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  1. Please read page 1 and ask questions if you don’t understand.
  2. As upgrading functions as expected I am moving the project from aplha ---> beta
  3. The latest version has been pushed to the repository and the first post updated with instructions to upgrade. @bmartino1 @wgstarks
  4. Webui button wont work in that mode for various reasons beyond my control.
  5. I tested this and was able to get brx networks to work. For some reason the docker displays no IPs like you saw on your screenshot from Saturday 18th/11 - however you can connect to the web interface no problem and so long as an inform URL is set with the correct IP then it works. I dont see any issue my side with this setup. 100% you should get the web login when using brx networking, this is tested and working for me so please troubleshoot why that did not work for you (must be something your side). P
  6. Something is wrong with your docker networking because that is not normal. did you actually type in an ip address? Because that setup wont work and is above the container so its something you must fix in unraid.
  7. Interesting. I will try test custom:br0 this weekend if thats not creating a functional docker for you.
  8. You should configure the container to use the same IP as before or they wont adopt I dont believe, or you might have to unplug them and reboot them. Its a unifi thing.
  9. I agree this appears like something is already using this port but if what you are saying is accurate and nothing is because everything else is stopped then its an issue one layer up with unraid itself and not something I can address. I cant say why unraid would claim the ports in use if that is in fact untrue.
  10. Pretty much what @JonathanMsaid. I realise this is not well known, but the one is being deprecated in its current form and this is being developed as a replacement that is similar to how that one worked. To continue with going forward will require 2 dockers to be configured and maintained and communication between them at all times which is very different to the current single docker solution they provide.
  11. That would not be supported as the images are build in different ways, it would be only from one unraid version to the next.