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  1. Do you by any chance have an ad blocker installed? If so make sure you disable it
  2. Somewhat related to this thread since this is all about APC SmartUPS and Unraid Anyone figured out how to update the firmware from command line without connecting the UPS to a windows box? I don't have a windows PC in my house at all. I've tried to pass through the device connected to my mac into a windows VM, but it's not working. The APC Firmware updater doesn't see the device.
  3. For those using AirConnect container: Is there a way to change the config so that I can disable some speakers? For example, i'm having some duplicates appear for my sonos speakers that support AirPlay already. Reading the AirConnect github docs, there is a mention of a config.xml file that's created but I don't see any config path set in the docker container so am assuming the file is within the docker container itself which means it's blown away each upgrade. Also, I have no idea where this file is within the container when i'm exploring via console
  4. I used to use nvidia unraid to get hardware transcoding in plex container, but now that is broken due to changes in the nvidia unraid plugin support since it's deprecated and I am waiting on Unraid 6.9 which will have the drivers baked in. However, I'm on Unraid 6.8.3 right now, so now sure if i can get nvidia gpu acceleration working in Tdarr? I tried to run one plugin that uses NVENC and get the error: Cannot load Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do I need to get the drivers supported into unraid to get this working (so Unraid 6.9)? Or is t
  5. I just became a patreon supporter. How do I install the pro_latest version in unraid when using the tdarr_aio version?
  6. I have a bunch of custom scripts on the flash drive through the User Scripts plugin that I'd like to backup on a regular, versioned, basis. Wondering what the best way is? I don't mind putting it on the array vs somewhere remote, but wondering what suggestions people had before I roll my own thing with rsync or something else like the following. I don't have to backup much, and would prefer a UI to do it.
  7. Slightly off topic but related to the libraries that are installed by NerdPack: What is the best way to verify in a command line script that libzen and libmediainfo are installed? I'm new to libraries like this and have some scripts that are using mediainfo. I'm verifying that mediainfo is installed, but woudl like to verify the dependencies are also installed. Anyone that's an expert here give me a tip on what i could use in a bash script? Is a basic way just checking for existence of /usr/lib64/ and /usr/lib64/
  8. I have it only running locally, so am not the expert on this. However, some info: Look at their official docs: You could ask in their community: don't expose externally and require VPN/Wireguard?
  9. Support for n8n docker Application: n8n Application Site: Docker Hub: Github: Official Community Support: Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker you have in this thread.
  10. Ok let me try that and see if it works for me. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Not sure where to ask this question, but where do I get documentation on how to create XML Templates for apps? I'm piecing togehter what I need by looking at existing XML templates (e..g LinuxServers) but I don't understand some pieces. Mostly around all the attributes for the <config> sections with variables. For example, what is "TARGET" attribute used for? Is there no good documentation for this? Or have I just missed it? Everything I find is super old.
  12. I've created a custom xml file in /boot/config/plugins/community.applications/private/<foldername>/helloWorld.xml but it's not showing up under private apps. Only stuff from DockerHub are showing up that I've previously installed which are all in: /boot/config/plugins/community.applications/private/DockerHub I didn't see any way to refresh community apps from settings or anything. What am I missing?