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  1. I dont use this plugin but I assume if you have the disk image you just make a new vm with the exact same settings and point it to the disk. Better yet if you saved the XML from before you can just copy and paste it back and it will be identical settings already for you.
  2. Yup so long as you never buy a wifi 6 device from them its the best. Problem is the wifi 6 devices are really good.
  3. Yup all booted with Big Sur now, correct resolution and all working with apple services etc. 100% acceptable VM.
  4. Just an update on this I got further by doing this on my host box : echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/module/kvm/parameters/ignore_msrs And was able to boot the big sur installation media.
  5. Same issue here as others are having. Following guide can install catalina with no issues whatsoever. If trying to use big sur then its just apple logo stuck and 1 cpu stuck seemingly doing something but actually nothing ever happens. I can even install cataline with opencore using unraid then copy over the big sur installer and make it appear in the boot menu but selecting the big sur installer does nothing and have to reset the machine and select boot from catalina instead. So it basically all works perfect up till the moment big sur is involved then all falls apart. If you try upgrade the
  6. I updated to 6.2.25 also on the weekend. It seems actually a good version. I have had no issues and you can close the advert these days also. My switch firmware is and the AP's are now so unifi have internally made the version numbers the same even though they are 2 different firmware files and sizes. Im sure this wont cause any confusion and be overlooked by anyone at some point in the future. Despite this it is all working so guess this version is good to go. Pete
  7. Ok this weekend Im going to do it then. If it breaks Im holding you guys accountable.
  8. I see on the forums not many people are having issues with this one so maybe its ok? If you guys say you dont have any issues I might try it in a couple days time. P
  9. Who is being nominated by everyone here to test tag version-6.2.25 from the unifi docker repo? One of you has to do it I did it last time.
  10. Nobody holds out any hope from unifi. Welcome to the club. if it works great. if not, try different versions and be miserable like the rest of us. Nobody here can change the state of affairs over at ubiquity. We all just have to struggle on together.
  11. As unifi provide the docker image, its up to you to go to the unifi forums and ask them what the error means.
  12. Set a tag in the docker eg: linuxserver/unifi-controller:version-6.1.71 Tags can be found from here:
  13. Maybe check with the guys over on the unifi forum?