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  1. The VM options is a bit borked and when i change the view
  2. So we don't need to use the following anymore for plex ? NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES: NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES: and only need to keep using: --runtime=nvidia
  3. Changed it, and i also redownloaded a new .conf file just to be sure. and now it works. Time for me to test it also with rtorrentvpn and then see how the speeds are going
  4. I'm trying to get QbtVPN running with Wireguard, My VPN service (Torguard) supports Wireguard and portforwarding. I read the 2 links VPN Docker FAQ and Further Help. I also tried rTorrentVPN and i'm getting the same error. 2020-10-14 20:21:44,495 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] Having issues resolving name '' [debug] Retrying in 5 secs... [debug] 11 retries left I've added the supervisord.log that i run with the debug enabled.supervisord.log Also added the docker compose of unraid. Yes I know i don't use the default ports, but it's because i have
  5. Using up number it have the error, Using host name and it worked
  6. I love the ability to add one drive of any size at a time in unraid to grow my array What i really mis is a nice overview of the health of the drives.
  7. if i use krusader it only shows me the *.tar.gz and when i go in to it it shows me the files. any settings that might got messed up that it's double packed for me ? my settings
  8. I was wondering when looking at the following why is the *.tar.gz bigger then the *.tar inside the *.tar.gz ?
  9. if sonarr/radarr/plex does a a scan it spins up your harddrives, you also could check if your download location in set to your cache drive, and if your download client data/database also is set to your cache drive
  10. i'm using the "linuxserver/nzbget" version and i don't have that issue anymore using Currently installed: 21.0 version. i used to have the stuck issue a few times even when i was testing it on my windows machine.
  11. actually you shouldn't edit anything in a container because that changes after a update of the container, all changes should be in your appdata config file of that app. it would help if you tell which container and what you want to do.
  12. for automatic backup or manual backup ?
  13. Curious why ? wouldn't it be good to have a backup of your files on the USB ?
  14. you need to install from the nerdpackage the following
  15. would it be possible to have the same way of backup you use for the appdata for the USB/Flash drive ? meaning that the USB drive also get archived ? 0 compression wouldn't be a real issue, this way we got multiple backups of it