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  1. Great detective work, saved me a lot of time, thank you!
  2. It's my bug. Prior to samba 4.12 or maybe 4.11 we didn't need to install kerberos at all since there are no Unraid "users" in the traditional sense that would use kerberos to authenicate logging into a remote server. But somewhere the samba team integrated other components of kerberos which made including the package mandatory. The /etc/krb5.conf file is super-simple however and I made a mistake by leaving the '5' off - doh!
  3. Knowing @NAS pretty sure not trying to be insulting. He has taken us to task lots of times over security. The latest 6.9 release series is updated regularly, and a known ssl update is stage for next 6.9 release. Yes it's marked "rc" but this is because we're still working on documentation and a few bugs, but is safe to use. We will be changing our release methodology once 6.9 so-called 'stable' is published.
  4. Yes but please post in a separate bug report.
  5. If that uses rr272x_1x driver then, forgot to add to release notes, it does not build with Linux 5.10 kernel. I suggest you contact HighPoint and ask them to update their driver.
  6. With this device spun up, take a look at drive state reported by 'hdparm -C' It should show as active/idle. Next spin it down with 'hdparm -y' and then again take a look at drive state reported by 'hdparm -C' Does it say "standby"? This not spinning down is puzzling... investigating.
  7. limetech

    Disk Spin up

    Thank you for detailed info, I will try and reproduce.
  8. If you don't see device temperatures upon reboot, just click "spin up all" and everything should be fine until I can release -rc3.
  9. What Unraid OS release? Please update to 6.9 if not already on 6.9
  10. Reporting "-2" as temperature for spun-down disks is not a good idea imho. When I llived in Colorado a server in the garage routinely got to that temperature and below. I once spun up disks on a cold server and lost almost half of them! Since then, put a cardboard box over server which kept it warm enough during winter. lol
  11. Ok found this problem. BTW: you shouldn't have to click Spin Down, should only have to click Spin Up button to establish temps.
  12. Please open separate bug report for this.