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  1. Good day! Machinaris v0.7.2 is now available. Changes include: Drives monitoring page - allow overrides of smartctl commands for special hardware. Drive failure alerts thru our enhanced Chiadog. Alerts: per-notifier ignore setting to prevent unwanted alerts, based on criteria. German translations of the Machinaris WebUI by @ApfelBirneKreis. Big thanks! Chia - v1.3.3 release, various minor bug fixes Chia - v1.3.4 release, upgrade fullnode before harvesters Chia - v1.3.5 release, fixes their `chia version` number offset Staicoin - v1.2 release - careful, bugs reported on their Discord, but seems to be working... Notes: - Chia Devs recommend updating fullnode before updating harvesters when moving to latest Chia network.
  2. Hi, plotters like Madmax have been stable/unchanged for quite a while now. Please take a close look at the logs in the "/mnt/usr/appdata/machinaris/plotman" folder to see if anything related to the full ramdisk appears. Perhaps Plotman is attempting to move tmp/final files and can not?
  3. Not supported yet as far as I know. Only Chia & Flax so far. Each fork blockchain will need to update their codebase with the latest changes from Chia. Not all will or may take a long time. Good indication of the activity/support for a blockchain fork actually.
  4. Hi, as per the install guide, that's about half of an expected Chia blockchain (v2) database: You definitely can hold the Machinaris appdata directory on another SSD. I am using an Unassigned Device SSD currently: Hope this helps!
  5. Good day! Machinaris v0.7.1 is now available. Changes include: Drive monitoring using Smartctl (WebUI status currently, alerting to come soon) Dutch translations (nl_NL) provided by @bdeprez. Thanks! Updates to various fork blockchains and tools including BTCGreen, Flax, HDDCoin, Madmax, MMX and Shibgreen Chia - v1.3.1 patch release Chia - v1.3.2 patch release Notes: - Drive monitoring not supported on Windows hosts unfortunately due to Docker device pass-thru. - Migration to new Flax database format requires manual step: `flax db upgrade`
  6. Hi all, Chia Network devs have released a patch version 1.3.2. This has been available within the `:develop` image Machinaris just minutes after the Chia release yesterday. The `:test` image of Machinaris got this new version a few hours later. So, if you want to immediately run the new Chia version, please use either the `:develop` or `:test` images today. I expect the next full release of Machinaris v0.7.1, including Chia 1.3.2, will be available shortly.
  7. Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. I understand that you successfully performed the Machinaris setup to either generate or import a key. Since Machinaris is simply a WebUI over the Chia CLI binaries, please try the following from the Unraid Console shell for the Machinaris container: chia keys show chia farm summary chia wallet show If you are getting errors to any of the commands above, rather than useful info & details, then you may need to perform a manual key add. This should automatically get run every time the container is started (as logged in Unraid's Docker Log for the Machinaris container). However, it doesn't hurt to run it manually to test: chia keys add -f /root/.chia/mnemonic.txt Hope this helps!
  8. Sure, you are likely building the Madmax, Bladebit plotters, among other components at container launch time. You can disable those on the Chia & Chives fullnodes if you are not going to be plotting at all. Also, you can check the temp build logs, short files, found at /var/log in the container.
  9. Hi, not quite sure what is being measured here. However, here are the log locations if you want to truncate them. Most are auto-rotated. Hope this helps.
  10. Yes, go ahead and remove the old v1 files. Regarding other forks, I spoke too soon. Seems Flax has already released a new version too. So you can run "flax db upgrade" within the Machinaris-Flax container as well.
  11. Hi, only Chia v1.3 supports the new v2 blockchain database format so far. I expect some forks to follow suit in the coming weeks and months however.
  12. Hi, the language selection is determined by the "Language-Accept" header sent by your web browser. This is a configurable setting in each browser, generally you can set the Language priority-order you want. If you only want English for Machinaris, then use Firefox (for example as a secondary browser) with English as the top selection. That said, I would really appreciate any help you could offer to improve the translation. It's really easy, you would only be editing 2 or 3 message files for French. Each message would have English source on the line above, and the French translation on the line below. For example: Sorry again for the French translation. It's a very weak second language of mine and I had to translate one language when I was adding/testing internationalization support to the Machinaris WebUI. Please help if you can!
  13. Good day! Machinaris v0.7.0 is now available. Changes include: - Chia v1.3: please note reports of issues in this new Chia release... double-check your Wallet, Payout, and Pools settings after upgrading! - Internationalization for locale-specific text, numbers, and currencies. Huge thanks to @antcasq (pt_PT) and @fabriziocacicia (it_IT) for providing translations! - Geolocation of peer connections for each blockchain by their IP address. Optionally enabled using a free Maxmind account. - Silicoin - supported again as per Discord votes. Known Issues: - Chiadog will sporadically replay alerts when the Machinaris container is restarted. - Coin prices are unavailable from AllTheBlocks, so no fiat conversion in Machinaris currently.
  14. Yes, it's possible to: 1) Plugin the external drive to your Unraid tower. 2) In Unraid UI, format the drive, then mount as an Unassigned Drive. I mounted mine at "/mnt/disks/plots1", "/mnt/disks/plots2", etc. 3) Then Unraid UI | Docker tab, Machinaris container, add Path mount like "/plots1", "plots2", etc in the container. Screenshots from Unraid UI: Hope this helps, Guy
  15. Glad to hear in the Discord that Helmonder was able to sort out the problem. His post there: