday when I enabled NCQ support. I am now able to stream movies from Plex while performing other read/write operations on the array such as running backups etc without any hiccups. Performance is still not up to par but it has helped allot, not sure why it would though. Not saying this is a fix that will work for everyone because I am sure that hardware support would be an important factor but I may be worth a try.
  6. +1 For this! It would cool if there was an "least used space" option like MergerFS with the lus policy. That way data would be evenly distributed across all drives regardless of the drive sizes.