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  1. This is it. Set to strict all good now. Thank you.
  2. Is anyone else having this problem? I checked on my backup server at another site and same problem.
  3. I am attempting to access my server via https://tower.local and https://<serverip>. On previous versions it would redirect to provisioned cert https://xxxxxxxx.myunraid.net/Main. Now I am prompted with an ssl not secure prompt. I attempted to turn off ssl/tls and turn back on. Re-provisioned the cert still no go. If I go directly to the https://xxxxxxxx.myunraid.net/Main link it works correctly. Not sure if anyone has a fix for this or ran into this problem?
  4. Ya mine is very slow then. It took about 12hours to do 880GB. I am creating an initial backup not sure if it takes longer the first time. What could I do to increase backup speed?
  5. Curious what time of speeds people are getting with their backups? I am using borgmatic to backup to a remote server via ssh. Speeds are approx 20Mb/s. I have tested both with iperf and copying files to the remote server and reach speeds of 110+Mb/s. Are there any tips to increase the speeds? I was considering running an additional instance of borgmatic to backup seperate repos but this just seems redundant.
  6. I have two servers one running 6.9.2 and my backup server is on 6.10-rc7. When attempting to connect from the backup server to my primary, I get the below error. When doing the inverse everything works correctly and no errors reported. I have tried deleting the .ssh folder from the flash/configs and recreating the connection but the problem persists. Also tried resetting permissions, still a no go. Any idea what causes this? It does seem to allow the connection I just don't like errors. Thanks in advance for any help. root@XXXXXX:~# ssh Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/id_ed25519': hostfile_replace_entries: link /root/.ssh/known_hosts to /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old: Operation not permitted update_known_hosts: hostfile_replace_entries failed for /root/.ssh/known_hosts: Operation not permitted
  7. Does anyone know how Borg works in regard to deduplication, specific to files of the same name. I am curious of photo backups specifically. Will it determine files of the same name and check if the are different files. My camera repeats the names of files and I want to make sure all photos are retained regardless of file names.
  8. I tried this thinking the same thing. I created a new repo and it still backs up the recycle bin folder. SOLVED: for anyone else with this problem I was able to exclude using **/.Recycle.Bin
  9. How do I get exclude patterns to work? I have the recycle bin plugin installed it adds /.Recycle.Bin to each folder. I have tried every combination I can think of and it still backs it up. exclude_patterns: - '- [Tt]rash' - '- [Cc]ache' - '- */.Recycle.Bin' - '- /.Recycle.Bin'
  10. This worked although not sure the cause. I never moved the repo. Only difference is omitting the user prior to the ip. Thanks for your help.
  11. Wondering if someone can give me a hand. I am trying to backup to a remote server also on unraid. I successfully created my ssh keys and init the repo. However the backup fails to run via 'borgmatic create -v 2 --files --stats'. I also tried to just manually create a test backup via 'borg create --stats root@ ~/mnt/user/music' and it fails with similar errors. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I can get borg to work fine via the nerdpack plugin but would like to use this docker. I have attached the errors below. TIA Borgmatic Response: Manual borg create: My Config.yaml
  12. 1. Cache drive is not required to boot into Unraid GUI. Sounds like you may have overheated m.2 drive, causing possible failure. It is also possible your board is triggering thermal protection or will not boot do to a bad fan. It is unlikely the USB failed as well. 2. If cache is dead and you do not have a backup of appdata folder you will need to install any dockers and there respective configs from scratch. As long as your cache drive is not encrypted (provided it is not bad) the data would be accessible. How you access this would depend on its file system. I would try removing the m.2 from the system and see if you can get things to boot.
  13. Did you try loading a fresh unraid USB without your config. Just leave everything default. If that won’t load you have a hardware issue? Maybe RAM? Also try resetting Bios to defaults.