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  1. Yea I'm fortunate that my server mess is in the loft. Can be as loud as it wants. Also part of the reason why those drives got so warm, in Summer its like a hotbox up there. I've done some extractor fan magic and chassis mods to get it under control. But that said yup, my chassis came with a pair of PWS-920P-SQ I think this chassis now with its mods will be my chassis for life. I've done all the upgrades, upgraded backplane to the SAS3 variant and did the Noctua fan mods. I also used to run a Gigabyte board in it, but just replaced that recently to a SM
  2. Surely! I'll try this next time but as of right now I'm just not spinning down the drives. I guess I could and try then for next time I need to restart. Fortunately I have no data on these Seagate drives yet, so they never need to spin up unless I'm restarting or Parity. So those drive temps are from old Chassis... I have since upgraded to Supermicro 846 and done the Noctua fan mods. Now drives dont get much above 40 in the middle of summer. Right now they are a cool 22c
  3. HAHA its all good! Just pointed it out as I saw it. Thanks for the constant development! You rock.
  4. What about making it an option that a user can choose? As then I could have tested that, maybe bonds take a little bit extra to get fully connected. I will re-enable the bond again another day and test that further.
  5. Kinda wish I didnt uninstall the plugin and reinstall before changing network But all good seems to be working, thanks for putting up with me. Like I say I'm not saying it is connected or this plugin, just seemed odd. Or maybe the way Bonds work on boot.
  6. Seems to have pulled the version on boot just fine now. Interesting.
  7. Yup changed it back to active-backup the default setting to test.
  8. So I rebooted, got back into unraid, im now re-installing the plugin. Its pulling the latest driver as we speak. Once its back I'll try changing it down a version and back again.
  9. While I dont disagree it seems all too connected. Can you add a wait for network before continuing or an option pause for 10 seconds before checking network to allow it to come online?
  10. Network has been running perfectly fine for months. No other plugin gets these network related issues. Server is perfectly fine when booted, all dockers and all plugins and all VM's work. Its literally just this part during boot. Like I say I'm not sure if its related but this is the only plugin having issues. And rebooted perfectly fine until I removed this plugin and now my server doesnt get any network at all, just self assigned IP.
  11. So I removed the plugin and restarted unRAID, oh man, now it wont connect with any network. Not sure if its related but seems to be something funky with this plugin and network.
  12. Finally got home: cat /boot/config/plugins/nvidia-driver/settings.cfg first_installation=false driver_version=latest local_version=455.45.01 I'll try the reinstall and then test networks stuff now.
  13. It is a dedicated physical device. So internet should always be up and running. I also believe its a network issue, just not sure why or how to resolve. I'll do some more digging today and let you know. Maybe a simple delete plugin and reinstall and see how it goes as a first step. Then look into network issues.
  14. Yup I can download that file just fine. I am using pfBlockerNG via pfSense. Is there a way I can manually download that file and place it somewhere and reboot, and let it pick it up manually?