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  1. Have you installed Nvidia unraid already? Not just the plugin but the modified OS?
  2. I got this installed and container is running. Logs say nothing is wrong. however, when i try to hit the web dashboard, I get chrome error saying "too many redirects" and it doesn't load. Manually hitting doesn't work, it redirects me to Any ideas?
  3. Yes you should only upgrade through the Nvidia unraid plugin settings tool, Otherwise you’ll revert to the non-nvidia build
  4. Yes you should only upgrade through the Nvidia unraid plugin settings tool, Otherwise you’ll revert to the non-nvidia build
  5. In the docker container settings, What is your path for /transcode set to?
  6. I updated the post to say that it does now have granularity. You have full granularity of cron schedules but you can also pick dummy proof schedules like - run at array start - run daily - run hourly Etc
  7. I actually just updated that post to say I use option 4 which is the user scripts plugin. Far better and easier way to manage scripts you need to run. Highly recommended.
  8. This isn’t updating the driver by itself this is updating unraid which I know how to do I was understanding that post I quoted to mean we could update the drivers independently (which others have corrected me saying you can’t)
  9. how do you update the nvidia driver? I tried to look through the first few posts of this thread and can’t find that info. I noticed that the nvidia site has a slightly newer set of drivers.
  10. Ok I ran the eth0 restart command and that got me an IP! Not sure what’s going on and why I can’t get an IP during boot. I’ll set it to fixed Ip like you suggested.
  11. I restarted after the first reboot post-6.8.0 install and then subsequently powered down to pull the USB key. I've attached the diagnostics that were created as part of that shutdown in case that helps. I'll try the command you recommended to see if that solves anything. Regarding your suggestion to set a fixed address, which file do I edit to specify a fixed IP? tower-diagnostics-20191214-1414.zip
  12. Okay, i actually managed to wrangle my children for a moment so was able to quickly unrack and get the USB key. I've attached it to the original post.
  13. Oh man what a pain. My usb stick is inside the case and it’s rackmounted. I’ll get it done.... later tonight
  14. I just upgraded to 6.8.0 and when server rebooted it can no longer get an IP. It’s listed as the dreaded I get all the way to login prompt and can login. I have a monitor and keyboard connected to the server but can not access web GUI obviously. I’ve double checked cables and there is an active link to my switch so it’s not the cables. Lights are lit on both the server NIC and my switch. help? Update: I've attached logs. tower-diagnostics-20191214-1413.zip
  15. If you installed the unraid nvidia version and setup the Linux server plex container correctly (specifying the nvidia runtime and Your Gpu is) it should just work