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  1. SavellM

    [support] pducharme's Dockers support thread

    Since the latest beta it wont start, just says upgrading when hitting the URL for hours
  2. SavellM

    Pimp Your Rig

    Fans are loud but not stupidly loud. The server cab is in the loft so doesnt matter to me about noise, they can be as loud as they want :)
  3. SavellM

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    NUT is the same. Missing those 3 values And I follow now, oh well is what it is, as long as unRAID still shuts down with the details it has, im happy
  4. SavellM

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    Thats the thing, right now I'm just using the usb settings. APCSmart and ModBus dont work, and just show UPS as disconnected. WHICH is probably right as I still cant figure out what to put in devices when selecting APC or Modbus... This I still need to figure out and am super confused by it lol.
  5. SavellM

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    Hey @frank1940 Thanks so much for following up, as of yet, no dice! Attached are the UPS details, hopefully this can help me get squared away. Any other advice?
  6. SavellM

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    Thanks @Frank1940 I did have a read of the online manual and got lost. This APC is brand new, but I cant say manufacture date. I cant figure out what to put in Devices to test out ModBus or APCSmart.
  7. SavellM

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    Hey guys, I just got a APC SMC1500I-2U Smart-UPS C 1500VA. Its plugged into my unRAID box vis USB. I have details i.e Battery Charge and Runtime, but its missing, Nominal Power, UPS Load & UPS Load % I've seen some screenshots where its got that info, any idea how I can get it? Also UPS Settings is set to USB, see screenshots. I guess I need to use APCSmart but not sure what to put in the Device box. Any help would be appreciated. loki-diagnostics-20180917-0005.zip
  8. SavellM

    SMB guide to get it right!

    Right you are! Using the ip worked! Cheers buddy
  9. Hey guys, I need some help/advice/guide on how to get SMB setup correctly. So basically I have a bunch of shares. Currently have just 1 user (root), but I have tried making other users. I want some of my shares to be Private, others Public and some Secure. I currently have everything set to public... Now when going to my tower eg \\tower, it asks for a username and password. I can just put in anything at all and it works and I can access. Lets say I create user Admin I give Admin read/write permissions to a share. As soon as I go back to \\tower it asks for a user name/password, now anything I put in doesnt work. And I cant even access the other public shares. So I'd really like some form of guide on how to setup smb shares correctly cause I'm sure im doing something wonky somewhere. Or maybe im just not entering my user/pass correctly. I also tried using root, no dice just get no permissions to access from my win 10 laptop. Thanks Digs attached just in case. loki-diagnostics-20180915-1509.zip
  10. SavellM

    Pimp Your Rig

    Finally got around to finishing my Rackmount setup and its pretty good looking Just finishing off the rest of my home network cabinet and will post that shortly.
  11. SavellM

    Plex 4k transcoding: New CPU or GPU offloading

    Does NVIDIA or GPU transcoding actually work yet on Linux/unRAID? I thought I read somewhere that it doesn't actually work yet, or am I mistaken?
  12. SavellM

    6.6.0rc1 Pre-Clear

    Ok cheers, will give it a whirl today
  13. SavellM

    6.6.0rc1 Pre-Clear

    Yeah does the plugin still work? Thought I was told it wasnt working anymore
  14. SavellM

    6.6.0rc1 Pre-Clear

    Do we still do preclear? I dont see the option for this anymore. Unless I'm blind? Or how can I run a pre-clear on a new drive?
  15. SavellM

    LSI 9201-8i vs 9211-8i

    Thanks man