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  1. Hi, I think the issue is that Machinaris needs to know about all the various directories which hold your plots (regardless of type). Please verify that your "plots_dir" variable is set to a colon-separated list of all your in-container paths. Double-check there is not a duplicate variable by toggling Advanced View and clicking 'Show more settings." Details here. Interesting, maybe your Flax blockchain or wallet are not fully synced? I've gotten a few XFX so far and they did eventually show up. You could check their Github and report an Issue. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi, I haven't tried this myself, but heard from some it works. Try copying the entire mainnet folder over from Windows and placing it here: /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/mainnet Do that with the Machinaris container stopped, then restart. I would take a backup of your existing /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/mainnet folder before you do this though.
  3. Hi, since we're on the Unraid forum, I assume we're talking about a Machinaris install on Unraid. If so, you can access your Machinaris container environment variables on the Unraid Admin UI | Docker | select Machinaris from list, choose Edit: Hope this helps!
  4. Hi! Please ensure you have one environment variable named 'plots_dir' with key=plots_dir and with value=/plots:/chiapoolplots. Then restart the Machinaris container. Hope this helps.
  5. Network | Connections page. Notice the 'Add Connection' button. Yes, Blockchain sync occurs from start of the chain on March 19th and runs forward to current datetime. So your sync is a couple of weeks back. Hope this helps.
  6. Absolutely! You really want to be creating the new portable plots now, not the original solo plots anymore. As you say, with portable plots (new pool_contract_address, not the old pool_pk) you can either: Self pool. When you win a block, you will earn all the XCH rewards OR Join a pool and get consistent XCH farming rewards. The average returns are the same, but it is much less volatile. You can easily switch pools without having to re-plot. With portable plots you can switch between both selections, if you change your mind, above using the same plots.
  7. Hi, sorry for any confusion. To plot new portable plots, you must comment out pool_pk and uncomment pool_contract_address in your Settings | Plotting page. If the keyword pool_contract_address is present in the file, as shown in the wiki example, then the correct value will be automatically filled in.
  8. Hi! Please provide some more details about the issue. As well, please see the Troubleshooting page on the Machinaris wiki. For more interactive support, join the Discord server.
  9. Sorry, I am working to improve the user feedback when a plotman.yaml with certain errors is saved. Should be improved in next release. In the meantime, for case above, please open the Unraid Docker Console for Machinaris and type: plotman status This command will output the formatting or config problem in the plotman.yaml. Once the config issue is resolved, then you should be able to start plotting. Examples to work from: chia plotter and madmax plotter
  10. Well, it's probably a mode=fullnode so it's doing everything except plotting. Try a restart of the container and see if it drops. I restarted yesterday and am at ~3GB. You may want to pull the latest test version of Machinaris which includes Chia 1.2.1 (soon 1.2.2) as its my understanding that Chia 1.2.0 was a bit of a resource hog.
  11. Run that show-mnemonic-seed command on both the original Windows system and also the Unraid system. It sounds like you'll see different phrases, meaning you are likely using two different private keys.
  12. Hi! Yes, the pool selection is linked to the plotnft you created on Windows, tied to your private key (aka mnemonic seed-phrase - 24-words). So when you setup Machinaris on Unraid, enter the same 24-word mnemonic during setup. Then once the blockchain and wallet are fully synced on Unraid, you'll see your previous pool selection there. No need to re-join a pool on Unraid. See the wiki for details.
  13. Yes, full sync from an initial state can take a while. Check the status on the Network | Connections page. Also, you can try adding an introducer there too from this list.
  14. Check the Network | Connections page. Also look for Synced status on both Wallet and Network | Blockchain pages. Compare different pools here.
  15. Machinaris bundles latest Madmax plotter, controlled through the WebUI. You can switch by changing "plotting:type:" field on Settings | Plotting page. Take a look at the wiki for Madmax, including sample config.