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Community Answers

  1. No spin - I honestly don't know what you are asking.
  2. It's any publicly published version of Unraid OS, including "major" version updates, eg, from v6 to v7. We're also not going to play any games like coming up with "NewUnraid OS" where all of a sudden your key won't work or we start charging an extra fee to keep using.
  3. Not all quacks are ducks... but the recent docker vulnerability kinda forced our hand to get 6.12.8 released ASAP.
  4. You Plus key will function the same way it always has.
  5. The current 28-device limitation applies to the unRAID array. You can have any number of btrfs/zfs pools with other devices. An upcoming version will let you have multiple unRAID arrays though we don't plan on increasing the width of a single unRAID array. With your Pro key you'll get this update for free 🙂
  6. A small point: it's not a subscription fee in this sense: with a subscription if you don't renew then the service ends. By contrast if you do not extend your Starter or Unleashed key your server still runs as before and you still have complete access to your data, etc.
  7. That's another one of those "minor details". Honestly it's going to depend on how fast we can expand our team size to be able to maintain multiple supported versions.
  8. As some have figured out, there are new license key types coming soon™ for Unraid OS. We are still working on minor details but here is what we have planned. We are going to introduce two new keys: Starter - supports up to 4 devices. This will be offered at a lower price than today's Basic key. Unleashed - supports unlimited number of devices. This will be offered at about the same price as today's Plus key. These two new keys provide for free Unraid OS updates for one year following activation. After a year you have the option of extending the key for another year of updates for a fraction of the cost of the original key. If you choose not to extend, you can still run any version of Unraid OS released prior to your renewal date, back to version 6.12.8. Simultaneous with introducing these two key types, we will no longer offer Basic and Plus keys; but, Pro keys (with unlimited devices and Unraid OS updates for life) will still be offered. We might change the name of the key from Pro to Lifetime - that is one of the "minor details" we are still working on. Nothing changes for existing Basic/Plus/Pro keys: you still get Unraid OS updates for life and you will still have the option to upgrade Basic to Plus/Pro or Plus to Pro. For more on these changes, please see our blog post and for a wide-ranging discussion about the origin of Unraid, present state of the company and future plans, please see our Uncast Show episode: Please use this topic for any comments or questions.
  9. Some access is normal, but should not be accessing bzfirmware at all. We will try to reproduce..
  10. It's useful to know wtf went wrong for you.
  11. There is a problem: during shutdown we definitely want to cleanly unmount the usb flash which is mounted at /boot. However, in order to do that we must first unmount the two squashfs file systems: /usr and /lib. Does that 'rc.nut shutdown' operation kill power immediately? If so, any executable it uses must get moved off of /usr, maybe put into /bin.