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  1. What did the issue end up being caused from?
  2. Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel NEW: (Transcoder) Update to current upstream ffmpeg (Transcoder) Support for hardware transcoding on Linux with Intel 9th-gen processors (Transcoder) Support for VC-1 hardware decoding on supported platforms (Transcoder) Support for hardware decoding on Linux with Nvidia GPUs (Transcoder) Support for zero-copy hardware transcoding on Linux with Nvidia GPUs (Transcoder) Support for zero-copy hardware transcoding of interlaced media https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server/30447/286
  3. I've found a lot of information about sharing primary GPUs used for unraid with VMs, or trying to sharing between docker containers and VMs. I'm looking to dedicate a Nvidia GT 720 to a Win10 VM. 1. What do I need to do to accomplish this? What's the best 2019 guides? 2. Is it possible to share a GPU across multiple VMs or is that asking for trouble?
  4. I just bought an Nvidia GT 720 (specifically this card) to dedicate to a Windows 10 VM to just overall improve the performance of it as a daily general desktop usage. The overall UX is sluggish, and my research indicates this is likely due to not having a GPU, so I'm testing that theory with this relatively cheap ($60) GPU. I've noticed a lot of discussion almost entirely to GTX based cards. Does all this discussion apply to my card as well? I don't plan to share it with other VMs just yet, but could see myself wanting to if that's even possible.
  5. Is it direct playing? If so there’s no transcoding needed. Also are you passing in the nvidia runtime param in the container’s “extra parameters”?
  6. I'm running unraid 6.7.2 watch nvidia-smi does show the transcoder working and video plays fine. Just the error is bothering me because i'm trying to watch for the malformed image error and when someone that doesn't know how to use direct play on my server comes on i get spammed with this error. I had this error when I was mistakenly including a modprobe command in my go file which I think was exposing my quick sync cpu. I can’t remember which modprobe it was but as soon as I removed it and rebooted my plex logs no longer had the error. ..: or it could’ve been a coincidence and my reboot is the thing that solved it
  7. Oh dammit. I missed that part. Didn’t even know about this config thing you’re talking about.
  8. @Squid @itimpi Tried doing what you guys suggested but I couldn't add 2 parity drives AND add a drive for expansion. Unraid dashboard said this wasn't possible and wouldn't even give an option to start the array. So I left the old parity drive out of the array for now, and it's rebuilding the parity with the 2 new 8TB drives. did something changes in recent versions of unraid that prevents pairty drive change and expansion at same time?
  9. Good idea about making all the changes at once to reduce the downtime. I have a question about the latter part of your advice about being able to recover. While parity is being built, if the 6TB (old parity) drive is added to the array, won't there be a risk of writes happening to that disk? I thought the array was functional (just not protected) during adding of the 2 x 8TB drives as new parity drives.
  10. @itimpi @Squid I think i'll probably roll the dice and go with the unprotected array for a period of time to speed things up. So to clarify, is the procedure: Stop Array Remote Remove existing 6TB parity drive Add both new 8TB drives as 2 parity drives Let it rebuild, once done I'm set for dual parity. I can then add the 6TB drive that was parity back into the array for more storage ?
  11. Yeah the title is correct. I figured your suggestion would work but worried about being unprotected during that time. Is the array unavailable during the entire rebuild? What’s the rough eta of a parity rebuild with two 8TB drives or is that dependent on size of the array? (I’m at 27TB total, about 17TB used). Thanks for this tip.
  12. The default color theme has always bothered me. I’m not color blind so can’t even imagine how hard it is for you.