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  1. Hello! I was doing some testing and I deleted my SSL cert by click on the Delete option under Management Access. I then clicked on Provision to get a new cert, but with the new cert my browser is showing the cert is not secure. I don't think I did anything differently when I set this up originally. Can someone point me in the direction of what I'm missing to get SSL working properly again? What's weird is it shows the cert was issued in May. Thanks! EDIT: Figured it out. First the rebinding url changed from to Second I set it to strict to force SSL internally. Everything looks good now.
  2. There is an official docker image for it: Have you tried running it on unraid?
  3. Make sure you guys fill out the google form on that page so they have an idea of how many people want to keep a free version of their workspace. It's under:
  4. I've changed the tag on the docker image. If you edit your container you can change your Repository to be linuxserver/unifi-controller:version-6.5.55 I've had 0 issues with 6.5.55 since I upgraded
  5. Is anyone running 6.5.55 without any issues? The log4shell is a pretty massive exploit I'd like to keep patched on all of my applications. I've spent enough time patching it at work....
  6. I would love a history of Unraid with Tom. I would love to know how it got to where it is today, and where Tom see's it in the future.
  7. There are storage administrator jobs. Years ago I was a Storage Sysadmin that managed PB's of storage on NetApp and various EMC related products (clariion, vmax, datadomain). I also worked with backups, and managed the Unix servers (fun /s). Since then I've moved to a Cloud Engineering focused role. My path was Helpdesk -> SysAdmin -> Cloud Engineering I will tell you that being a storage admin is a very specialized role and IMO it's slowly dying out. The only place you'll find that role is large companies that have on-prem (data center) metal. I decided to move more to the engineering side because I didn't think the storage admin path would play out well in 5-10 years time. From what I've seen of my former co-workers that were on the team, about half have moved on to large companies to manage storage, the others went to more cloud related jobs. Most storage is so easily managed in the various cloud offering that there's almost no point in paying a person to solely manage it. I'm more than happy to expand on anything if you'd like. You can DM me if you want more specific info. I don't like to be too specific on public forums.
  8. Hi, Since Google neutered google photos backup in high quality a few years ago I've been backing everything up using google takeout. I starting thinking about how to automate this process since google lets you have takeout ready at certain intervals. But before I start scripting something up I was wondering if anybody has looked into doing something similar? Or even if they know of a way to backup original quality google photos. Thanks!
  9. My initial thought would be something like mkvinfo or even something like But I'm not sure if you can display all files with either of those
  10. Version 6.10.0 Beta 21 06/27 2021 Is that it?
  11. Haha I love when that happens! Glad it's working now
  12. I have the same service and gateway and have my servers running without any issues. I should add that I'm running the gateway behind pfsense but you should able to use my servers with the BWG without issues.