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  1. Just found this thread after searching for bluray ripping in unraid. Can it be setup to add multiple languages? I want to rip all pixar/disney blurays I have laying around. For that I need original language + our local language. Do I get any control at all on how the quality will end up at the end for my .mkv?
  2. Thank you, got it working with linuxserver, not with binhex. I enable it, but when I play a movie the settings gets reset. Is like all settings in the binhex container resets. When adding shared network folder I get an error. When adding the same path to linuxserver og binhex-emby there is no issue at all, only for binhex-jellyfin. Same goes for some of the other settings like use nfo, transcoding and some other stuff. nfs://unraid-server/mnt/user/shared/media/movies/
  3. How can I use this with my nvidia 1060 card for hw acceleration and transcoding?
  4. Hi I was looking into the borg+rclone setup and it looks like this is what I need. Is it possible to change the script to get discord notifications and not email notifications when backups has error or is done?
  5. Really helpful! I was asking because I already seen all the spaceinvader videos and haven't seen him change the icon theme for krusader in any of them!
  6. Is it possible to change the toolbar icons in krusader?
  7. I see there is a lot of .torrent files in \rutorrent\share\users\admin\torrents Can I delete these without creating any problems for files being seeded? Why are some torrents stored in this folder in addition to the session folder?
  8. I did set it up manually when using Airvpn. If it is just as easy and a one time thing I dont mind doing it manually Need to look into it before deciding. Thank you One more thing. I see that my container is using both google and opendns. Should I remove them and use the ones in the pia/air excampel on github? From: NAME_SERVERS,,,,,,, To: NAME_SERVERS=,,,,,,,
  9. I see there are option to use PIA and AIR. If I want to use torguard, do I just set it to custom, add username:password and openvpn files like I normaly do using PIA? Or is there a different approach to get torguard working with rtorrentvpn? Any reason not to choose torguard? With 50% off it is a really nice offer so I am considering them over PIA now that my subscription runs out.
  10. I little update here if anyone else has the same issue. I added acpi_enforce_resources=lax to the syslinux.cfg and now all fans show up in unraid. So to next issue. My motherboard is from asus and all fans are controlled from bios based on MB temp. To control the fans from unraid and not from bios how do I configure them in bios? For DC mode and PWM mode I got some additional options. Edit: Ok, so I am getting somewhere. I set the q-control in BIOS to disabled and I can now control the drives from the plugin. My last issue is how do I get it to control more than one fan from my motherboard?
  11. Hmm. I have detected all sensors running sensors-detect. Running owmconfig I get this message There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed I know the board has pwm for fans and that my fans support it.
  12. Hi. Trying to figure out how to control my fans from unraid. My Asus Maximus Hero II dont detect any fans at all. I have tried different settings in bios regarding DC mode, PWM mode and also disable but it wont detect any fans at all. For temps it shows all of them, only fans that causes a problem. Drivers in use are coretemp nct6775. Is there any other drivers I should test with?
  13. @JoeUnraidUser Will take a look at the script. Thank you This is how I have it setup now. I want to keep it this way, but in addition I want to create a backup of flashdrive/appdata using duplicati. In duplicati it is really easy to choose one file or folder to restore. That wont work if I take backup of the zip files from CA backup/restore. If I figure out how to restore a singel file or folder the backup created by ca backup/restore I would probably drop duplicati for appdata folder.