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  1. Sorry to hear that. Please troubleshoot the `webui.log` to see the cause of the error. Hope this helps.
  2. Greetings! Machinaris v0.8.4 is now available. Changes include: Scaling-Down: Optional mode where wallets are synced daily, not run 24/7. Saves ~35% memory so smaller farmers can farm more blockchains concurrently on the same machine. See Wallets page, top-right Settings. Scaling-Up: Improved plot tracking efficiency for multi-PB sized farms. Thanks @grobalt! Warnings for duplicated, invalid, or key-less plots. See Farming page. Update: Flax to v0.1.10, Cactus to v1.5.2, Chia to v1.6.0 Security: Disable Setup page's mnemonic import field autocomplete from caching value in your local browser. Thanks @Baatezu! Fixes: Better handling of farmed block logging for certain blockchains like Apple & BPX, Alerts from Chia 1.5.1 for added coins missing due to blockchain logging changes. Improved Smartctl response processing. Thanks @gnomuz!
  3. Hi! Please try this from within the Machinaris container: chia wallet send --help This will show the arguments (wallet_id #, amount and target address) you'll need. If moving a lot of XCH, I'd recommend trying one small send transaction first, verifying it works, then sending another with the remainder later.
  4. Good suggestion, this notification feature was actually added to Machinaris v0.8.0, released 3 months ago. However, here are the legacy blockchains still stuck using a v1 format: 'bpx', 'ecostake', 'flora', 'gold', 'hddcoin', 'mint', 'nchain', 'petroleum', 'profit', 'silicoin', 'stor'. For a particular blockchain, visit the Warnings pane of the individual fullnode, by clicking into the worker from the table on main Workers page. If a v1 database is present and a v2 database is *probably* supported, a warning will be shown there. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the report. Happy to look into the issues you are facing with over 110,000 plots in your Chia farm running Machinaris. Please ensure you follow the guidelines for Scaling. Don't hesitate to drop into the Discord for additonal help.
  6. This is also in the ':test' branch as well. Probably safer to test there as lots going on in `:develop`.
  7. Okay, I traced down the root cause of this... Chia 1.5.1 changing the format of 'Adding coin...' log messages again. I just pushed a fix to :develop stream so please give that a try. Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Hi, welcome to Machinaris! Everything looks good, however your Chia fullnode is still syncing the blockchain. From your screenshot, the peak height of the blockchain is back in May of this year. Hopefully, the fullnode progresses quickly to the current time. At that point, your fullnode will start farming and you will no longer receive "Harvester offline" alerts. Hope this helps! EDIT: Here are details of syncing vs farming status for even the official Chia client.
  9. Glad to hear the upgrade went smoothly. Good question. Most fork blockchains use the standard k32 (k33, k34) plot sizes as Chia. A few use different sizes such as Chives (k31) and MMX (k29, k30, k31) for their own plots.
  10. Good day! Machinaris v0.8.3 is now available. Changes include: Additional blockchain pricing from Vayamos and Posat exchanges on the Blockchains, Wallets, and Summary pages. New blockchains: Apple, Chinilla, Gold, LittleLamboCoin, Mint, Tad, Wheat Update: BPX to v2.0.0, BTCGreen to v1.5.0, Maize to v1.5.0, Petroleum to v1.0.16, Shibgreen to v1.5.0 Update: Chia to v1.5.1, Bladebit to v2.0.0 (beta-1) with diskplot mode (beta only in `:develop` and `:test` images) Fixes: Avoid timeout/slowness encountered by those with many drives, also many cold wallet transactions Links:
  11. When I needed to move a couple of coins from my hot wallet to my cold wallet last year, I used the Chia CLI commands from within the Machinaris container. I think you could also use the Chia GUI on another computer in "wallet" mode, haven't used Chia GUI myself however. Link here and others...
  12. Sorry for the trouble. Typo in the Cactus launch file and I've been in the woods a few days. Just fixed now, so please check for an update to Machinaris-Cactus (all release streams v0.8.2+). Note: I had to remove all from ~/machinaris-cactus directory except the blockchain DB file at: ~/.machinaris-cactus/cactus/mainnet/db/blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite to get things running again after the Cactus blockchain SSL certificate expiry. Now fully synced.
  13. Good day! Machinaris v0.8.2 is now available. Changes include: MMX - Record created blocks from blockchain logs, for display in Machinaris, off index page. Ubuntu - latest blockchains run on Jammy Jellyfish (Python 3.10), outdated blockchains run on Focal Fossa (Python 3.9). Fixes missing chia_plot error in v0.8.1 which started yesterday. Updated: Cactus 1.4.1 to fix SSL certificate expiry, may require entire deletion of mainnet directory and full re-sync. Check their Discord for latest support of this blockchain. Updated: Chia 1.5.0
  14. Thanks of the kind words. Apologies you encountered this issue with Machinaris v0.8.1 due to a global expiry yesterday of Ubuntu support for our base image. I hope to have a fix for this available as Machinaris v0.8.2 later today. Thanks for your patience.
  15. Yes, I have ecostake synced. As a Chia fork, I think IPv4 is fine. See attached screenshots. Please try the v0.8.1 improved 'Add Node Peers' button on the bottom of the Connections page, for the Ecostake tab, which will automatically add about 10 peers from the AllTheBlocks list. Hope this helps!