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  1. To convert a raw disk you just use the qemu-img command on a linux box eg: qemu-img convert -p -c -O qcow2 originaldisk.qcow2 newdisk.qcow2 Resulting newdisk.qcow2 is in qcow format. You can check with qemu-img info newdisk.qcow2
  2. Very minor, its only change from 65 was: > Improve application stability when using mobile apps. You need to stop the docker container and make a copy of it somewhere so that you can roll back if need be. Then change your tag to unifi-controller:version-7.1.66 and pray it upgrades. It can take like 10 minutes.
  3. Just upgraded to 7.1.66, as with the previous version there is pretty much no risk to upgrade if you are already on the 7 series.
  4. 7.1.65 has just minor bug changes so anyone on 7.1.61 should immediately just upgrade (take a copy of your docker obviously first)as there is an almost zero chance of anything going wrong.
  5. All of the 7 series have had no issues whatsoever for me so any of the version 7 versions are totally fine. Only thing I am unsure of is upgrading from an old version if you need to go via certain revisions or if you can just go from say 6.2.26 straight to the latest one.
  6. Changed my tag to and verified everything is working perfectly.
  7. The error indicates mongodb is not running so must be some issue with your setup. Either wrong port or something blocking it etc. You would need to look into that.
  8. The correct syntax is: --memory=2G not --memory="2g" which is a syntax you have made up and not appropriate.
  9. I mean, you are going to have to provide a lot more information about your particular setup before anyone can help. Collectively the community might know more than any individual about how things should work, but you alone are in possession on how your particular setup is configured so unless you tell us we will have no idea what to suggest.
  10. Did you set a memory limit as has been suggested many times in this thread? Also while on reading the thread did you set a version tag (eg: /unifi-controller:version-7.0.25) so your docker does not auto update past a revision without your knowledge, as has been suggested many times in this thread? Both these things are very important when using the unifi docker. Reason being the tag means you could have taken a manual backup before updating so you can always roll back to a prior version if you have a problem later on with anything, such as DB issue or any other issue.
  11. 7.0.25 has few changes and just a few bugfixes. Updating to it from 7.0.23 is very seamless.
  12. That is great, I would also agree with 7.0.23 being excellent and zero problems my side and nobody here moaning and reddit is quiet also on this version so probably everyone should try it and check they are happy. If nobody is complaining in a month or so about 7.0.23 we should just recommend that to anyone who asks. Its kind of easy when everyone has a stable version to then recommend how to upgrade from it to a later version (ie the exact steps) and also then everyone kind of knows how it works and what to expect etc. Plus this supports all their hardware currently so seems like a good place to me anyway.
  13. So I take it everyone loves 7.0.23 then? Looks like no complaints from anyone (other than the actual process of getting to 7.0.23 having a few kinks during upgrade, but once there all good right?).
  14. It was nothing major for me at least. Just the things like minimum speed the clients can connect at got set to auto (ie any speed they want) and non impact settings like that.