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  1. limetech

    translate UnRAID and purchase

    Has never changed.
  2. Definitely some funny business going on with terminal windows. First of all "8" comes from the default "legacy pty count" we configured in the linux kernel. This can be changed via a kernel command line option, for example to set to 20: pty.legacy_count=20 Next, the opening/closing of windows seems to be stack-like. That is suppose you open 8 windows: 1..8. If you try to open next window it will fail with login not accepted. If you then close 8, you can open it again - makes sense. But if you close any/all windows besides number 8, it still won't let you open another window until number 8 is closed. At this point, you can now open as many windows from 8 down until you hit an open window again. So yeah, we'll look into this. Is the this the behavior you're seeing? BTW doesn't seem to make a difference how window is closed (either by typing 'exit' for by clicking 'X').
  3. limetech

    translate UnRAID and purchase

    To clarify: in the actual key file we only store who the key is registered to, not their email address. We can change the email address bound to the key in our database, for example, to correct a typo. Also, at present, it is possible to purchase and register a key for someone else: during checkout the shopping cart s/w will ask for both a ship-to and bill-to name/address/email. Normally these are the same; however, you can specify different ship-to information and that is what's used to generate the key and establish ownership.
  4. This says it's supported: https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/SCSI_MPT3SAS.html
  5. limetech

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    Scheduled for Unraid OS 6.7 release.
  6. Very much appreciated and you are to be commended for diligence 😎 These kinds of problems are very difficult to track down because there are so many moving parts and we don't have your exact h/w config, which makes it more challenging. Be assured, we are monitoring the reports, looking for additional clues provided by others who chime in. Please post link.
  7. limetech

    Support for intel 10G NICs

    Yes those NICs use ixgbe driver which is supported. Actually, we use the latest Intel ixgbe out-of-tree driver instead of linux stock ixgbe driver precisely for better 10G support.
  8. limetech

    6.6.0 Realtek Nic Losing All Network Connectivity

    Changed Status to Solved
  9. Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  10. limetech

    new usb stick registeration.

    Where do you see "error 403"?
  11. limetech

    No License and No Reply

    The problem is that our email being sent to comcast.net domain is being silently discarded. This is the second case in last 7 days.
  12. limetech

    modprobe af_key - kernel module not found

    Look for this in upcoming Unraid 6.7 release.
  13. Changed Status to Open Changed Priority to Annoyance
  14. limetech

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    Please post diagnostics. Tools/Diagnostics