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  1. thank you, what are the correct parameters to add it manually?
  2. Still no joy on nextcloud 21 waiting on update. -anyone got the repository "linuxserver/nextcloud tag ?"
  3. I'm having very similar issue. In my case it looks like its related some how to delugevpn. I have noticed the high (inbound/outbound) Traffic seems to stop/normalize when I stop delugevpn or when If pause downloads.
  4. need some help applying updates/hotfixes; Security Alert Important Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) security fix. Please upgrade as soon as possible. 3.9.3 / 3.8.4 / 3.7.4 / 2.4.14 / 1.3.5 Security Alert Critical security hotfix for Live Chat available in our latest releases 3.10.5, 3.9.7, 3.8.8. Please upgrade as soon as possible. how do i go about applying these updates/fixes, currently unraid shows up-to-date
  5. only issues I'm having with NC is this error code. Client error: `GET https://documentserver.MYDOMAIN.COM /healthcheck` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response: <html> <head><title>400 Bad Request</title></head> <body> <center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center> <hr><center>ngin (truncated...) can someone translate this to English for me please and thank you. -onlyoffice for some reason stopped working. I suspect im in need of an updated onlyoffice.subdomain.conf file to work with swag (could be
  6. I need of some help with bitwarden "bitwarden.subdomain.conf" file. looks like Swag last update update, upgraded its proxy files. I was able to upgrade all other proxy files but for some reason can figure this one out. old - bitwarden.subdomain.conf - - working #BITWARDEN # make sure that your domain has dns has a cname or a record set for the subdomain bitwarden # This config file will work as is when using a custom docker network the same as letesencrypt (proxynet). # However the container name is expected to be "bitwardenrs" as it is by default the template as this na
  7. Do we know what the correct/safe power up/down sequence is? -From the write-up looks like power on the disk shelf first (give it a minute or 2). Then power on server/host? Power down? 1. Power down server/host 2.Power switch on disk shelf correct me if im wrong?
  8. Before i launch this NMC out the... unRaid w/ Network UPS Tools (NUT) w/SNMP = no joy unRiad w/o Network UPS Tools (NUT) w/SNMP = missing "NOMINAL POWER, UPS LOAD" pfSense w/ Network UPS Tools (NUT) w/SNMP = joy someone please explain, pfSense w/ Network UPS Tools (NUT) w/SNMP settings are dead simple. Maybe need help with the settings for unRaid w/ Network UPS Tools (NUT) w/SNMP.
  9. meh, need some help. Unraid to UPS ping successful UPS to Unraid ping successful running a Smart-UPS-2200 w/AP9631 ____________________________ Start APC UPS daemon: Yes UPS cable: Either Custom UPS cable: UPS type:PCnet Device:ipadrr:username:pass ____________________________ AP9631 not compatible w/Unraid?
  10. QSFP(SFF-8436) to MiniSAS(SFF-8088) DDR Cable
  11. if you are just starting from scratch, i was able to solve this problem by removing the miradb docker also removing the miriadb folder rmdir -r /mnt/user/appdata/mariadb/
  12. Plug and Play here -Unraid 6.8.3 -Dell R710 II w/Dell H200 in IT Mode -LSI 9200-8e in IT Mode -NetApp DS4246 24-Bay IOM6