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  1. Not sure if anyone has updated already but looks like the new version tag 7.3.76 has had many changes and you should be taking a backup before upgrading. The 7.2.95 version is excellent and if you are in production I dont see any reason to upgrade from probably the most stable release in ages. It is almost certain that some of the "improvements" are going to be rolled back and there are already 13 pages of comments on the unifi forum for this release. Since I have no interest in being Unifis beta tester I will simply wait for the next version where no doubt many of the issues will be fixed and not have to deal with wifi issues for 3 weeks while they silently sort out the problems. TLDR Production = 7.2.95 tag ; alpha testers = 7.3.76 tag and dont tell us on the forum your docker no longer runs since updating to the latest version. Reinstall and reload your config from backup if that happens to you like the rest of us or take a copy of your docker when its turned off etc. Till next month.
  2. Hi there, Can anyone assist in making an easy script that will run the following command every 2 months? I would also like it to log its output to a file and overwrite the file every 2 months so i can review it. Command I want to run on the schedule: btrfs filesystem defragment -r -v -clzo /mnt/btrfsprotect Kind regards P
  3. I upgraded and it seems to work but takes longer to start up and get going. Seems sluggish now but otherwise functional. Guess I dont reboot often but just saying in case.
  4. Firstly I will note that I have a backup, but as everyone understands restore from backup is a long process and would prefer to avoid this if possible. So I have a normal unraid array of 3 disks (1 parity and 2 data disks). I wish to move all the data using the command line ‘mv’ command to disk 1 in this unraid array. HELP HERE; I then wish to destroy the array and create a new one with only disk 1 present and no parity disk. The data on disk 1 should be retained as I want to move it later. Next I wish to use the freed up disks along with an additional new disk to create a 3 disk btrfs pool with redundancy that I will move everything off the original disk leaving it empty eventually. I believe this has to stay in the array on its own even if unused as unraid cant have a blank array which is totally fine as I wont need to make use of it. How can I achieve this manoeuvre without losing sata that I move to disk one in the HELP HERE section? This will avoid me having to restore from backup. Thanks:) P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. This is excellent and you have been very helpful. One last question - can I make unraid mount the drive with compression enabled for this pool? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Ok do you mean like a cache pool? If so can a cache pool act as the only disk for a share? As in the share “isos” only exists in this pool? Am I understanding correct? I have never used a cache pool before. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Is there a guide I can follow how to fo this properly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I see the new version of unraid can make a zfs pool like "zpool create -m /mnt/SSD SSD sdx" and it is seen by unraid and usable etc. Can a similar thing be done for btrfs and have the possibility of creating raid1c3 for example with mismatched disk sizes? Is this possible or not at this time? P
  9. So how do we add the packages we had in nerd pack? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Upgraded to 7.2.94 skipping .92 and there are no issues on the .94 version I can see, few issues on the forum. Kind regards Peter
  11. Hi Also noticed this. The fix is to purchase a faster CPU that is of a newer generation to mitigate the newer security requirements performance impacts. Its like running a nested VM inside the VM for CPU processes which is quite taxing, even if security is improved. Kind regards Pete
  12. After reading the bugs on the forum I am skipping 7.2.92 and will check again for the version after this one.
  13. Just saw there was a new version of the controller that might affect docker users so if you update to 7.2.92 take a backup first and check its working. I dont plan to do this myself until the weekend.
  14. Same just changed my tag now to 7.1.68 and also no issues. Seems like unifi is clear sailing these days... I did notice there is now a firmware update for my pros but havent done that yet. However it seems like all the releases of late have been super safe and havent heard of anyone complaining. When I think back to the old version, and now to this new version that we all had to progress to, I do struggle to think of any real benefit. The old system seemed to work fine and have the same sort of options. The only clear benefit is the later versions support their newer AP's. Unsure why we had to all move to the new version though to be honest. I dont think anyone had a problem with how the old versions looked or worked. I guess what I am asking is, did we actually win or gain anything here or what was the reason Unifi wanted to redesign everything? For us or them?
  15. I believe it would only be possible if the switch you use can set a pvid for traffic that has no tag as otherwise there will be no way to recreate port 1s setup afaik. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. I see your question on both forum posts, and I think you are under the impression that you can add encryption to anything using an ssl cert. This is not the case. It is impossible to simply add encryption to a stream on one side of the connection and have it work. When a client makes a connection it is expecting a certain type of response. If you alter that response to be an encrypted reply, then the client receiving this encrypted reply has no idea what to do with it. To resolve the issue you must patch both sides of the communication, so make a change to the server side to enable encryption and then on the client side make a change to allow for this new method of communication. In web browsers this change was done in 1994 by netscape, they created a client side browser that could communicate in HTTPS and a server side implementation was developed in 1995 for testing and never released until 1996 where they had improved upon the design (the dates might be a little fuzzy but something like that). Once both server and client side coding was done then https was functional between client and server. To achieve the same thing you would have to do the exact same thing - encrypt the server side communication and then rewrite the client to be able to communicate in this new way/add support for the encryption method you chose. As the client app is released by a company (Microsoft essentially) they would have to add this into the client for you (you dont have access to the source code presumably). Another alternative is to separate the server and encryption from the app and run it as a separate layer on top so have a server that encrypts anything it sees (with no understanding of what its looking at) and the client decrypts this and then passes that stream onto the app (with no understanding of the data). This is how a VPN like wireguard works, however it adds an additional layer of complexity and incompatibility. For example it would be inconvenient to have to establish a VPN to every server you wanted to connect to via HTTP if https had never been developed. Similarly it would be less convenient for people to connect to your MC server if they must first setup a VPN in order to do so.
  17. Where did you see in the documentation for minecraft bedrock server that it supports ssl encryption via a certificate?
  18. Mine is still working fine and I updated to the latest unraid.
  19. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Reinstall the nic drivers from the new virtio red hat iso file. You can download if off their site. Probably the driver you are using is too old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. Also people here are helpful so probably if you take it slow and let people ask the questions they need and not rush, then probably if the data is available somehow you will get it back. It sounds super scary but if you are calm this will provide the best chance of success and it sounds like there are certainly some things to try before giving up hope
  22. I must admit I forget the exact option when doing a new config, it could be there is a checkbox to tell it not to format or perhaps its just clearing the new disks, this I am less sure about. Hopefully someone more experienced chimes in but I do think you shouldnt give up on your data just yet.
  23. No worries I believe you should be ok so dont stress too much
  24. Also when you choose new config I think It wont delete data on a disk so if a disk had data on it it will still be available also so probably you are not in such a bad state as you might believe.
  25. I mean you should download a live cd like even ubuntu live cd and then its irrelevant if you boot off that what your OS on a different pc is.