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  1. What you did is fine. The disks are still xfs. Copying files to the unraid server Cannot alter the filesystem from xfs to something else. It is recommended to copy files to The unraid nas. Its the main feature. Carry on. Make sure To run the parity drive check if this is a new setup to ensure there are no errors sometime.
  2. I found pfsense was really bad with compatability so tried opnsense with seabios/i440fx and latest version of i440 in unraid 6.8.2 and it installed fine in legacy boot and the networking is faster. I have been using it as my gateway for a few months now without issue. P
  3. I use unraid and have a bunch of vm’s which I login to as workstations. Works for me. Vm’s just take lots of ram.
  4. If you have more than one vm you can save memory by enabling the kvm Kernel Samepage Merging feature eg: 2 windows vms etc
  5. I use all ssd drives and btrfs on all disks so that trim is not a problem. Works great.
  6. You just cant use it in commercial locations like a business. If you want cameras for your house its no problem.
  7. Im struggling to follow what you are saying. Maybe a language barrier? If I understand correctly, reconstruct write is faster because it is simpler to perform but requires all disks spin up to be done so will wear your disks over time more.
  8. Im not sure. Did you try changing the write mode to reconstruct write?
  9. Obviously all your data disks will stay smaller than 2tb until both parities are done as always. Assume you know this. Just saying in case anyone else is reading.
  10. Everything runs as slow as the slowest disk so check they are on separate busses and not shared channels or whatever - eg if your parity and the disk you are copying a file to are sharing a channel and the max throughput is 150mb/s then you will get like half that speed etc. You would need to provide a bit more info on how disks are plugged in etc for a more specific kind of answer.
  11. With the changes I proposed and it set to read/copy/write how are we currently looking performance wise?
  12. It looks like plex is going crazy. If you dont use any pinning or isolation you will probs be better off as you only have 4 cpus. if plex is stopped does everything else work? Maybe rebuild the plex docker.
  13. I cant reboot either due to some acpi incompatibility between unraid and my system. I dont think unraid and acpi support is very good. I always have to fully power down my system and button it back on.