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  1. Hi, sorry Machinaris makes use of calls against the Chia wallet. This doesn't preclude you from using a cold wallet though by changing the reward address and/or payout instructions under Settings | Farming I believe. Hope this helps!
  2. Yes. Good question. Chives support is beta-only at this point as it requires different plots (k29/k30/k31) than Chia and other blockchains. I hope to improve Plotman soon to correctly interact with Madmax to perform that plotting. Until then, one must execute Madmax directly from inside the machinaris-chives container. Details at:
  3. Probably not critical as this is about to change in v0.6.0. By the way, which version of Machinaris are you running? See version at bottom of each page in Machinaris WebUI. Thanks.
  4. Hi, there is likely a stale worker left on the Workers page. Please visit the page and Prune both. Don't worry if things vanish for 10 mins or so. The "real" one will begin to re-populate status shortly leaving only one Worker behind. Hope this helps!
  5. Ok, yes the CA templates for your v0.5.7 Machinaris container are contaminated with settings from upcoming v0.6.0 Machinaris (currenly in development) with fork support. To fix, simply Remove the following from your config shown: * rpc_port * protocol_port * worker_api_port * worker_host * controller_host Then click Apply and the Machinaris container should restart. My apologies for the inconvenience. I am still learning the ins and outs of Unraid application templating.
  6. Hmm, let's see if we can get this sorted out. Please ensure you are using a Repository setting of "" on the Docker settings for Machinaris: Then: 1) Stop Machinaris container 2) Delete /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/machinaris/dbs/machinaris.db (on the Unraid host filesystem) 3) Start Machinaris container This should ensure you are using the latest release and create a fresh status database on launch. Please let me know how it goes.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Please share: A screenshot of your Workers page to indicate status of install(s). The end of your log files (apisrv.log and webui.log) in /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/machinaris/logs). Also available from right-hand side of your Workers page.
  8. Sorry, to hear that. Please post a full-series of screenshots showing all settings for Machinaris under your Unraid Docker config, more than the snippets posted above. They seem to show one of the new beta templates for Machinaris forks. It seems like something is wrong with the Unraid Community Apps template for Machinaris which is unchanged for over 20 days now:
  9. A Machinaris update is now available with latest bundled components: Chia - Update to version 1.2.8. See their changelog for details. Bladebit - Update to version 1.2.0. See their changelog for details Chia - Update to version 1.2.9. See their changelog for details. Big thanks to all who contributed including: y2kboy23 Regarding development work on upcoming blockchain fork support for Chives, HDDCoin, NChain, and others... it's actively being worked on. Will release the v0.6.0 development stream work to test stream as soon as it is ready. Thanks for the interest!
  10. Good catch! This looks a defect on my end to not translate the IP address to display name on the Plotting page as I've done for other pages. I'll take this on to fix in the next release. Thanks again for the report.
  11. Good day! The next version of Machinaris is now available: v0.5.6. This is a patch release with minor upgrades for many bundled components. Machinaris - On RaspPi, allow configurable status update frequency when running a Machinaris fullnode/controller. Machinaris - Fix for launching harvesters on RaspPi devices, avoids missing bladebit error. Machinaris - "Disconnect Selected" feature now available on Network | Connections page. Machinaris - Improve Summary page to better separate Chia and Flax blockchains. Chia - Update to version 1.2.7. See their changelog for details. Flax - Update to version 0.1.2. See their changelog for details. Bladebit - Update to version 1.1.1. See their changelog for details.
  12. Thanks! Unfortunately, with Chia pools being a late add-on to the Chia protocol (months after initial release in March), there is no way to perform "Single-click Farming" right now. You're right that the sequence is: 1) Launch Machinaris, create/import your private mnemonic pass-phrase. 2) Switch to Settings | Pools -> click 'Get Mojos' link, enter your public address to the Chia faucet 3) Wait days! for both the initial blockchain sync and the mojos to appear in your wallet. 4) Switch to Settings | Pools, once you have mojos, select a Pool and join. 5) This creates a PlotNFT which you can then use to Plot with. Can't plot until you have this "pool_contract_address". Chia devs are saying they are going to improve this in coming year. I sure hope so... Yes, consensus seems to be that creating a new Pool in Unraid, with NO parity enabled, and adding your disks there, meaning a single volume mount into the Machinaris container, can work well and be a simple approach. I'm using individual unassigned devices (5 only) and a bit of free space on my main array. This also works, but is pain at 30 devices. I wouldn't recommend using your main Array to hold all your plots. Plots shouldn't be protected by Parity (causing lost disk space). Hope this helps!
  13. Flax is a bit different. It will get there within a week. See their release note here.
  14. Glad to hear it's working for you now. Regarding the Summary page display of 'Chia Farmed' and 'Flax Farmed', that's a count of blocks won by your farm. It's different than the Wallet display which shows your current balance, including pool payments, etc. Hope this helps!
  15. Sorry to hear that. This has affected a few users of Machinaris over the months, as well as regular Chia (CLI) users. The guidance is force a reset of the Chia wallet which seems to get into a bad state sometimes. Stop the Machinaris container Delete folder on Unraid: /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/mainnet/wallet Start the Machinaris container Wait 15+ minutes for initial Machinaris status to be updated, then wait for wallet to re-sync from network peers in a day or so. Hope this helps.