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  1. UPGRADE TIME Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. As a new unraid user that just crossed a year these are some of the things I would be interested with respect to weekly content. -build guide segment with old, new, up and coming parts to be released (similar to Patrick form STH, he does reviews of mini systems and usually points out which are great pfsense systems, and gives guidance for customization) -various trouble shooting solutions to common problems -Docker/Plug-in segment for the community developers to promote their hard work (possible set up guide, best practices, what to watch out for) -Unraid Team segment highlight current ar
  3. Thanks Jon for sharing your time with the home gadget podcast, please continue to promote unraid on other channels aswell with more time allotted. Every time you do I learn something new from your discussions and have a better appreciation for what you guys do. This gives me greater confidence knowing that the software I have invested my time and money in is continously being worked on for a better user experience. Thanks again for answering my questions, especially the ecc one [emoji120] and special thanks to every community developer, squid, spaceinvader, CHBMB, etc. without you guys I wo
  4. Good day everyone, Just want to say thanks to the unraid team, spaceinvaderone and everyone on the forums for all their work and love for this beautiful software that is UNRAID. I'm a noob Unraider. I recently built my first system. I enjoy the learning process and setting up cool dockers for eg media streaming and downloading, etc. However having become a dad recently my time is very limited now. My question is will the unraid team ever consider a subscription service with video tutorials (like spaceinvader, I appreciate his work and very grateful for it but sometimes feel I'd prefer to g
  5. Nice, great work guys, can't wait to upgrade Regards Shane from Trinidad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. This is why I trust unraid, accountability to the people that use your software.Thank you unraid team and developers for all your hard work and dedication! Regards, Shane (new unraid builder) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I prefer Intel for my main server. Due to easy availability of used parts on ebay for ecc and ipmi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Cisellis, I was having the same issue where it hung at 99% at the zeroing phase and the second drive computed. I ended up stopping the process and when I click to start it back I clicked on the resume feature and after that it completed the zeroing and the post read! So just to be patient with it I guess and try doing one at a time in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Good day Testdasi, Thank you for replying. Cheapest used I could find on ebay is 375US, and new 400US and up. I'm from the caribbean. I ended up purchasing a GTX1650 Super. I plan to with that until p2000 becomes much cheaper used. Regards, Shane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Good Day everyone, Just built my first unraid server. Having fun geekin out. Can someone please recommend a good GPU for NVDEC for plex? My budget is $200 i'm open to buying used from ebay (GTX1060), or new from amazon (GTX1650). Please let me know if these are good choices and if not what would you recommend? regards, Shane.
  11. Good Day everyone, I just built my first unraid system, trying to learn as much as i can, on forums, manual and youtube and especially this group when other post their problems. I am tryin to preclear two 10tb HDD that i schucked from amazon. However, one of the drives is stuck at 99% Zero. Can someone assist? I have two 10TB connected and a 860 1TB SSD attached. On the first HDD i started the preclear (JEK6GG5N) and two hrs after i started the preclear on the second disk (2YKB4R2D). The second disk (2YKB4R2D) finished zeroing and post read before the f
  12. Good day, Do you have any disk encryption on your array and cache? If so what format are they? Is your array xfs? And you cache btrfs? And are they both encrypted? Regards, Shane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Good day everyone, I am currently looking to purchase a UPS for potential unraid server, in my country I can get the BR1500G APC UPS from the "backup" line in apc, which supports AVR, however it is not a True SineWave model. The smart line from APC which is more expensive has the true sine wave but these are difficult to find. Please guide me, do i need a smart model or will the "back up" line BR1500G work just fine? Thank you in advance for responding. Regards, Shane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Good day, Disclaimer, I'm also new to unraid so take what I tell you with a grain of salt, having recently done some research for a mother board myself for unraid id like to share what little I know. Seeing that your considering ryzen 3600, I'd go with a mother board that had onboard VGA, as unraid needs a primary gpu to boot, if you don't you'll end up using one of your precious pcie x16 slot for a lame gpu just to get it to boot, which is not cool. My recommendation is Asrock X470D4U. Also has IPMI for remote management, no extra license to purchase to get full access to your mobo, (un
  15. Thanks for your feedback Double_J_038, truly appreciated. I feel better now, if anyone else has any contributions i welcome the comments.