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  1. Unmanic install - under libraries click plus to add. Browse to folder that I wish. When I get into the folder that I want there is no save button so I click close. Message pops up: Failed to save settings and new library cannot be created.
  2. Thank you - was able to boot up a linux dist on an old machine and that seems to be working. Will look at that above further as will be easier on mac. Appreciated.
  3. Unraid system is down. One of the benefits (I thought) of unraid is that the data is all contained within an individual disk. However my plan to put the disk in an external USB caddy and transfer files off is not working because my (Mac) computer doesn't recognize the disk. How can I get the data off the disks? I tried to create a new USB unraid disk and startup a new system but I got the dreaded Unraid installer doesn't recognize the usb drive problem. I've spent all afternoon trying to copy data off this disk and have jumped from one problem to another - really appreciate if anyone can help. I do not have any windows machines in my home, but in a pinch I could run parallels if that is what is needed - was my next step but one more hassle.
  4. I am going to install Truenas scale as I've been unable to nail down the instability of my thread ripper based system on Unraid. However I'm not completely confident it will go well - the support seems to be pretty dicey. So if I decide to come back to Unraid, is there a way to backup my system before I wipe it that will allow me to basically restore everything to the way it is right now (all my dockers settings, plugins, etc) if I reinstall Unraid?
  5. Running a server board with all ram timings default. Never overclock. All memory is ECC, on the approved list for my motherboard and memtested.
  6. So I ran in safe mode no plugins - about 3 days and it just crashed again. Server went offline 15:42. new diagnostics attached. Unless I can get an explanation as to the instability, I'm afraid I'm going to have to install Truenas Scale. monster-diagnostics-20220327-1748.zip
  7. @bonienl Rebooted to safe mode - will see. Unfortunately that seems to have disabled the Nvidia plugin so some of my dockers are not working as they rely on it. Is it possible to enable just some plugins?
  8. I moved to RC2 to fix docker networking problem that was crashing my server. Seemed to be better for some time. Have since updated to rc3/4 when available. Having almost daily crashes often overnight when nobody is using server. Completely offline and off the network, cannot connect. Server went offline again 06:36 am today. I've got syslog server turned on but in the syslog the last entry was from 2 hours before it went offline. diagnostics attached. I'm beyond frustrated at the instability of my server. About ready to give up. appreciate any help. monster-diagnostics-20220324-0948.zip
  9. If you are pulling from rust you may be seeing the max transfer speed of the drive. Remember it’s not raid. did you try a nvme or ssd cache drive transfer?
  10. I think he means don’t assign from unraid. It will acquire from DHCP server
  11. "Coin prices are unavailable from AllTheBlocks, so no fiat conversion in Machinaris currently." that's ok, you don't want to look anyway...
  12. Too simple but you aren’t using a breakout cable from mini sas card are you?
  13. I've had this error. I have multiple 16TB drives filled mostly up (100-200GB left). No idea why is there but I don't like the sounds of it either.
  14. Had this before and it wasn't showing reason for locks. Set up a syslog share on cache SSD set to cache only and activated via local syslog server: not seeing any files in the share, how often is this updated?