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  1. Thanks to @bonienl this is coming in 6.9 release!
  2. Multiple cache pools being internally tested now. Multi array pools not in the cards for this release.
  3. Everyone is "right" in this topic, let me explain: First, Andrew, aka @Squid was given the "ok" by me to publicize the BOINC and Folding@home plugins for purpose of making people aware of their existence, please get off his back for this. CA is an awesome piece of software and @Squid has curated both it and the appfeed with the utmost care and respect. Honestly, I've been personally swamped with many things and didn't think much of it, other than thinking it was a great idea because a lot of people feel helpless and this is a tangible - albeit small - thing they can do in this time we are living through now. We have users all over the world including areas severely affected and we have received messages of appreciation for bringing attention to this. That said, it has been our policy since the beginning: We do not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone, nor do we authorize anyone else to do so on our behalf. Exception: we may send email notifications of critical security updates. In hindsight I see this was not right to send the notification email and we'll see to it that it doesn't happen again. Finally I don't see any real purpose in re-opening this topic. I think all's been said that needs to be said.
  4. I'm locking this topic until I can fully read and make sure I understand all the concerns here...
  5. Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  6. This is not a pre-release bug, please post in General Support and include your diags.
  7. Maybe sooner if you can bribe him with small fish, crabs, and shrimp.
  8. The md/unraid 'multi-stream' changes were included in 6.8 and thus also present in 6.9.
  9. Welcome to 6.9 beta release development! This initial -beta1 release is exactly the same code set of 6.8.3 except that the Linux kernel has been updated to 5.5.8 (latest stable as of this date). We have only done basic testing on this release; normally we would not release 'beta' code but some users require the hardware support offered by the latest kernel along with security updates added into 6.8. Important: Beta code is not fully tested and not feature-complete. We recommend running on test servers only! Unfortunately none of our out-of-tree drivers will build with this kernel. Some were reverted back to in-tree version, some were omitted. We anticipate that by the time 6.9 enters 'rc' phase, we'll be on the 5.6 kernel and hopefully some of these out-of-tree drivers will be restored. We will be phasing in some new features, improvements, and changes to address certain bugs over the coming weeks - these will all be -beta releases. Don't be surprised if you see a jump in the beta number, some releases will be private. Version 6.9.0-beta1 2020-03-06 Linux kernel: version 5.5.8 igb: in-tree ixgbe: in-tree r8125: in-tree r750: (removed) rr3740a: (removed) tn40xx: (removed)
  10. No sorry, will get into next release (if they build correctly). Would be great if S/M would just merge them in-tree.