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  1. Thats great. A few people helped iron out some of the early kinks so good to hear the experience is improving.
  2. Yes but this is a meaningless statement that does not actually explain what the issue actually is: ”Due to the way in which Ubiquiti package and distribute their software our Unifi Controllercontainer has reached a point where we cannot upgrade to newer supported packages without making breaking changes to the image.” I can read this and still have no idea what they are talking about.
  3. If unifi go out their way to destroy their brand then the usual happens. Everyone just moves to another product when their devices eventually get too old and life goes on. We have seen this happen enough times to enough companies at this point to no longer need to worry. We know someone will eventually just make something better for free and screw the next big company over because we can and always will be able to. Thats why they resent us. Because we are just better than them. And we love it.
  4. Probably the vpn is established on the unifi router so understandable it would not exist if you dont have one. I believe you cant use floor plan in the wifiman app if you dont have a unifi router so maybe this isnt the first time anyway. I wouldnt worry all that much about it. They are gimmicky features anyhow.
  5. What features are missing? Personally would never change from opnsense to an inferior firewall so unclear what features are removed you are alluding to.
  6. If you donate to a charity that supports a good cause like children in Ukraine or just any cause you feel strongly about or just even to Unicef or some other organisation then you have done more than 99.99% of people and everyone can raise a beer to you for your generosity.
  7. Please read page 1 and ask questions if you don’t understand.
  8. As upgrading functions as expected I am moving the project from aplha ---> beta
  9. The latest version has been pushed to the repository and the first post updated with instructions to upgrade. @bmartino1 @wgstarks
  10. Webui button wont work in that mode for various reasons beyond my control.
  11. I tested this and was able to get brx networks to work. For some reason the docker displays no IPs like you saw on your screenshot from Saturday 18th/11 - however you can connect to the web interface no problem and so long as an inform URL is set with the correct IP then it works. I dont see any issue my side with this setup. 100% you should get the web login when using brx networking, this is tested and working for me so please troubleshoot why that did not work for you (must be something your side). P
  12. Something is wrong with your docker networking because that is not normal. did you actually type in an ip address? Because that setup wont work and is above the container so its something you must fix in unraid.
  13. Interesting. I will try test custom:br0 this weekend if thats not creating a functional docker for you.
  14. You should configure the container to use the same IP as before or they wont adopt I dont believe, or you might have to unplug them and reboot them. Its a unifi thing.
  15. I agree this appears like something is already using this port but if what you are saying is accurate and nothing is because everything else is stopped then its an issue one layer up with unraid itself and not something I can address. I cant say why unraid would claim the ports in use if that is in fact untrue.
  16. Pretty much what @JonathanMsaid. I realise this is not well known, but the one is being deprecated in its current form and this is being developed as a replacement that is similar to how that one worked. To continue with going forward will require 2 dockers to be configured and maintained and communication between them at all times which is very different to the current single docker solution they provide.
  17. That would not be supported as the images are build in different ways, it would be only from one unraid version to the next.
  18. Unclear what you mean 'by each revision'. To upgrade to a later tag you just change the tag and the database auto upgrades. The restore option is if you are moving from another container.
  19. The restore is designed to work this way for some reason by unifi. So it doesn’t break, it just works like that. If that’s incorrect then unifi would have to fix how it works.
  20. Interesting. This docker is designed to avoid at all costs using root in any way whatsoever so most likely enabling this (privileged) option is breaking things. The image is built under the assumption root will not be used, its possible enabling this is causing the issues you are seeing and everything should function without that option.