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  1. AH! I was trying to do everything from within the machinaris configuration settings from the webUI! Thank you so very much.
  2. Don't see this anywhere in my config. I assume this would go in the farming section. Sorry to be dense, but unclear on the syntax: So insert this into my farming yaml?: plots_dir: key=plots_dir value=/plots:/chiapoolplots (will this also keep farming my old plots? I thought this is what plot_directories: under harvester was setting).
  3. I am still struggling with getting online with pool plotting. I started plotting to a different directory for my pool plots so I can keep them separated. Original plots were saved to /plots and new ones are going to /chiapoolplots My /chiapoolplots share has files in it (14 in there currently) so the plotter is working and the share is mapped correctly.. Under farming tab none of these plots is showing up (only older plots) Under settings/farming I have: plot_directories: - /plots - /chiapoolplots What am I miss
  4. @nimaim So I've managed via user script to set power limit for my 3080 upon array startup. However if using this container will allow more control that would be nice - but If I understand you correctly I have to run it once for each card and then stop it/them and then startup the actual mining docker after that? Do you automate this? Seems clunky, but if it works.... I need to add a second card to my server and it's different than the first one, so I'm leery of how to get power settings running for each card correctly.
  5. Interesting - my plotman.yaml didn't have anything listed at all for the pool_contract_address even though I'm up to date. It did not have the comments about removing either. I commented out pool_pk and added manually pool_contract_address. chia plotnft show gives me Wallet ID 2 and wallet ID 3. I am also plotting flax so I guess that's what ID3 is? I selected the address after "payout instructions" and pasted this to follow the pool_contract_address. I tried leaving it blank to auto fill as you suggested but it would not save, gave me error
  6. So I need some help with Pools. I started plotting what I thought were portable pool plots as soon as we were able. I set them up under "self pool". I've since joined flexpool but I don't seem to get any results from them and my ID is not showing in their system. My plots when I check them list my address as pool key which is what I thought the self-pool would set up as, but I understood that if I joined a pool it would transfer those plots over. However Flexpool help said "If you have a pool public key from the 'chia plots check' or gui, then it is not a portable plot an
  7. I really miss raid6. When this happened I would just yank a drive replace it and it was back to normal. during an unraid parity rebuild on a dual parity array let’s say a second drive fails - all my data would still be correct if I added back two drives and rebuilt right? I assume that the parity drives don’t stop doing their job during a rebuild, especially given it takes about 2 -days- for my array to do the parity.
  8. I have a drive that is throwing multiple errors and probably needs replaced. I also had included in the array but now want to replace it with an unassigned device because it will be used solely for CCTV recording ala spaceinvader video recommendations (not slowing array, no excess wear on parity disks given constant writes). Since I have dual parity on my system, can I just remove the drive and rebuild parity? I'm not really sure, but it seems WAY to complicated to do such a simple task as remove a drive. Unraid really should have a checkbox on a drive saying 'remove this from a
  9. Ok will try. Wish there was a way to be able to restart without losing plots - I stop plotting but it takes hours before I'm able to restart. Thank you.
  10. I waited until Flax ledger was updated and I'm now fully synced, but alerts log is full of Flax harvester appears to be offline messages. Is there something special that I have to do further to farm my plots on the Flax chain?
  11. Apparently Chia version supporting pools is now officially released - Any idea on timeline for support? I stopped my plotting so I've got a few hours before they ones remaining are done, so take your time 😁
  12. Hopefully someone can help because I'm about to go mad. I have a Plex server up and running on a NUC on my network. I have added a new Plex installed docker on my unraid server (different physical machine, different IP). When I open up the container from the docker tab in unraid, even though It's a brand new install it shows my my users the only thing I can do is select one and then I appear to be logged into my NUC instance of Plex. How can I get to the NEW unraid docker version of Plex and set it up and start using it for access. I've tried
  13. I am running trex miner in a docker to mine Eth with my Nvidia 3080 GPU. I run the following commands manually from an Unraid console instance to reduce power from almost 400 watts down to 225: nvidia-smi -pm 1 nvidia-smi -i 0 -pl 227 Is there a way for these two commands to run automatically upon restart of the array? If I reboot or stop/start the array and forget to do it manually then it's running REALLY hot and wasting a bunch of electricity. advTHANKSance
  14. Mine says 64Gb and then down below says 62. Not sure why yours is so low.
  15. Downloaded new version and trying to use the new madmax. I think I changed my config for plotting as per recommendation but each time I try to start it it says "starting" then "plotman started successfully" but no cores being used and nothing showing up in plotting as ongoing and it says "idle" at the top. My config: # Learn more about Plotman at https://github.com/ericaltendorf/plotman # https://github.com/ericaltendorf/plotman/wiki/Configuration#versions version: [1] logging: # DO NOT CHANGE THIS IN-CONTAINER PATH USED BY MACHINARIS! plot
  16. Is there a guide on how to setup and run a server - would love to host one. This brings back great memories.
  17. That looks really cool - would be awesome to stop burning NVME drives! Here's hoping.
  18. @mcai3db3 - thanks, that's what I missed. So I guess I have to run that each time I restart unraid then as well? Still hoping for undervolting ability as would drop temps a lot, but at least I can run - appreciate you. edit: is it possible to set fan settings manually? would like 100% to keep memory cool
  19. Came to try this after no success in Phoenix miner with power control. Might be same problem here I guess. My gtx3080 will only run full power which overheats and is not efficient. I really REALLY hope someone can get overclocks to work but I'd settle for power limit if I could at least get it to work. Based on what was posted above, I opened a terminal in unraid (not the docker) and typed the following: nvidia-smi -i 0 -pl 240 The system reply was: Power limit for GPU 00000000:21:00.0 was set to 240.00 W from 370.00 W. Warning
  20. Well I guess I'll be looking at other alternatives since nobody seems to be able to help, I'm not running a 3080 at stock timings and power usage - that's cray cray.
  21. Unraid is saying there is update to Machinaris, but I see nothing posted here. I'm already running 0.3.1. Please advise.
  22. Thanks - that's perfect. I'm not familiar with this forum software.
  23. I can't seem to get the power settings to change anything. I am running a GTX3080 with additional phoenix parameters: -powlim -35 -cclock -200 -mclock +1200 -tt -80 logs show: [96mEth speed: 86.820 MH/s, shares: 59/0/0, time: 0:48 [0mEth: New job #810a28b0 from eth-us-east.flexpool.io:4444; diff: 4000MH [95mGPU1: 78C 90% 337W From what I understand I should be around 230 watts with these settings so they don't seem like they are reducing my power levels at all. edit: I don't think it's passing any of my command arguments through as I also a
  24. Is it posible to use SSL for this? I put port 5555 as recommended per flex pool for ssl access to their pool but it won't connect. SOLVED IT: Figured it out: you have to change the pool setting, ie.: "ssl://eth-us-east.flexpool.io:5555". you can't just put the ssl port at the end you have to preface the pool name with ssl://