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  1. Good call, dlandon. I ran the permissions tool on that share and it worked fine. Cheers, Richard
  2. Thanks dlandon, It says access denied by server. The settings for the desired share on the other server are identical to the settings for the share that does work. Further, the desired share can be accessed by Windows computers on the network. Is there anything I need to do on the other server besides create a share and make it public?
  3. A while ago, I created an NFS to a share on a remote unRaid server which mounts fine. Now I'm trying to create another NFS to a different share on the same remote unRaid server. Both of the remote shares have NFS security settings set to Export Public. The source for the new NFS is: When I try to mount, it says mounting, but then fails. Am I missing a step? How would I debug this? Thanks, Richard
  4. RichardU

    Can I access drives without starting array?

    Thanks turl, and thanks again to johnnie.black. The USB is well and truly dead (Sandisk Cruzer Ultra Fit USB 3.1 16GB). It will not be recognized by at least four computers. I reported it to Sandisk, and they sent me a postage paid label for replacement. I replaced the USB with a Cruzer Fit (not Ultra) and put it in a USB 2 slot. I think I read somewhere they run cooler. Everything is back running fine now. This is a case of no good deed going unpunished. My previous USB worked fine for 8 years, but it was big and over 8 years old so I thought I would wisely replace it with a fancy new low-profile USB. Worse, I put the same model new USB on my other unRaid server. Now I'm waiting for that one to fail.
  5. RichardU

    Can I access drives without starting array?

    Thanks, Squid. USB backup to a separate destination is a great idea I wish I had thought of in advance.
  6. RichardU

    Can I access drives without starting array?

    Right. Thanks.
  7. RichardU

    Can I access drives without starting array?

    Thanks, johnnie.black The directions from the other post are below. I tried this by opening a Terminal through the GUI, and created the directory with no problem. My drives are: sdh, sdi, sdj, sdk etc. However, when I try to mount any of them (e.g. mount -o ro /dev/sdj /x) I get this: mount: /x: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdg, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. I looked up this error, but didn't see any solutions outside of working within the array. Any ideas? Or, would it make sense to throw a new drive in the system, and create an array with one drive and no parity, so I could explore the other drives using Unassigned disks? Richard
  8. My USB device just failed. I'm using CA Backup/Restore Appdata so I should have a backup of the USB in /mnt/user/Backup/CA Backups/flashdrive. I can start the machine with a generic installation on a new USB device but then none of the drives are accessible. So what is the best way to access /mnt/user/Backup/CA Backups/flashdrive ? I don't know my configuration, so I don't want to start the array without knowing what I'm doing. Any ideas? Thanks, Richard Also, I just replaced my original USB device with a "new, better" one (that has now failed), so it's been there less than a year. I sent an email to unraid.
  9. Thanks for asking. Sadly, no. Still getting the same error. So why is this post marked solved? Should we start a new post?
  10. I have two pro-level unRAID installations and they are great. I love the web UI and VM. In fact, I like VMs so much I'd like to put them other machines that don't need unRAID. (And buying additional unRAID licenses is somewhat prohibitive -- I wish they had a free 1-drive license similar to the 3-drive license they had before.) Does anyone have any ideas for a simple installation that could run VMs with a nice UI similar to unRAID? I've played around with CENTOS. No matter what I want to do, there always seems to be some little detail that drags me down the Linux rabbit hole. I know some of you love that rabbit hole, but for me, it's like ordering off a menu in Chinese with no pictures. Thanks for your help. Richard
  11. RichardU

    How to access private shares?

    I just tried the same thing with the latest Win 10-64 and no problems except I created a user, not a "profile". I would imagine that's what you meant, but thought I'd mention this just in case.
  12. I just did the firmware update. I have two cache drives, so I thought I'd be clever and remove them one at a time. If I ever do this again, I will just shut down the server instead and take them both out at once. The update only takes a few minutes and doesn't affect the data on the drive.
  13. I'm getting this error as well. Not where I can easily delete and reload everything. Richard
  14. RichardU

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Gog, I think I should buy you a Grog. That seems to do it. The conf file needed some gentle persuasion. Cheers, Richard
  15. RichardU

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Thanks for your response. I do have label.conf, but my core.conf does not contain "Label" under "enabled_plugins" My permissions are: root@Tower:/mnt/cache/cache_only/appdata# ls -l drwxrwxr-x 1 nobody users 534 Jun 11 00:00 binhex-delugevpn/ root@Tower:/mnt/cache/cache_only/appdata/binhex-delugevpn# ls -l -rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 2438 Jun 11 23:12 core.conf -rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 2094 Jun 11 00:00 label.conf Do I need to reset permissions somehow? I read that "Docker Safe New Perms" will not work on appdata. What command would I use? Thanks again, Richard