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  1. Stick your network to bridge and try again
  2. Yeah I get that. You're going to have to make a cut off at some point. I guess the results will be the same if you do it at 6.9 or 6.10. You're going to have to tell people and just do it. What about releasing dual builds at the same time, one with and one without at least for now RC releases and 6.9 final? Reason I'm saying it is I am about to rebuild my server so would need to run the linuxserver plugin version, and I'd rather stick to official releases even if it is a RC. In all honesty its just me being selfish as I want to rebuild soon
  3. Watch this vid: Also paste your LetsEncrypt docker settings. Not sure how it works on Netgear routers, personally
  4. Ok I have a few questions if I may. 1) The NVIDIA drivers to be included, will that be included in the final release of 6.9 or a RC version before 6.9 final? Or after 6.9 comes out? 2) With the pools and future 7 release or whenever when we will have multiple pools for data can we pool the pools together? So like have 2 pools, with 4 parity drives (2 each pool) and then have increased read/write speed to the mechanical HDD's?
  5. Cheers that makes sense. Appreciate all the help. You guys really are the best community
  6. Ok but as i’ll be doing 2x 2 drive cache pools? Guess i’ll need to use BTRFS right? Dockers and all that stuff would need it right?
  7. HAHA another interesting take. My upload is pretty pants tho. Ok so 2 for XFS, think that decides it! Is that for CACHE drives too? Aren't they normally BTRFS by default?
  8. Sorry I meant I am moving and setting up a new unraid box, but coming from a ZFS setup so already own the drives. I have the drives that will be repurposed for unraid. I plan to make an offsite backup for my pics and important docs... How is the general consensus for XFS vs BTRFS? Will BTRFS become better for long term? Will XFS be better developed? Does it do CoW?
  9. Mate that is an awesome reply and made me rethink some things. Unfortunately I have all the drives already as I was using ZFS so yeah, needed them all to save having to mess around later with ZFS. I still have 2 slots free in my case/rack so can add another 2 drives in the future. I may disconnect a few and keep them as hot spares. I only have around 40tb worth of stuff. So @jonathanm as that's done, right now and for the current state of unraid and 6.9 looming, would you use XFS or BTRFS and to encrypt or not to? If I encrypt but my shares are public and a computer gets ransomware then it will encrypt the files on the drives even tho they are already encrypted right? The encryption is just if a drive dies or I sell one, no one else can read the info on that drive as it's encrypted, am I right in thinking that? Is there any benefit or drawback to using XFS or BTRFS in the CACHE pool or my main array?
  10. So if you happened to be starting again totally from fresh, how would you setup unraid? I'm talking encryption yes or no?, XFS or BTRFS, what about XFS/BTRFS for CACHE? and other general setup? I'm about to embark on a new build and wondering about best way to setup and drive formats to use for the future of unraid. What would be the best settings now for future and longevity of unraid. My setup will be: 20x 8tb Drives (Dual Parity) 2x 1tb SSD (Cache) 2x 250gb SSD (Plex/Emby transcode/library) (Maybe wait for rebuild until 6.9 is out with dual CACHE pools) Dual 10gbe network so anything to make transfer and read/writes good. So my Plex/Emby library was going to be just 1x unassigned device, but I have 2 identical drives to might as well use them as a pool incase one dies. I guess this feature is coming in 6.9 so happy to wait for that. I'm not asking about split level or setting up shares. But just general best use unraid. Like is BTRFS going to become the main format in the future, then why not use it now. OR if XFS is going to be the best supported going forward and what not. What about CoW or other features? Thanks all
  11. Hey guys, been away awhile as I wanted ZFS. I saw in the release notes it speaks about pools. Does this mean that you can pool drives to make like 2 or 3 pools so that you get better throughput when transferring data? Or doing massive uploads that are larger than cache? Just wondering if there is a bit more info on this part? Sorry I havent read all 5 pages.
  12. Thanks man. Sorry stupid question, but if I install the drives, and then click new config, that option wont wipe drives, they just remove the assignments. I'll then add the drives to their newly assigned positions and add my encryption key and boom, all data should be there and a parity rebuilt would start.
  13. So backup unraid box is empty. So I did have test drives in there, so I'll do the new config, add my existing drives 'WITH' data. That'll work right?